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Our top 10 Aventura songs list presents the music of a Latin ensemble renowned for revolutionizing bachata music. The transformation of the genre by Aventura was experienced in the later ’90s and early twenty-first century. Together with Monchy y Alexandra, Aventura led the modernization of bachata to a dance-oriented genre. This saw the genre become one of the most popular Latin music styles, raising it to international status.

With over twenty years in the music scene, Aventura stands as one of the most iconic bachata acts of all time. Combining experience in the bachata scene and years of successful releases, Aventura declared themselves the kings of the bachata music genre.

Aventura’s Career Beginnings and Breakthrough

The ensemble’s beginnings can be traced to the early ’90s when the Santos brothers Lenny and Max collaborated to form a group. Initially, the ensemble went under the name Los Tinellers. In 1995, the group released its debut ten-track LP, Trampa de Amor. Unluckily, the album failed to catapult the ensemble to stardom.

The ensemble planned on revamping its musical pursuits in 1996. Notable changes were signaled by changing its management, members’ roles, and its name. The ensemble changed its moniker from Los Tinellers to Aventura. However, Aventura sought to revolutionize the bachata genre to create some attention to its craft.

Aventura became the first music group to perform an entire bachata track in English. Eventually, the ensemble released its much-awaited debut LP Generation Next in 1999. The album was issued through the record label Premium Latin Music. Generation Next saw Aventura feature R&B, rock, and hip hop elements to its original bachata sound. This ten-song LP featured a remake of six tracks from the 1995 LP Trampa De Amor.

A glimmer of hope for the act’s success was now in sight, with Generation Next featuring several hits, including “Cuándo Volverás.” “Cuándo Volverás” is one of the most popular and best Aventura songs from the 1999 album. The song served as Aventura’s debut track and lead track to the LP Generation Next. While the album failed to rise to the top of the charts at the turn of the millennium, Generation Next later peaked on the Billboard Tropical Albums chart at number twenty.

Aventura’s Album Releases over the Years

In 2002, Aventura hit back the studio for the release of its sophomore major release, We Broke the Rules. We Broke the Rules saw the ensemble still spice its bachata songs with R&B, pop, and hip hop elements. The album catapulted Aventura to global success after rising to the top of the French and Italian Albums charts. We Broke the Rules also peaked at number five and fifty-six on the Billboard Tropical Albums and Billboard Latin Albums charts, respectively. “Obsesión” is Aventura’s best song on the LP, having it top the Eurochart Hot 100.

After making its name as an “Outlier” in the bachata music scene with the LP, We Broke the Rules, Aventura returned with a new LP in 2003. Love & Hate marked Aventura’s third major LP release, still issuing the album under the Premium Latin Music record label. The album rose to number four on the Billboard Tropical Albums chart. It also peaked at the sixty-sixth spot on the Billboard Latin Albums chart. Aventura achieved more success with the album after it was Platinum-certified in Switzerland and the US. Some of the best Aventura songs from the album include “Llorar” and “Hermanita.”

Aventura’s fourth major release, God’s Project, was issued later in April 2005. “Un Beso,” “Ella y Yo,” and “La Boda” are some of the best Aventura songs from God’s Project. The album catapulted Aventura to newfound fame after topping the Billboard Tropical Albums chart, peaking at the fifth spot on the Billboard Top Latin Albums chart. God’s Project marked Aventura’s first album to reach the Billboard 200, peaking at number one hundred and thirty-three. The album was also Platinum-certified four times in the US, making it one of the best-selling Aventura’s LPs of all time.

In 2009, Aventura released its final album, The Last. Despite it being the last LP release by the ensemble, The Last is Aventura’s best album of all time. The LP topped both the Billboard Tropical Albums and Billboard Top Latin Albums chart. On the Billboard 200, The Last managed the fifth position, which is by far its best performance on the chart. Once more, Aventura saw the album certified Platinum in the US four times. Musical gems from the LP include “Dile Al Amor,” “All Up 2 You,” “Por Un Segundo,” and “El Malo.”

Aventura prides itself with three live LPs. The albums include the 2004 album Unplugged, the 2006 album K.O.B. Live, and the 2007 album Kings of Bachata: Sold Out at Madison Square Garden. Both the second and third live albums charted on the Billboard 200 chart and the Billboard Top Latin Albums.

Aventura’s Other Musical Pursuits

Throughout its career, the band never had lots of extra musical pursuits besides Aventura. However, after going on hiatus in 2011, Aventura’s members Henry Santos and Romeo Santos pursued a solo career. Brothers Max and Lenny Santos would later form a new ensemble, D’ Element. The two later former Xtreme member Steve Styles, with whom they formed a new Latin group, Vena.

Aventura’s Accolades and Legacy

From sold-out arenas to revolutionizing the bachata music genre, Aventura has won the hearts of many as one of the best Latin groups of all time. The band’s songs “Inmortal,” “Por Un Segundo,” “Mi Corazoncito,” “El Malo,” “El Perdedor,” “La Boda,” and “Ella y Yo” are among the song nominated for awards in different awards categories in multiple award ceremonies.

One of the most iconic accolades the ensemble has bagged is the Favorite Latin Artist award in the 2009 American Music Awards ceremony. Aventura also has multiple nominations from Billboard Latin Music Awards, Latin American Music Awards, Latin Grammy Awards, Premios Juventud, and Premio Lo Nuestro.

The ensemble might not have had tons of accolades to show compared to other Latin artists such as Residente, Eduardo Cabra, Juanes, and Calle 13. However, Aventura’s impact in the bachata music genre remains unmatched by other acts in the genre. After several years in hiatus, the ensemble is back with a bang, having it release reputable singles. Here are the ten best Aventura songs of all time.

#10- Cuándo Volverás

Opening our top 10 Aventura songs is the gorgeous hit “Cuándo Volverás.” “Cuándo Volverás” is Latin for “When You Come Back.” The song is the lead track to Aventura’s major debut LP Generation Next, issued in 1999. Initially, the song was recorded for Aventura’s (then Los Tinellers) self-released LP Trampa De Amor.

However, the version was remade for the 1999 album. Listening to the two versions, there is a clear difference of what bachata used to be for Aventura, before and after Aventura rejuvenated its sound and the genre overall. The last version of “Cuándo Volverás” was featured on the special edition of the LP Love & Hate. This version peaked at number six on the Italy FIMI Charts.

#9- Obsesión ft. Judy Santos

“Obsesión” is one of the musical gems from Aventura’s sophomore major LP release, We Broke the Rules. The song is among the few Aventura tracks to have ever received a Diamond certification. This followed after the song sold over five hundred thousand copies in French.

“Obsesión,” Spanish for “Obsession,” is a spirited song whose lyrics were penned by Romeo Santos. The song’s lyrics allude to a guy’s infatuation with a lady to an obsessive state. “Obsesión” topped the Eurochart Hot 100, peaking at number one in six national charts. The song has been covered by 3rd Wish featuring Baby Bash, Frankie J, and Tropical Family.

#8- Por Un Segundo

The eighth hit on our ten best Aventura songs list is the stunning hit “Por Un Segundo.” “Por Un Segundo” is featured on Aventura’s most successful LP, The Last, issued in 2009. Its title is Spanish for “For a Second.” The song’s lyrics, penned by Romeo Santos, allude to a woman the artist lost in his past.

Unfortunately, the singer discovers that the woman is getting married from a magazine he read. “Por Un Segundo” finds the singer reminiscing when he was in love with the woman and now wonders what will happen if he doesn’t find love. The song peaked at number one on both the Billboard Hot Latin Tracks and Billboard Latin Tropical Airplay charts. “Por Un Segundo” received the 2010 Premios Lo Nuestro accolade for the Tropical Song of the Year.

#7- Hermanita

“Hermanita” takes us to the third major album release by Aventura, Love & Hate. The song is a lyrical gem still penned by Aventura’s primary songwriter Romeo Santos. Its lyrics allude to the emotional and physical abuse that the singer’s elder sister goes through at the hands of her husband.

The singer tells of how he comes to the aid of her sister’s abuse. However, the culmination of all this drama is her sister’s death. Sadly, the paraphernalia the husband uses to take the lady’s life is the one the singer had purchased for the sister for self-defense. “Hermanita” peaked at number three on the Billboard Tropical Songs chart.

#6- All Up 2 You ft. Akon and Wisin & Yandel

Numbers six on our top 10 Aventura songs list is the collaborative hit “All Up 2 You.” Latin group Aventura teams up with the Puerto Rican reggaeton duo Wisin & Yandel and the R&B/hip-hop artist Akon on this track. Unlike most of the songs by Aventura, which feature a touch of bachata, “All Up 2 You” finds the ensemble taking on the Europop dance sonic vibes.

“All Up 2 You” is yet another successful collaborative song from Aventura’s most successful LP, The Last. The album also features reputable artists such as Ludacris, Arturo Sandoval, and Wyclef Jean, a former member of the Fugees. “All Up 2 You” was nominated for the Collaboration of the Year in the 2010 Premio Lo Nuestro. However, it lost to “Aquí Estoy Yo” by Luis Fonsi, featuring David Bisbal, Aleks Syntek, and Noel Schajris. The song also topped the Billboard Latin Rhythm Songs chart, peaking at number eight on the Billboard Bubbling Under Hot 100.

#5- Mi Corazoncito

Very few best Aventura songs have been featured on the ensemble’s live albums. However, our fifth track is one of the brightest tracks from the 2006 live album K.O.B. Live. Its title is Spanish for “My Little Heart.”

“Mi Corazoncito” is yet another love-inspired ballad penned by Romeo Santos. The song is one of the most decorated releases with awards, winning the Tropical Airplay Song of the Year and Hot Latin Song of the Year accolades in the 2008 Latin Billboard Music Awards. “Mi Corazoncito” also managed to bag the Tropical Songs of the Year award in the 2008 Premio Lo Nuestro. The song also charted at number one on the Billboard Latin Rhythm Airplay chart.

#4- Dile al Amor

“Dile al Amor” is yet another outstanding hit from Aventura’s 2009 last LP, The Last. Aventura’s primary songwriter Romeo Santos penned the lyric to the song, alluding to his bad luck with relationships. Its title translates to “Tell to the Love.”

The three-minute song is Aventura’s second release to ever make it to the peak position of Billboard Hot Latin Songs chart. “Dile al Amor” also topped the Mexican Airplay and Billboard Tropical Airplay charts.

#3- Ella y Yo ft. Don Omar

On the third spot, we have the collaborative hit “Ella y Yo.” “Ella y Yo” finds Aventura teaming up with the singer Don Omar. The two singers also collaborated in penning the lyrics to this pulsating hit.

“Ella y Yo,” Spanish for “Her and I,” alludes to betrayal in a romantic relationship. Michael Stuart released a cover to this hit featuring salsa singer Tito Rojas. “Ella y Yo” was nominated for the 2006 Latin Billboard Music Awards for the Hot Latin Song of the Year Vocal Duet or Collaboration. However, the song lost to Shakira and Alejandro Sanz’s “La Tortura.”

#2- Inmortal

“Inmortal” is among the few successful single releases by the band after its reunion in 2019. The song is a musical gem that finds the singer Romeo Santos teaming up with Alexander Caba penning its lyrics. Its primary themes include love and separation. “Inmortal” is among the few Diamond-certified songs in the US by Aventura.

The song is among the few tracks that supported Romeo Santos’ fourth LP, Utopía. “Inmortal” topped the Billboard Latin Airplay and Billboard Tropical Airplay charts. The song also rose to the ninety-fifth spot on the Billboard Hot 100.

#1- Volví ft. Bad Bunny

Number one on our top 10 Aventura songs list is the stunning hit “Volví.” The song finds Aventura collaborating with Grammy Award-winning Puerto Rican artist Bad Bunny. Romeo Santos teams up with Bad Bunny and Alex Killer in penning the lyrics to the song. Its lyrics allude to a narrative about a guy who wishes to mend things between him and his ex-girlfriend.

“Volví” is specially known for its amalgam of bachata and elements of reggaeton. The song is the highest-charting song by Aventura. It peaked at number twenty-two on the Billboard Hot 100.

Photo: Reynaldo Brito, CC BY-SA 3.0 <>, via Wikimedia Commons

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