Real Meanings Behind The Songs On Stevie Nicks Rock a Little Album

Real Meanings Behind The Songs On Stevie Nicks Rock a Little Album

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Our article will look at The Real Meanings Behind Stevie Nicks Rock a Little Album. This is Stevie Nicks’ third album. The album was released in November 1985. This is the follow-up to her second album The Wild Heart. Stevie Nicks worked on Rock a Little while Fleetwood Mac was on a break. The album peaked at number 12 on Billboard 200. The album went platinum one month after it was released. It was ranked number 41 on the best-selling albums in 1986. It didn’t match the sales of her first two albums, but it did go platinum. The album received mixed reviews. Her addiction to cocaine was playing a factor in her being able to promote the album.

The album features the singles “Talk to Me,” “I Can’t Wait,” “Has Anyone Ever Written for You?” and “Imperial Hotel.” “Talk to Me” was number four on the Hot 100 charts and number one on the Mainstream Rock charts. “I Can’t Wait” peaked at number 16 on the Hot 100 charts and number six on the Mainstream Rock charts. This song also peaked at number 30 on the dance charts. Stevie Nicks covers a variety of topics on this album. She didn’t stray away from talking about love and relationships. This article will talk about The Real Meanings Behind the songs on Stevie Nicks Rock a Little Album.

# 1 – I Can’t Wait

The first song on The Real Meanings Behind Stevie Nicks Rock a Little Album is “I Can’t Wait.” “I Can’t Wait” is about relationships. It is about people being blind when it comes to love. When you are in a relationship, you tend to ignore people’s flaws. You do it because you are in love. You take a chance on love because it could be good or bad. There is a chance that the relationship may not work out, but you want to take the risk anyway. In the song, the narrator believes love is blind. In her mind, love never works out. She knows it doesn’t always work out, but she wants love in her life. She can’t wait to fall in love.

She dreams about the man she wants. She enjoys herself because she is talking to him in her dream. The only problem is when she wakes up, he is gone. She wants to continue to see him whether it is in her dreams or in reality. She can’t wait to see the man because she is in love. The singer must figure out what she is going to do because she is crazy about her man. She wants him to let her know if she’s wasting her time with him. He seems indecisive about what he wants. She wants him to make up his mind before it’s too late. This is the second single from the album. The song peaked at number 16 on Hot 100 and number six on the Mainstream Rock charts.

# 2 – Rock a Little (Go Ahead Lily)

The next song on our list of The Real Meanings Behind Stevie Nicks Rock a Little Album is “Rock a Little (Go Ahead Lily).” “Rock a Little (Go Ahead Lily)” is a reflective song about a conversation Stevie Nicks had with her father and manager. They encouraged her to get over the obstacles she was facing and perform for her fans. They told her to put what she was dealing with aside and go through with doing her shows. She owed it to her fans to get on stage and perform for them. They advised her not to perform if she wasn’t up for it. If she couldn’t give her fans a great performance, she shouldn’t get on stage.

Stevie Nicks had to think about what was going on in her life. She had to think about the people she allowed in her life who were holding her back. She had to get rid of people who made her think she couldn’t perform. Stevie Nicks was starting to get in her own way when it came to performing. At one point, she stopped believing in herself, so she had to make a change. After she looked inside her soul, she realized she was going to be okay. The legend had to realize that she could only depend on herself. She couldn’t keep depending on people who weren’t looking out for her best interests.

# 3 – Sister Honey

“Sister Honey” is about a character that Stevie Nicks drew that came to life. The character became a representation of the singer. The character developed her wants and needs. “Sister Honey” is a sexual person who provides sexual pleasure. She needs a man in her life that she can tempt and please. She wants a man who isn’t like her. The guy she likes makes her believe that she isn’t a temptress. She believes him when he says she’s innocent, but she wants to seduce him. This is a personal song for the singer. She embraces her sexuality and her femininity. As the song progresses, she and the would-be man become a couple.

When the couple get together, things don’t go the way they want them to go. They fight a lot. He informs her that she is going to lose out on something good when he leaves her. He warns her to think hard before they part ways. He said it was her last chance before he walks away. He lets her know that she shouldn’t get in her own way when it comes to relationships. As the song ends, she has a warning for him. She wants him to change, or she isn’t going to stay. She decides to walk out the door.

# 4 – I Sing for the Things

“I Sing for the Things” is about her love for music. Stevie Nicks denied herself a lot of things because she loved music so much. She sacrificed a lot for her career. She gave up the chance to have privacy because she wanted to focus on her career. She missed out on an opportunity to have a family because she loved her career. She wanted to be a great songwriter, so she devoted her time to songwriting. She put motherhood on hold. She was more invested in becoming a great songwriter than being a mother. She considered her career her child. Stevie Nicks had no regrets about what she did because it was a choice that she wanted.

Stevie Nicks enjoys what she does. Nothing is more important to her than her career. She is loyal to her career. She considers it her family. Most people want to have a family and would find that more important than a career. Stevie Nicks never considered having a family of her own a priority. She would have to love what she does to be willing to sacrifice having a husband and children in order to have a successful career.

# 5 – Imperial Hotel

The next song on our list of The Real Meanings Behind Stevie Nicks Rock a Little Album is “Imperial Hotel.” “Imperial Hotel” is about a woman who wants love but has trouble finding it. She has a friend who is secretly in love with her. The problem is she doesn’t know he feels that way about her. She has never had those feelings for him. She has never seen him as a love interest. She could never be with him. She will only rely on him as a shoulder to cry on when she is hurting. The narrator is upset because her lifestyle is the reason why she is crying. She is upset because of what her lifestyle has done to her. Her lifestyle has made her a lonely woman.

He hates to see her crying, so he always wants to make her feel better. She goes to a hotel to get away from everything that is making her sad. He reminds her that her lifestyle was her choice. He wants to save her from her loneliness, but she doesn’t feel the same way about him. All she wants him to do is be by her side. She just needs his support and nothing more than that. He agrees to be her friend. He loves her enough that he will accept being her friend instead of her lover. This song is dedicated to Stevie Nicks’ friend Benmont Tench. He is a keyboardist for Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers. Stevie Nicks has never talked about the song, but she dedicated it to him. This is the fourth single from the album.

# 6 – Some Become Strangers

“Some Become Strangers” is about a couple is no longer together. The couple realizes their relationship is no longer going to work. They tried everything they could to make their relationship last, but it didn’t do any good. They had been together for years, so they thought it was worth saving. She was happy with him in the beginning of the relationship, but things changed like a storm. She tried hard to love him, but the love didn’t stay the same. There was nothing she could do to make her feelings change. She thought long and hard about whether love was enough to make their relationship work. She realized that it wasn’t enough, and she had to walk away.

The narrator didn’t want to be the one to say goodbye, but she knew it had to be done. By the time they decided to break up, she knew he wasn’t the man she used to love. They became strangers to each other. He became someone she used to know. She didn’t think it would be easy to move on without him. She wanted to remember him and smile. She can’t remember him fondly because they had a bad breakup. The only thing she could do was admit that she knew him once upon a time. Part of her will always love him even though they are no longer together.

# 7 – Talk to Me

“Talk to Me” is about a woman who is in an intimate relationship with someone. There is something about the relationship that doesn’t ring true. She notices that he gets nervous when the phone rings. It makes her wonder if he has a wife. She doesn’t want him to keep being vague about what’s going on with him. She wants him to talk to her about his secrets. In the narrator’s mind, things get worse if you choose to ignore them. She lets him know that there was nothing to be afraid of when it concerns telling her the truth. She insists that he talk to her.

It is painful for the narrator to continue in a relationship when she knows he is keeping something from her. She is experiencing pain because reality is setting in on their relationship. In her mind, she knows that he’s married. She knows that he will never leave his wife for her. She wants him to open up to her, but he’s not willing to do it. She tries to assure him that her feelings won’t change if he tells her the truth. She doesn’t want to be a threat to his happiness. She wants him to set his soul free and unburden himself to her. This is the first single from the album. The song was number four on the Hot 100 charts and number one on the Mainstream Rock charts.

# 8 – The Nightmare

“The Nightmare” is about what happens after you break up with someone. She thought everything was great. She loved him unconditionally. She kept her heart open for love and she thought she had found it. The relationship started out like a dream. Everything was going well for the couple. They never loved each other more. Their relationship seemed to be on the right track. The dream suddenly faded and turned into a nightmare. She kept thinking about their relationship all the time. The thoughts in her mind turned into a nightmare. She was tired of reliving the relationship in her mind. She wanted to move on from the relationship, but she couldn’t because it kept popping into her mind.

According to the narrator, the good part of their relationship never came without the bad things. Storms were always brewing when it concerned their relationship. She stuck by him through the good and bad times. The couple broke up and got back together. She thought it would work the second time around, but she was wrong. Their relationship didn’t last the second time around. Even though they aren’t together anymore, she wouldn’t trade their relationship for anything. This relationship made her realize that she would never settle for anything less than how she was feeling with her lover. The relationship may have been a nightmare, but it taught her a lesson about what she wants in life.

# 9 – If I Were You

“If I Were You” is an inspirational song about listening to someone when they need to talk about something. She believes that it only takes a few minutes to listen to someone who needs to talk. She thinks this is something everyone needs to know. You should always make yourself available for anyone who needs to talk. You never know what the person is going to say to you. You never know what the person is going through and need someone to listen to them. She wants the person to trust her the way she trusts them. She assures them that they are with her everywhere she goes.

The narrator knows what the person is dreaming about when they are sleeping. She knows secrets that she will keep to herself. The narrator only sees her reflection in the person’s eyes. She wants to be an inspiration. She wants to change the person’s life forever. The singer believes that everyone has so little joy that they should go for it when they see it. They shouldn’t let happiness pass them by. If she were in that situation, she wouldn’t waste an opportunity to find joy.

# 10 – No Spoken Word

“No Spoken Word” is about a woman who has found out that her man is having an affair. The mistress has everything in life. The mistress wants the narrator’s boyfriend on top of that. The narrator doesn’t know what to do about the affair. She decides to make a deal with him. They would be with each other for one more night and then they would break up. She doesn’t want him to try to make things right with her. She just wants one more night with him. This will teach her to be more careful when it comes to love and relationships. Unfortunately, she doesn’t think she is tough enough to keep putting up with all the lessons she is forced to learn.

The narrator doesn’t want to deal with her boyfriend anymore. He is the reason she has lost faith in love. She is conflicted about the deal she made with him to be together for one more night. She was confused because she might develop feelings for him again. She lets him know that she won’t see him again after they spend the night together. She doesn’t need him to feel anything for her because she wants him gone in the morning. She doesn’t want them to talk. She just wants them together for one night. She wants to get him out of her system. The narrator wants him out of her life forever.

# 11 – Has Anyone Ever Written Anything for You?

The last song on our list of The Real Meanings Behind Stevie Nicks Rock a Little Album is “Has Anyone Ever Written Anything for You?.” “Has Anyone Ever Written Anything for You?” is about the death of singer Joe Walsh’s oldest daughter Emma. This song is a response to Joe Walsh’s song “Song for Emma.” He lost his daughter in a tragic accident. He told Stevie Nicks the story about his daughter’s death. She was upset about things that were going wrong for her on the road. He wanted her to know that there are bigger problems than what she was going through. He wanted her to know that her problems weren’t important. He informed her that sorrow is worse than her problems.

Joe Walsh took Stevie Nicks to his daughter’s favorite park. While they were driving, he explained to her that the only thing his daughter ever had an issue with was being too short to reach the drinking fountain. Stevie Nicks started crying when she saw the park. She saw the drinking fountain that he built for his daughter. He had it built for anyone who was too small to drink from a fountain. This trip changed her perspective on life. She learned how to be more grateful for what she has in life. She wrote this song about Emma, but it was written for Joe Walsh. Stevie Nicks said this song can be for anyone who is having a bad day. This song will give you a better perspective on life. It will help you understand what is important in life. This is the third single from the album. It peaked at number 60 on the Hot 100 charts.

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