Top 10 Black Friday Songs

Black Friday Songs

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The Best Black Friday Songs list is a collection of songs best suited to be pay tribute to the madness that occurs the day after Thanksgiving. There is not a large collection of songs that have been written with the title Black Friday. The ones that have been written with the title seem to really have nothing to do with the concept of Black Friday. However, there must always be music for every occasion.Most of these songs have been chosen as soundtrack choices if we were ever going to make a film about Black Friday. Thees pieces of music with their rhythmic grooves and melodic ideas would perfectly enhance the Black Friday experience. So below is an assortment of rock and roll songs that we here at have chosen to help celebrate the insanity and chaos that ensues every year on…Black Friday.

Best Black Friday Songs

# 11 – Megadeth – Good Mourning  Black Friday

Yes, we know its a Top 10 list, but this one goes to 11. This great Megadeth song seems to really have nothing to do with the Black Friday celebration. An if it did , we would never know because we can;t understand a word that is being sung. However, the song has a great driving groove full of madness that fts perfectly with the mad rush of Black Friday.. An because its entitled Black Friday, it automatically qualifies to stand in glory on the Best Black Friday Songs List.

# 10 – Steely Dan – Black Friday

Steely Dan’s Black Friday song is the one everyone knows and talks about when it comes to Black Friday Songs. However the song has nothing to do with post Thanksgiving Black Friday. But how could anyone write a list of Black Friday songs and not include this one.

# 9 – Evangelion AMV – Get Out of the Way

Perfect title and the music works well for another great Black Friday Song! Perfect music to be played as the crowds tear each other apart.

# 8 – Kylie Minogue – Get Outta My Way

Yes, we know its not a rock and roll song. But its Kylie Mnogue and for her we will make an exception.

# 7 – Janis Joplin – Move Over

Well Janis was quite different from Kylie. One of the best Janis Joplin songs ever. And once again nothing to do with Black Friday except for the title, which simply qualifies it for this stupid list of Black Friday Songs.

# 6 – The Kinks State Of Confusion

A great Kinks song that just has that Black Friday feel. One of classic rocks most loved bands delivers the perfect Black Friday song.

# 5 – Paul McCartney – Too Many People

This one works well, and if we are talking abut the madness of crowds, how could we not include a Beatle in that conversation. Paul McCartney’s “Too Many People,” was originally released on the Ram album.

# 4 – Wilson Pickett – In The Midnight Hour

Well it used to be that Black Friday began at midnight; so this song would have been perfect. However, in the past few years it has all changed as stores now open around 6:00 PM on Thanksgiving because greed trumps all in the retail business. But we will list this one anyway because its Wilson Pickett!

# 3 – Dawn of the Dead Soundtrack – The Mall Music

Well if you have never seen the classic George Romeo Movie “Dawn of the Dead,” you might not get this one. Nonetheless, if you been caught in the horrors of the suburban mall Black Friday shopping experience, you might have heard music that sounded like this just before you mentally fell to pieces.

# 2- The Blues Brothers – Blues Brothers Theme

Watching Jake and Elwood in the movie the Blues Brothers completely destroy the mall in one of the greatest car chase scenes in movie history somehow just seems to resonate with the Black Friday experience in some bizarre but yet meaningful way.

# 1 – Rod MacDonald – Black Friday

Finally, a song actually written about the post Thanksgiving genuine Black Friday experience that deserves to land at No.1 on the top 10 Black Friday Songs List. Written by the great Rod MacDonald who is well known in the folk music scene. Perfectly written and performed with just the right amount of sarcasm to fulfill our needs to mock and yet celebrate the social and economic ideas and concepts that stem from the folly of Black Friday.


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