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Evanescence Songs

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Evanescence is a popular rock band founded by lead singer Amy Lee and former guitarist Ben Moody. Lee and Moody met in 1994 at a youth camp. Moody heard her play singer Meatloaf’s song on the piano. They decided to team up and form a band. They performed in coffee shops in Little Rock, Arkansas. They paid their dues by recording independent albums before landing a record deal.

In 2003, Evanescence consisted of members Lee, Moody and their friends John LeCompt, Rocky Gray and Will Boyd. They released their first album Fallen in 2003. The label didn’t want to release the album unless they had a male co-vocalist. The band refused to give in to this demand. When the band didn’t agree to what the label wanted, they gave in and gave them a new idea. They wanted a male vocalist to sing the lead single “Bring Me To Life.” Lee wasn’t happy, but she agreed to the terms. This album is their most successful album. It features the singles “Bring Me To Life,” “My Immortal,” “Going Under” and “Everybody’s Fool.” The album debuted at number seven on the charts and sold over 141,000 copies in its first week. The album peaked at number three on the charts. The band won Grammy Awards for this project. It sold over 17 million copies. This is the only album to feature Ben Moody. He left the band in 2003 because of creative differences with the band. He was replaced with Terry Balsamo.

Evanescence released a live album called Anywhere But Home in 2004. The album sold more than one million copies. The band went through another band member change when Will Boyd wanted to leave the band. He wanted to be with his family and didn’t want to tour. He was replaced with Tim McCord. Balsamo had a stroke, which delayed the released of the band’s second studio album. Lee also didn’t want to rush the process. The band finally released their second studio album The Open Door in 2006. The album was supposed to be a new beginning for the band. They didn’t want to deal with the sophomore jinx so they had to work hard to make sure that the album was a good one. The album debuted at number one and sold twice as many albums as their debut. It sold a whopping 447,000 copies in its first week. The album went platinum within a month. The album features the singles “Call Me When You’re Sober,” “Lithium,” “Sweet Sacrifice” and “Good Enough.” The album sold over five million copies.

When the band finished their album tour, LeCompt announced to the fans that he was fired from the band. He also announced that Rocky Gray quit the band. They ended up working with Moody and formed their own band We Are the Fallen. The label announced that Will Hunt and Troy McLawhorne were joining the band. The band released their self-titled album in 2011. The album debuted at number one on the charts. It sold 127,000 in its first week. The album features the singles “What You Want,” “My Heart Is Broken” and “Lost in Paradise.” The album sold over 500,000 copies. The band wanted to take a break to figure things out. Lee wanted to sue their label for not giving them their royalties. The band was dropped from their label shortly after filing the lawsuit. The band became independent artists again. Balsamo left the band in 2015. He was replaced with Jen Majura.

In 2017, the band released their fourth album Synthesis. The album peaked at number eight on Billboard Top 200 and number one on rock charts. The album features the singles “Imperfection” and “Hi-lo.” The band released The Bitter Truth in 2021. The album features the singles “Wasted on You,” “The Game Is Over,” “Use My Voice” and “Better Without You.”

Evanescence went through a lot of member changes, but it didn’t stop them from making excellent music. The band managed to make their mark in the rock genre. It would have been a challenge because the band had a female as the lead singer. Most rock bands have male lead vocalists. Evanescence were trendsetters by allowing a woman to be the front person in a rock band. Lee’s vocals can make other rock female artists envious. They would want to run her out of town because her vocals are that good. This Top 10 Evanescence Songs list will feature their hit songs.

# 10 – What You Want

We open our Top 10 Evanescence Songs list with the energetic “What You Want” from their epic eponymous album. The song has an alternative metal and nu metal sound. The inspirational song is about being free and living your life on your own terms. The fun and perky song is tailor made for dancing even though it’s a rock song. Evanescence effortlessly combines rock and dance to create this sound. The instrumentation is amazing. This is a departure from their previous sound. Amy Lee cleverly combines pop lyrics with a rock beat. It may be a departure from their sound, but the rock beat will still please their rock fans. The song opens with a fast drumbeat and goes into a guitar strumming sound. The music is loud and sure to please metal fans. Lee’s vocals are haunting and sassy throughout the song. She shouts the lyrics over the loud music. She pleasantly belts without straining which was a hard feat considering how loud the music is. This song proves that she is an incredible singer.

# 9 – Wasted On You

The next song on our Top 10 Evanescence Songs list is the anthemic “Wasted On You” from the highly anticipated Bitter Truth album. This ballad has a gothic metal and electronic rock sound. This unique song has different meanings. It’s about a relationship gone soar. The song was written before the pandemic. Once the pandemic happened, the song took on a different meaning. It is about what the world is going through now during these troubling times. The song turned into a positive song. The music is excellent. The band does an excellent job on the guitar riffs. The riffs are loud and are perfect for rock music. The banging drumbeat is a perfect marriage with the guitars. This song is escapism for what you are going through. Lee starts the song softly in the first verse and holds nothing back after she hits the chorus. She has impeccable vocal timing because she’s singing in time with the music.

# 8 – Lithium

This sorrowful song is the second single from the hit album Open Door. This power ballad has an alternative, metal and gothic sound. Here is some trivia about the song. Lee was 16 when she originally wrote this song. It was originally written with just the guitar and not the piano chords. This somber song is about her choosing to between sorrow and happiness. Based on the title, it’s easy to be misled into thinking that it’s about the drug. She is comparing the numbness you feel taking the drug to heartache and pain. It’s hard to believe that a teenager wrote this deep and meaningful song.

It makes you wonder what she must have been going through at the time to write such a prolific song like this. This is another departure from Evanescence style of music. It has an orchestral feel to it. The song starts off piano driven and then the guitar intensifies throughout the rest of the song. The softer side of the music gives the listener a chance to enjoy the quality of Lee’s voice. She shows a lot of range because she shows a softer side during the softer moments of the song. She shows her edgier side during the louder moments of the song. She holds stunning notes towards the end of the song.

# 7 – Everybody’s Fool

This snarky song is from the immensely popular Fallen album. This rock ballad has a nu metal sound. This enigmatic song is about fake people. Lee was inspired to write this song based on people who take their clothes off to sell music instead of focusing on the actual music. Lee wrote this song because of her sister’s love of fake pop artists. Here is some trivia about the song. Lee wrote this song for celebrities like Britney Spears and Christina Aguilera who are known for wearing revealing clothing.

The music has a heavy drumbeat. The guitar riffs soar effortlessly throughout the music. Lee sings the bitter song with a lot of attitude needed for a song like this. She shows that she’s a vocal powerhouse when she belts in the chorus. She manages not to get drowned out by the music especially in the louder moments of the song. Kudos to the band for not drowning her out so she can get a chance to shine vocally without straining her voice.

# 6 – Call Me When You’re Sober

This autobiographical song is the lead single from the popular The Open Door album. This ballad has an alternative metal, symphonic rock, electro pop, hard rock and nu metal sound. This venom filled song is about her relationship with her ex-boyfriend dealing with an addiction and going to rehab. It was rumored that the song is about her ex-boyfriend Shaun Morgan from the group Seether. The instrumentation is fire. The band does a superb job creating this radio-friendly sound. The song starts off like a pop song and turns into a rock song. The music has a heavy drum and guitar base. The music switches from soft to hard throughout the song. Hardcore rock fans will definitely be impressed with the band’s instrumentation. Lee’s vocals soar tremendously. Her vocals are addictive and hypnotic. She sounds similar to Kelly Clarkson in this song.

# 5 – Imperfection

The next song on our Top 10 Evanescence Songs list is the virtuous “Imperfection” from the masterpiece Synthesis album. This ballad has a rock, pop and r&b sound. This righteous song is about accepting people for their flaws and all. This deep message is relatable to people who want to be accepted despite not being perfect. The music is complimentary to theme of the song. The music is melancholy and haunting. It has an orchestral sound to it. The string section gives it the haunting sound. This is another song that strays from their rock sound, but rock fans can get something out of it as well. There are guitar riffs in and out of the song. Lee shows vocal versatility because she uses a double in the song. She sings in her upper and lower register in the double. She vocally flies off to heights unknown towards the end of the song. She sounds really passionate about the subject of imperfection. She’s wearing her heart on her sleeve in this emotional track.

# 4 – My Heart Is Broken

This controversial song is another gem from the successful eponymous album. This upbeat rock ballad has an alternative metal sound. This inspirational song is about sex trafficking. Lee wanted to put herself in the place of the victims to get an idea of what they were going through. The instrumentation is fantastic. Here is some trivia about the song. Lee wanted the song to feature the piano more than the guitar. She played the harp and felt that the song would have been easier if it was more piano based. Luckily she decided to include the growling guitar riffs because they sound phenomenal. It keeps the band in their wheelhouse. It gives it the rock edge needed for the subject. The stomping drumbeats give the music something extra. As usual, her vocals are incredible. The music complements Lee’s soprano vocals. Once again she sounds like Kelly Clarkson in this song.

# 3 – Going Under

This empowering song is from the groundbreaking Fallen album. This ballad has a nu metal sound. This cathartic song is about recovering from an abusive relationship. This song is therapeutic for anyone who wants to get out of an abusive relationship. It lets you know that you don’t have to stay in your situation. This song has a positive message. You don’t hear too many rock songs that have powerful messages behind them. The instrumentation is wonderful. It contains the guitar, piano and drum machine. The band does an excellent job with the music. They’re able to keep up with her phenomenal vocals. It’s goth meets pop because it’s a metal song that has pop appeal. Lee’s starts the song off with a whispering tone and then she gets louder as the song continues. She has amazing vocal range and is able to control her voice with the loud music. She’s able to keep up with the blazing guitar riffs. She sounds similar to Avril Lavigne in this song.

# 2 – My Immortal

This haunting song is also from the groundbreaking Fallen album. This power ballad has a rock and pop sound. This spiritual song is about a spirit that won’t leave your side. This song isn’t about anyone in particular. This might be relatable to people in similar situations. The music is a mix of piano, drums, bass and guitar. It’s not your typical metal song. It has more of an orchestral sound. The verses sound acoustic while the chorus sounds like a rock song. Lee sings softly in the quieter moments of the song. She gets the chance to emote with the soft piano chords. She doesn’t use her signature screaming in the song, but she still sounds incredible and ethereal. Her signature screaming wasn’t necessary since the music was soft. This is the song that established Evanescence as a credible rock band.

# 1 – Bring Me To Life ft. Paul McCoy

We have come to the number one pick on our Top 10 Evanescence Songs list. The number one song on the list is the love song “Bring Me To Life” from the Fallen album. This song has a nu metal, hard rock and alternative sound. This emotional song is about Lee’s husband. She was going through a difficult time when she met him. He helped bring her to a better place in life. People assumed it was about her ex-boyfriend Shaun Morgan. The music starts off orchestral and then launches into a heavy metal song. The style of the music is similar to Linkin Park’s sound. The music has impressive guitar riffs. The song has a thumping bass that blends well with the guitar riffs. This song is different for the band because it features rap lyrics by Paul McCoy. He has good rhyming skills. Lee was the vocal star of the song. Her vocals are flawless and go well with the music. She uses her signature screaming vocals in the song, which is an excellent choice because the music is loud.

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