Complete List Of Billie Eilish Albums And Songs

Billie Eilish Albums

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This Complete List Of Billie Eilish Albums And Songs presents the entire discography of Billie Eilish studio albums, Billie Eilish live albums and Billie Eilish Extended Plays. Billie Eilish is what you would call a phenomena in the music business. She is easily the most popular star to arrive on the music scene in the 2010s. Billie Eilish stands as the youngest artist in the history of the United Kingdom to have a number one record. Think about that, a area of the world that gave us The Beatles and The Rolling Stones declares Billie Eilish as its most popular youngest star of all time at least from a pop charts perspective.

All these sensational Billie Eilish albums have been presented below in chronological order. We have also included all original release dates with each Billie Eilish album as well as all original Billie Eilish album covers from the CD releases. Every Billie Eilish album listed below showcases the entire album track listing.

Billie Eilish Studio Albums

When We All Fall Asleep, Where Do We Go?

Released March 29, 2019

CD Track Listings:

1. “!!!!!!!”
2. “Bad Guy”
3. “Xanny”
4. “You Should See Me In A Crown”
5. “All The Good Girls Go To Hell”
6. “Wish You Were Gay”
7. “When The Party’s Over”
8. “8”
9. “My Strange Addiction”
10. “Bury A Friend”
11. “Ilomilo”
12. “Listen Before I Go”
13. “I Love You”
14. “Goodbye”

Happier Than Ever

Released July 30, 2021

CD Track Listings:

1. “Getting Older”
2. “I Didn’t Change My Number”
3. “Billie Bossa Nova”
4. “My Future”
5. “Oxytocin”
6. “Goldwing”
7. “Lost Cause”
8. “Halley’s Comet”
9. “Not My Responsibility”
10. “Overheated”
11. “Everybody Dies”
12. “Your Power”
13. “NDA”
14. “Therefore I Am”
15. “Happier Than Ever”
16. “Male Fantasy”

Billie Eilish Live Albums

Live at Third Man Records

Released December 6, 2019

Vinyl Album Release

Side 1: 

“All the Good Girls Go to Hell”
“Ocean Eyes” (F. O’Connell)
“Bad Guy”
“Bury a Friend”

Side 2:

“Come Out and Play”
“I Love You”
“When the Party’s Over”

Billie Eilish Extended Play Albums

Don’t Smile at Me

Released August 11, 2017

CD Track Listings:

1. “Copycat”
2. “Idontwannabeyouanymore”
3. “My Boy”
4. “Watch”
5. “Party Favor”
6. “Bellyache”
7. “Ocean Eyes”
8. “Hostage”
9. “&Burn” – with Vince Staples

Up Next Session: Billie Eilish

Released September 20, 201

  1. Bellyache
  2. Watch
  3. Ocean Eyes

Billie Eilish Live at the Steve Jobs Theater

Released December 19, 2019

  1. Come Out And Play
  2. Listen Before I Go

Prime Day Show x Billie Eilish

Released June 16, 2021

  1. My Future
  2. Therefore I am
  3. All The Good Girls Go To Hell
  4. Lost Cause
  5. Everything I Wanted
  6. Your Power

Billie Eilish Non-Album Singles

“Six Feet Under”  – Non Album Single

“Ocean Eyes” – Everything, Everything (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)

“Bored” – Thirteen Reasons Why (A Netflix Original Series Soundtrack)

“Bit*hes Broken Hearts” – Non-Album Single

“Lovely” – Khalid  – Thirteen Reasons Why: Season 2 (Music from the Original TV Series)

“Come Out and Play” – Non-Album Single

“When I Was Older” Music Inspired by the Film Roma

“Everything I Wanted” – – Non-Album Single

“No Time to Die” –  No Time to Die: Original Motion Picture Soundtrack

“Lo Vas a Olvidar” – with Rosalía – Euphoria: Music from the HBO Original Series


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