Real Meanings Behind The Songs On Adele’s 30 Album

Adele's 30 Album Review

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Our list looks at the Real Meaning Behind The Songs On Adele’s 30 Album. This is Adele’s fourth album. 30 was released in 2021. It took the hitmaker two years to write this album. The album is about a variety of things. She talks about her divorce, being a mother, being famous and heartache. She also talks about acceptance and hope. Adele’s fans were ready for this album when it dropped. The album peaked at number one in 24 countries. This album was her fourth consecutive album to reach number one. It had the highest first-week sales for any woman in the UK. The album went on to sell over five million copies. It was one of the best selling albums in the UK and in the US for that year. It features the singles “Easy on Me” and “Oh My God.”

# 1 – Strangers By Nature

The first song on our list of the Real Meaning Behind The Songs On Adele’s 30 Album is “Strangers By Nature.” She owns up to her mistakes on this song. This is one of her most candid songs on the album. The song opens the album. The song is told in different parts. She talks about the lovers she had in the past as well as the present. She admits that she made mistakes with her lovers.

Adele discusses being with her ex-husband. She goes into detail about the mistakes she made in her marriage. She compares the end of her marriage to a funeral. Adele also talks about moving on after her marriage. She changed things up for this track. In the past, Adele blamed her past lovers for their mistakes. This time she questions whether or not she’ll get over how she treated them. The singer was inspired to write the song after watching Judy. She was mesmerized by and wanted to write music similar to what Judy Garland used to sing.

# 2 – Easy on Me

The next song on our list of the Real Meaning Behind The Songs On Adele’s 30 Album is “Easy on Me.” This is the lead single from the album. This was her way of introducing her new music to her fans. “Easy on Me” is about the moment she knew her marriage was over. She had to get the strength to leave a toxic marriage. She has a discussion with her husband and her son about wanting to leave. She didn’t want them to be upset with her because she made the decision to leave the marriage. As the song progresses, she gets into more detail about why she’s leaving the marriage.

She used this song to explain to her son the decision she made to change his life. She had to put herself first even if it meant that her son had to be unhappy. Her son was upset at times with her decision to break up their family. She wasn’t sure if she would ever be able to recover from the pain of the divorce. “Easy on Me” is the most detailed song on the album about the dissolution of her marriage. The rest of the songs on the album touch the surface, but she goes all in on this track.

# 3 – My Little Love

“My Little Love” is a continuation of “Easy on Me.” The song covers how her son dealt with her divorce. She wanted the listeners to connect to her conversation with her son about her divorce. Adele wrote the song because her son thought she was a ghost of her former self. She wrote it the day after she had a difficult conversation with her son. She wanted to include the actual conversation in the song. She wants the listeners to empathize with her son about what he was going through during her divorce.

In addition, she wanted the listeners to understand her side of the story. She didn’t want to look like a woman who was breaking up a happy home. She wanted everyone to know that her life wasn’t perfect. She wanted to talk about the difficulty she had of wanting to be there for people who loved her as well as taking care of her mental health.Adele includes a voice mail message at the end of the song where she’s talking to her son about her actions.

# 4 – Cry Your Heart Out

Adele used the song “Cry Your Heart Out” to talk about her depression. This song is a continuation from “My Little Love.” In “Cry Your Heart Out,” she talked about the demons she faced when she wrote this song. She went into more details about her depression and anxiety. In addition to her depression and anxiety, she talked about alcoholism. She went through a battle of alcoholism when she separated from her husband. She didn’t want the listeners to think this song was just about gloom and doom.

She wanted to surprise her listeners by having an upbeat sound to her song. She didn’t want it to be too melancholy. Adele knew the fans would understand that the lyrics were about depression. You will know the song is about depression once you hear her sing the song. If you don’t want to pay attention to the lyrics, you can focus on the bouncy beat. She wanted to bring some hope to the song too. The singer/songwriter wanted people to know that crying your heart out is a healthy thing to do. She wanted her fans to know that crying would clean out your soul. She believes that you will get better in time.

# 5 – Oh My God

The next song on our list of the Real Meaning Behind The Songs On Adele’s 30 Album is “Oh My God.” The song is about how she felt after she got divorced. She wanted to have fun after she broke up with her ex-husband. She expresses the feelings she felt when she was ready to move on and start dating. She was feeling good about herself and didn’t care who didn’t like it. She knew it was wrong, but she wanted to have fun.

Adele wanted to get back in the dating game, but she knew it would be a challenge since she was in the public eye. She would have people judging the fact that she wanted to move on after her divorce. Adele discussed how hard it was to go out again after being married. She would get set up on dates, but she was afraid that reporters would be called if she went out. Adele went into detail about her anxiety playing a factor when she went out. She was happy that her anxiety was gone when she went out to have fun.

“Oh My God” is an epiphany for her. People were flirting with her, but she told them she was married. Her friends reminded her that she wasn’t married anymore. She realized they were right. It hit her that she wasn’t married anymore. The reality of the situation took her by surprise. She explores the idea of putting herself out there. She wanted to talk about her sexual desires as a single woman. She wanted this song to be like an anthem for freedom. Adele was single and felt like she should be allowed to have some fun.

# 6 – Can I Get It

Adele wrote “Can I Get It” to explain how she felt about wanting to have a serious relationship after her divorce. She doesn’t want to have flings. She’s ready to start a serious relationship. She didn’t want to just have casual sex. She had her fun, but now she wants to have something real in her life. Adele wants to search for a connection with someone. She doesn’t want to settle for hookups. She’s hopeful her new love will change her life and set her free from her pain. She doesn’t want to keep dealing with having casual sex. She wants to know what it feels like to be in love again.

Adele was inspired to write this track because she watched the dating scene in Los Angeles. She didn’t think she could have a long relationship after seeing what happens in Los Angeles. She noticed everyone was sleeping with each other and she didn’t want that for herself. She wanted something meaningful. She ended her marriage so she could move forward with her life. She didn’t want to go backward in her life.

# 7 – I Drink Wine

“I Drink Wine” is a ballad about her letting go of her ego. It’s a misleading title because it doesn’t have anything to do with wine. She couldn’t let anyone in her life until she learned to accept herself. She talks about the realization of ending her marriage. She wants her husband to have a good life even though they aren’t together. She believes it was for the best to leave him. She discusses loving someone, but couldn’t give herself to him until she got over herself. She realized she had to let go of her ego in order for her to enjoy a new relationship. She had to get over herself so she can move on with her life.

The song is about a few things. She had to let go of her ego so she could move on with her life. She needed to stop trying to be like everyone else. She can’t move on with her life with anyone new until she gets over herself. She’s basically in her own way. She’s her own worst enemy.

She thought if she could get over that hurdle, she could move on with someone new. Adele talked about having feelings for someone after her divorce, but she couldn’t allow herself to make the relationship work. She couldn’t give herself to the guy because of her own issues. She believed it didn’t feel right to have feelings for someone right after she got divorced. It doesn’t matter if you think you’re ready to move on, there’s still pain there no matter how the marriage ended.

# 8 – All Night Parking

The song is about her falling in love after her marriage ended. This song talks about how she felt after her divorce ended. Everyone knows that Adele had a tough time because she went through a divorce. She wanted to discuss how she felt after she moved on from it. She wanted to tackle all of the emotions she felt when she found herself being attracted to another man so soon after her divorce. She didn’t think she would be attracted to anyone so soon after she broke up with her husband. She expressed how she felt when she started the relationship.

Adele talked about her feelings for the guy. She found herself dreaming about him all of the time during the start of the relationship. She tells him that he has a power over her. The track discusses the first prospects of falling in love after her divorce. She wanted to share with her listeners how excited she was when she met him. The man reminds her about where she grew up. She did talk about how the relationship had obstacles. They were involved in a long-distance relationship. She felt that the relationship gave her a chance to learn what it was like to move on with her life after her divorce. The new relationship taught her that she could give her heart to someone else after it was broken during her marriage. She said it was great to feel loved, but she didn’t think it would work.

# 9 – Woman Like Me

“Woman Like Me” is about her lashing out at a lover. He chooses not to see the best in her. Her lover is lazy and he complains. She finds herself getting turned off because of his attitude. She wants to help him improve on his attitude, but he refuses to let her help him. He doesn’t want to move on from what happened to him in the past. Adele chose not to write this song about her ex-husband. She also wasn’t talking about the man she was dating when she recorded the album. Adele is talking about someone entirely different. The song isn’t directly about her husband, but she did talk about things that happened during their marriage. She learned things during her relationship with her ex-husband that she wanted to tackle in this song.

Adele wanted to let the lover know that he would never find anyone like her. She knows she’s a good person and deserves better. He doesn’t live up to the man she deserves. She talks about what he does wrong in his life. There were rumors that this song was about British rapper Skepta. She dated him in the past. She didn’t want to wake up feeling regretful like other women when their relationships ended. This song is an updated version of her hit song “Rolling in the Deep.”

# 10 – Hold On

“Hold On” is another track that Adele’s fans are familiar with. This song is about the anger she felt towards herself. She is mad at herself because of the way her life turned out. She feels like she’s her own worst enemy. Her friends tell her to “hold on,” and not give up. She felt exhausted trying to keep holding on to everything. She tried to persevere through a difficult time. She wanted this song to be an anthem for people who are struggling with pain and depression.

She wrote this track based on the advice her friends gave her when she was struggling with her divorce. She was dealing with the process of her divorce. She had to face the idea of being a single parent. She dealt with not seeing her son everyday. She didn’t know she would have to face not seeing her son every day when she became a mother. She wants her listeners to know that things would get better if they just “hold on.” Everything that’s said in the song is what Adele’s friends told her when she was struggling.

# 11 – To Be Loved

The track is about coming to terms with the decisions she made in her life. She wrote this song because she wanted “to be loved.” She talked about the painful event in her life when her parents got divorced. She talked about feeling a void in her life because her father wasn’t around. She discussed getting married young because she wanted to know what it felt like to be loved. She wanted to have a family that she didn’t have when she was growing up. She discussed her marriage starting to crumble. She wanted to stay in the relationship because she needed love. She couldn’t stay in the relationship anymore for her own sanity.

She took ownership in her role for the mistakes she made in her relationship. She was certain that she would be stronger because she took a stand. She sings the last part of the song about being a stronger person because she realized she made mistakes. She was determined to let the storm pass by her. She wanted to keep her heart safe until she was ready to give it away again. The song makes her emotional because she got the chance to play it for her father before he passed away.

# 12 – Love Is a Game

The last song on our list of the Real Meaning Behind The Songs On Adele’s 30 Album is “Love Is a Game.” The song is a 360-turn back to the beginning of the album. She talks about celebrating the death of her past relationships and the beginning of something new. Adele lets her listeners know that she is saying goodbye to the mistakes she made. She wants to find love again after the pain she went through in the past. Adele shares with her listeners that she thought love was cruel and it caused her to inflict pain on herself. She felt like she was better at love because she doesn’t see it as a game anymore. She doesn’t want to hurt someone because she knows she’s going to get hurt. Adele told her listeners that she dealt with a lot of heartache, but she would go through falling in love again. Adele wanted to approach this song as if it were part of a movie. She wanted to talk about all of the things that happen when you fall in love and move on with your life.

Adele 30 Album

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