Complete List Of 5 Seconds Of Summer Albums

5 Seconds Of Summer Albums

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This Complete List Of 5 Seconds Of Summer Albums And Songs presents the entire 5 Seconds Of Summer discography of studio albums. This 5 Seconds Of Summer   discography also includes many of the most popular extended plays and every single live albums. All these rocking 5 Seconds Of Summer  albums have been presented below in chronological order. We have also included all 5 Seconds Of Summer original release dates with each 5 Seconds Of Summer  album as well as all original album covers. Every 5 Seconds Of Summer album listed below presents the entire album’s track listing.

5 Seconds Of Summer Studio Albums

5 Seconds of Summer

Released June 27, 2014

CD Track Listings:

1. “She Looks So Perfect”
2. “Don’t Stop”
3. “Good Girls”
4. “Kiss Me Kiss Me”
5. “18”
6. “Everything I Didn’t Say”
7. “Beside You”
8. “End Up Here”
9. “Long Way Home”
10. “Heartbreak Girl”
11. “English Love Affair”
12. “Amnesia”

Sounds Good Feels Good

Released October 23, 2015

CD Track Listings:

1. “Money”
2. “She’s Kinda Hot”
3. “Hey Everybody!”
4. “Permanent Vacation”
5. “Jet Black Heart”
6. “Catch Fire”
7. “Waste The Night”
8. “Vapor”
9. “Castaway”
10. “Fly Away”
11. “Invisible”
12. “Airplanes”
13. “San Francisco”
14. “Outer Space/Carry On”


Released June 15, 2018

CD Track Listings:

1. “Youngblood”
2. “Want You Back”
3. “Lie To Me”
4. “Valentine”
5. “Talk Fast”
6. “Moving Along”
7. “If Walls Could Talk”
8. “Better Man”
9. “More”
10. “Why Won’t You Love Me”
11. “Woke Up In Japan”
12. “Empty Wallets”
13. “Ghost Of You”


Released March 27, 2020

CD Track Listings:

1. “Red Desert”
2. “No Shame”
3. “Old Me”
4. “Easier”
5. “Teeth”
6. “Wildflower”
7. “Best Years”
8. “Not In The Same Way”
9. “Lover Of Mine”
10. “Thin White Lies”
11. “Lonely Heart”
12. “High”

5 Seconds Of Summer EPs

Unplugged E.P

Released June 26, 2012

  1. “Gotta Get Out”
  2. “I Miss You”
  3. “Too Late”
  4. “Jasey Rae”

She Looks So Perfect

Double CD Single Release

CD One:

  1. “She Looks So Perfect”
  2. “Heartache On the Big Screen”
  3. “The Only Reason”
  4. “Disconnected”

CD Two:

  1. “She Looks So Perfect” – Ash Demo Vocal
  2. “She Looks So Perfect” – Mikey Demo Vocal
  3. “What I Like About You”

Don’t Stop

Released May 9. 2014

Double CD Single Release

CD One:

  1. “Don’t Stop”
  2. “Rejects”
  3. “Try Hard”
  4. “If You Don’t Know”

CD Two:

  1. “Don’t Stop” (Calum Demo Vocal)
  2. “Wrapped Around Your Finger”


Released July 14, 2014

  1. “Amnesia”
  2. “Daylight”
  3. “American Idiot”
  4. “Amnesia” (Live at Wembley)

Good Girls

Released November 2014

  1. “Good Girls” (single version)
  2. “Just Saying”
  3. “Long Way Home” (acoustic)
  4. “Good Girls” (acoustic)

She’s Kinda Hot

Released July 2015

  1. “She’s Kinda Hot” (alternate version)
  2. “Broken Pieces”
  3. “Over and Out”
  4. “Lost in Reality”

5 Seconds Of Summer Live Albums


Released December 15, 2014

CD Track Listings:

  1. “18”
  2. “Out of My Limit”
  3. “Disconnected”
  4. “Amnesia”
  5. “Beside You”
  6. “Everything I Didn’t Say”
  7. “Long Way Home”
  8. “Heartache On the Big Screen”
  9. “American Idiot”
  10. “Teenage Dream”
  11. “Good Girls”
  12. “What I Like About You”
  13. “End Up Here”
  14. “She Looks So Perfect”
  15. “What I Like About You” (Studio Mix)

Meet You There Tour Live

Released December 21, 2018

CD Track Listings:

  1. “Intro”
  2. “Babylon”
  3. “Talk Fast”
  4. “Moving Along”
  5. “She’s Kinda Hot”
  6. “Waste the Night”
  7. “More”
  8. “Better Man”
  9. “If Walls Could Talk”
  10. “Ghost of You”
  11. “Amnesia”
  12. “The Only Reason”
  13. “Lie to Me”
  14. “Why Won’t You Love Me”
  15. “Valentine”
  16. “Meet You There”
  17. Jet Black Heart”
  18. “Want You Back”
  19. “She Looks So Perfect”
  20. “Youngblood”

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