Top 10 Firehouse Songs

Firehouse Songs

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Our Top 10 FireHouse Songs list presents to us the best releases from a hard rock band who made a name for themselves through a blazing bravura in their 1990 eponymous debut album. Like most of the greatest bands, FireHouse would be made by members who shared a past with other bands. FireHouse’s history dates back to 1984 when guitarist Leverty’s former band White Heat required a drummer, signing Michael Foster with whom Leverty would visit rock clubs when the band wasn’t on tour. In one of their casual visits to clubs, Leverty and Michael were impressed by the talent of Maxx Warrior’s singer C. J. Snare and bassist Perry Richardson. And when Maxx warrior broke, Leverty took no hesitation in sending some of his songs, asking him to sing and record them on tape. Impressed by his amazing vocals yet again, Leverty and Michael tagged in C. J. Snare to be the band’s lead singer for a gig in Virginia. The three would later have Perry Richardson join them after he was done with his commitment to the Maxx Warrior band. Together, they would form FireHouse with White Heat already trademarked.

FireHouse would hit the ground running with the debut album that awarded them critical acclaim, winning the American Music Award for the Best New Hard Rock/Heavy Metal Band in 1991. The band has managed to stick together since 1989, with only bassist Perry Richardson leaving the group. He was replaced two times before the band found a permanent man on the bass guitar, Allen McKenzie, in 2004. Here are the Top 10 FireHouse Songs that promise to add glamour to your hard rock and heavy metal playlist.

#10 – Loving You is Paradise

Introducing us to the Top 10 FireHouse Songs is “Loving You is Paradise” from the band’s 2000 album O2. “Love You is Paradise” is one of the best love songs that you could not only listen to but dedicate to someone. As the song title suggests, it describes how great it is for the subject guy to love a woman who seems to impress him great. The vocals blend in with the backing vocals and a sublime guitar-led instrumental, yielding a melodious song from FireHouse.

#9 – Dream

“Dream” is yet another ballad that brings the best of the band’s expression about love. Featured on the band’s 1998 album, Category 5, the song is quite a sad song having this guy fall so hard in love with a woman who left him. The guy seems not to have moved on from the love and wishes that life would have got better for them then. “Dream” arouses the feelings that you might have had for a partner you trashed ages ago, knowing that he or she loved you. The guitar solo brings out the best of Leverty’s skills, adding glamour to this rock ballad.

#8 – You Are My Religion

Featured on the band’s 1996 album Good Acoustics is yet another song that showcases the great songwriting skills of the band in yet another love song. The song is about a guy who has fallen deep for a woman he ‘worships.’ So much love that the guy uses heaven and religion to refer to the woman and eternity to refer to loving her forever.

#7 – Don’t Treat Me Bad

At number 7 on our Top 10 FireHouse Songs is the ballad “Don’t Treat Me Bad.” Featured on the band’s debut album, “Don’t Treat Me Bad” is an impressive song that helped make their name as love inspired rock band. The band was trying to introduce a devious or rather psychotic female character, as brought out by the song’s video. “Don’t Treat Me Bad” performed great on the charts reaching number 19 on the Billboard Hot 100.

#6 – All She Wrote

Featured on the band’s debut album as the fourth and final single, “All She Wrote,” was a hit featuring another of FireHouse’s hit songs. “All She Wrote” is a phrase commonly used to signify the end, and in this song, it can signify the end of a relationship. This is evidenced by what a girl wrote to the singer in a note announcing her uncompromising departure.

#5 – Reach for the Sky

FireHouse’s second studio album would not have been quite a hit without songs like “Reach for the Sky,” which helped solidify their place in the rock industry following a successful debut album. Written by the band’s singer C. J. Snare and guitarist Bill Leverty, “Reach for the Sky” brings the best of the talents in Snare and Leverty. Thanks to the sublime vocals and guitar skills that FireHouse brings to life, a true rock n roll vibe. Additionally, C. J. Snare’s vocal range in this song is phenomenal! The song went on to peak at number 83 on the Billboard Hot 100.

#4 – Here for You

“Here for You” is a great guitar-led song from the band’s 1996 album Good Acoustics. The great message that the song passes is that we cannot make it on our own. As social human beings, we need someone to walk within our life journey. From the song, the singer promises to be there for someone he seems to treasure. 

#3 – When I Look into Your Eyes

Ushering to the best three songs in the Top 10 FireHouse Songs list is “When I Look into Your Eyes” from the band’s album, Hold Your Fire. This rock ballad is about seeing a lifetime of togetherness when one stares into their lover’s eyes. Thanks to its almost perfect lyrics, the song became a great hit song from the band, peaking at number 8 on the Billboard Hot 100 and number 65 on the UK Singles Chart.

#2 – I Live My Life for You

Written by lead vocalist C. J. Snare and guitarist Leverty, “I Live My Life for You” was the best song from FireHouse’s 1995 album 3. Inspired by C. J. Snare’s wife, who they later sadly split, the song helped the band extend their popularity and success story, which ran from their debut album. Everything about “I Live My Life for You,” from sublime vocals by Snare to awe-inspiring guitar riffs and smooth backing vocals, makes it one of the greatest love compositions from FireHouse.

#1 – Love of a Lifetime

Number one in the Top 10 FireHouse Songs is the ballad “Love of a Lifetime” from the band’s debut album. “Love of a Lifetime” is a romantic song about unwavering devotion to a fiancée. Thanks to C. J. Snare for the sublime lyrics that this song became their first popular ballad great for lovers. The song charted at number 5 on the Billboard Hot 100, proving to be the highlight of their career to date.

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