Metallica Tour to Hit All Major Cities In America

Metallica Tour

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A recent interview with Metallica guitarist Kirk Hammett. on WRIF radio in Detroit, Michigan has led to the announcement that Metallica will be aiming to hit all major cities in the United States in support of their new album  “Hardwired…To Self-Destruct.”  Hammett told listeners on WRIF  “We intend on heading to as many places as possible. We’re trying to hit all the major cosmopolitan cities all over the world. We have a large handful of dates that are deserved for the States, which is something that we’re looking forward to, because we have not done a proper tour of the United States for a long time now. I mean, we’re known for playing a show here and show there, and we’re also known for doing small festival tours in Europe or Asia or Australia or South America. But we really have not done very many shows in the States over the last six or seven years, so we’re really looking forward to getting out there and playing for our American fans, ’cause that’s us. That’s our base, you know.”

It seems that the band indeed understands the amount of fans that they have in the United States and are looking to honor  that by covering the great metropolitan cities from coast to coast in the U.S.A. Bands simply do not sell records anymore because of services like Pandora and Spotify. Most of the money is now made in touring. It seems many years ago the band Metallica foreshadowed the  demise of the record industry by fighting hard against  the illegal downloading of music. However, as services like iTunes, Spotify, Pandora and countless others have signed deals with record companies to legally stream and sell music online, bands like Metallica no long have a forum to fight against the companies that pay minimum music royalties to artists. So its basically tour or bust for most bands in the music industry.

So far the band has only released a limited amount of tour dates mostly centered in Latin America  and a couple of United States music festivals. However, based on Kirk Hammett’s promise, we will list the U.S tour dates as soon as they are announced.

Up and coming U.S. tour dates

September 24th 2016 GLOBAL CITIZEN FESTIVAL. New York

October 22, 2016 MOUNTAIN VIEW, CA,



Latin America Tour Dates

October 26: San Juan, Puerto Rico, Coliseo de Puerto Rico
October 29: Quito, Ecuador, Parque Bicentenario
November 1: Bogotá, Colombia, Hipódromo De Los Andes
November 3: Guatemala City, Guatemala, Estadio Cementos Progreso
November 5: San José, Costa Rica, Estadio Nacional

Metallica Hardwired..To Self-Destruct

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