Top 10 Crowded House Songs

Crowded House Songs

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Our top 10 Crowded House songs list introduce us to a rock band formed in Melbourne. New Zealand vocalist and guitarist Neil Finn would join hands with Australian drummer Paul Hester and bassist Nick Seymour to form the band back in 1985. The band would later add Neil’s brother Tim Finn and Americans Matt Sherrod and Mark Hart, bringing in some extra skills to the band. However, like most bands, Crowded House has gone under redefinition with the current lineup, including Neil Finn, his sons Liam and Elroy, Nick Seymour, and keyboardist Mitchell Froom, a former member of the bands Latin Playboys and Gamma. Crowded House has had quite a story owing to its start-and-stop music career.

At first, the band was active in the years between 1985 to 1996. They would disband only to awaken their calling to making rock music in 2006, only to split again in 2011. The year 2016 had the band try to become active once more in the rock music industry. Nevertheless, the band has since 2019 been active in releasing their latest album, Dreamers Are Waiting, which has reminded the world of the great band they have always been. Here are the top 10 Crowded House songs of all time.

# 10 – Don’t Stop Now

Written by Neil Finn shortly after he and his wife moved to England, the song “Don’t Stop Now” deserves mention in the top 10 Crowded House songs for its impact on their career. Released in Crowded House’s fifth studio album, Time on Earth, the song “Don’t Stop Now” was influenced by Finn’s wife’s driving moment where she had difficulties in navigation due to her vehicle’s faulty GPS. Neil Finn would take on the lyrics of the song in a solo effort to reach a peak position of number 9 in the US Adult Alternative Songs Chart. In addition, it is the song “Don’t Stop Now” that had the band nominated for The New Zealand Silver Scroll back in 2007.

# 9 – World Where You Live

Featured as the second single Crowded House’s self-titled debut album, the song “World Where You Live” would be the band’s first internationally released single. The song got released first in the UK, then months later in Australia. Despite having an international release, the song “World Where You Live” did not chart internationally but managed to reach a peak position of number 43 in the ARIA Singles Chart and the Billboard Hot 100. “World Where You Live” would later appear on the band’s greatest hits compilation, Recurring Dreams, performed at the band’s farewell concert.

# 8 – Chocolate Cake

In the number eight spot on our top 10 Crowded House songs is the very cool track Chocolate Cake. We love the opening groove to this great tune. The song was released on the album Woodface. The album was released in 1991. The song Chocolate Cake was the first single released from the album. The song was a top 10 hit in Canada and New Zealand. It hut number two on the US Alternative Airplay charts. We love the line about Elvis Presley walking out of a 7-11.

# 7 – Distant Sun

Written by Neil Finn, the “Distant Sun” remains to be one of the most successful songs from the band’s fourth studio album, Together Alone. Notably, the sing was responsible for another top 20 hits in the UK, peaked at number 19 in the UK Singles Chart. The song is about what befalls a man and a woman after many years of being together. And as you can guess, it’s not always great. However, all the message is channeled through some great melody that is so catchy and memorable.

# 6 – Into Temptation

The song “Into Temptation” is featured as one of the best songs in Crowded House’s 1988 album Temple of Low Men. Neil wrote the song after a memorable evening where he opened his motel room after hearing a knock only to find a lady entering another man’s room. Renee Geyer would perform the song for the Finn brothers’ 2005 female tribute album She Will Have Her Way. Thanks to the great lyrics from Neil that the song has proved to be one of the best even years after its release. It is the same song that had Neil’s wife think that he was cheating because of the lyrical power the song possessed.

# 5 – Fall at Your Feet

“Fall at Your Feet” is a great song that focused on Neil’s desire to have a deeper and intimate relationship with a certain woman. From the lyrics, the woman may be going through some pain which Neil keeps reassuring her that his presence and willingness will help her get through the pain. “Fall at Your Feet” critically acclaimed their third studio album, Woodface. The song was a notable success having it featured on the Billboard Hot 100 and the UK Singles Chart.

# 4 – Something So Strong

Featured in their eponymous debut album, the song “Something So Srong” takes pride in some great lyrics thanks to the collaboration between Neil Finn and Mitchell Froom, who are gifted songwriters. Notably, this was the first song that Neil Finn wrong specifically for their rock band, Crowded House. The song proved to be a banger, achieving a peak position of number 7 in the US Billboard Hot 100. It would also trend and appear in music charts in UK, Canada, New Zealand, and Australia.

# 3 – Better Be Home Soon

Our number three song in the top 10 Crowded House songs ushers in a song that was in 2001 voted as the best New Zealand song of the 20th century. The lyrics to the song can be interpreted in many ways. One is about a relationship where the partner is ‘absent.’ It seems to be a cry out to restore the relationship and partners retain honesty amongst each other. Neil would perform this song at ARIA Awards while a montage of drummer Paul Hester’s life played in the background following his death.

# 2 – Weather with You

The song “Weather with You” is one of the most unforgettable songs from Crowded House. Released on their third studio album, Woodface, the song was intended to be in Finn Brothers’ unreleased 1990 debut, merging with other songs in Crowded House’s album Woodface. According to Neil Finn, the song “Weather with You” has its theme because we are creating our weather, hence making our environments. The song would go ahead to be voted as the 16th best New Zealand song of all time by APRA, having it also featured on Nature’s Best, a two-disc compilation album for New Zealand’s thirty most popular songs.

# 1 – Don’t Dream It’s Over

And now to the number one song from Crowded House is the ballad “Don’t Dream It’s Over” from their self-titled debut album. Described as Crowded House’s majestic ballad, the song became an international hit having its peak at number two in the Billboard Hot 100. Thanks to Neil’s lyrical prowess, he gave the world one of the best rock ballads about feeling lost on the one hand and urging oneself not to dream it’s over. The song was used in commercials for New Zealand Tourism Commission and TV miniseries The Stand proving its immense success.

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