Top 10 Jerrod Niemann Songs

Jerrod Niemann Songs

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This Top 10 Jerrod Niemann Songs list looks at the best Jerrod Niemann Songs like “Lover, Lover,” “Shinin’ on Me” “Blue Bandanna” and many more. Jerrod Niemann was born and raised in the state of Kansas, first learning how to play on a guitar that was autographed by Tracy Lawrence, a prize his mother won while at one of his concerts. This encouraged him to write songs as young as eight years old, which served as an instrumental influence when he won the local talent shows in Kansas at ten years old for his original songwriting material.

When Niemann graduated from high school, he relocated to Levelland, Texas to attend college. His official start in the music career at a professional level began in the clubs and bars of Texas. In 1999, he independently released his debut album, Long Hard Road, before moving to Nashville, Tennessee during the fall of 2000. He signed a developmental deal with Mercury Records nearly a year later but didn’t release anything through this label. Once he parted ways with Mercury, he toured with his band in the club circuit across the U.S. before traveling into Europe to perform there.

Recognized Talent

In 2001, Jerrod Niemann was contracted by Garth Brooks to serve as one of the fellow songwriters to work with. He co-wrote “Good Ride Cowboy,” “That Girl Is a Cowboy,” and “Midnight Sun.” “Good Ride Cowboy” earned Niemann an award in 2006 by Broadcast Music Incorporated for being one of the most played songs of the year. He was also awarded a pair of BMI awards, one in 2012 for “What

Through the Category 5 Records label, whom he signed up with in 2006, Niemann realized his first hit single with “I Love Women (My Momma Can’t Stand).” The album it belonged to, Behind This Microphone, failed to release as the label closed shortly after the single was released. This prompted Niemann to sign a contract in 2010 with Arista Nashville’s Sea Gayle division, which is co-owned by Brad Paisley. That same year, he released his first single through this label, “Lover, Lover.” It became his first number one hit on the US Billboard Country Music chart.

While touring on the road with fellow country singer, Lee Brice, the tour bus they were on caught fire on March 6, 2012. While nobody was injured from what could have been a tragic event it did give some interesting new material for songwriting possibilities. In total, Jerrod Niemann has seven studio singles he has so far recorded and released. He has fourteen singles that have two of them becoming number one hits on the US Billboard Hot Country Songs chart. He has also shot eleven music videos

Top 10 Jerrod Niemann Songs

#10 – Buzz Back Girl

Released during the summer of 2014 “Buzz Back Girl” was the third single released from Jerrod Niemann’s fourth studio album, High Noon. It was a number thirty-five hit on the US Billboard Country Airplay chart as a song that felt easygoing. Traditional country music at its best, “Buzz Back Girl” still hinted a bit of rock and roll which still served as a reminder that this is Jerrod Niemann’s song, performed in a manner only he can do.


#9 – A Little More Love (featuring Lee Brice)

On the US Billboard Hot Country Songs chart “A Little More Love” peaked at number forty one and it was a number twenty-eight hit on the US Billboard Country Airplay chart. It was released as a single in 2016 as the first single from the album, This Ride. This duet performance came after the March 6, 2012 tour bus fire that Brice was credited for noticing and alerting Jerrod Niemann before the incident had a chance to turn tragic. The song itself was written by a team of songwriters that revolved the song around a summer vibe. Brice and Niemann exchange loose and inspired cuffs as the funky beat played itself out.

While the music critics may not have been overly fond of the performance, the purpose behind the song, as well as the entire album, was not meant to appease the critics. It was meant as honest songwriting that was matched with an honest performance by an artist who was simply being himself through his music and how he played it. “A Little More Love” reflected exactly this as through this single, along with Lee Brice, expressed a part of his off-beat personality that has made a career out of making music that leans more on soul-based organics than mainstream expectations.


#8 – Donkey

“Donkey” was a number thirty-eight hit on the US Billboard Hot Country Songs chart and a number forty-three hit on the US Billboard Country Airplay chart when it was released in 2014 from the album, High Noon. Jerrod Niemann intentionally produced this country bar favorite as a kick-up-the heels and simply dance to it auto-tune. Earthy with a homestyle flavor to it, “Donkey” served as a smooth reflection of what makes the genre of country music, as well as the people who love it, so special.


#7 – Blue Bandanna

Released in 2015 as a non-album single, “Blue Bandanna” became a number thirty-seven hit on the US Billboard Hot Country Songs chart and a number thirty-two hit on the US Billboard Country Airplay chart. This free-spirited song revolved around a gypsy girl sporting a blue bandanna that has opted to commit herself to whatever direction the wind happened to blow. It served as a whisper of lost youth as it became swept away as the realities of life has been known to do.


#6 – Only God Could Love You More

On the US Billboard Hot Country Songs chart, “Only God Could Love You More” peaked at number thirty-eight and was a number twenty-nine hit on the US Billboard Country Airplay chart. The vulnerability behind the soft lyrics put into this ballad was loaded with a sense of emotional strain and heartache. This genius country blues single was the second of two released from the fundraising album, Free the Music, which was released in 2012.


#5 – Shinin’ on Me

2012’s Free the Music was a tribute album that strove to raise funds to supply musical instruments for aspiring young artists of all ages to access something that is otherwise unaffordable. “Shinin’ on Me” was a laid back lyric performed by Jerrod Niemann as an appreciative piece. On the US Billboard Hot Country Songs chart and the US Billboard Country Airplay chart, “Shinin’ on Me” peaked at number seventeen. It also made a crossover chart appearance on the US Billboard Hot 100 at number ninety-two, seeming to confirm Niemann’s affinity to provide something that’s easy enough to recognize his unique material.


#4 – One More Drinkin’ Song

In 2011, “One More Drinkin’ Song” became a number thirteen hit on the US Billboard Hot Country Songs chart and the US Billboard Country Airplay chart. It earned a BMI award in 2012, along with “What Do You Want,” as these were the two most played songs during the year of its release. The song acted as a form of musical rebellion as Jerrod Niemann had been criticized for coming up with too many songs that had party themes to them. It was the third and final single released from the album, Judge Jerrod & the Hung Jury, which received mostly positive reviews, perhaps even one from the critic that should notice this album wasn’t nearly as party-themed as his previous two albums apparently were.


#3 – What Do You Want (featuring Rachel Bradshaw)

“What Do You Want” became an RIAA-certified gold single and received four nominations from the 2011 American Country Awards after it was released in 2010. The inspiration behind the song came to Jerrod Niemann after a personal experience he had with a former girlfriend that had him move to India. When he broke up with her he wrote and asked her “What Do You Want.” In the song, it’s narrated she has phoned him with her answer. The combination of the acoustic guitar, percussion, and organ made this single an easy country favorite that also featured a backup vocal performance of Rachel Bradshaw, the daughter of the NFL’s infamous quarterback, Terry Bradshaw.


#2 – Drink to That All Night

On the US Billboard Hot Country Songs chart, “Drink to That All Night” became a number one hit for the second time in Jerrod Niemann’s career. In 2013, it was released as the lead single for the album, High Noon, which was released in 2014. It also became his second single to become certified platinum by the RIAA. On the US Billboard Country Airplay chart and the RPM Canadian Country Tracks chart, “Drink to That All Night” became a number one hit. On the US Billboard Hot Country Songs chart it peaked as high as number four and it climbed as high as number thirty-four on the US Billboard Hot 100. This party track has so far become one of Niemann’s signature songs that keeps the fans coming back for more, suggesting they can listen to that all night as they “Drink to That All Night.”


#1 – Lover, Lover

“Lover, Lover” was Jerrod Niemann’s debut single that was released in 2010 and became his first number one hit on the US Billboard Hot Country Songs chart. Originally, it was recorded by Sonia Dada, a folk music group that had it titled as “You Don’t Treat Me No Good.” In Australia, it was a number one hit when it was released in 1992. In addition to topping the charts, “Lover, Lover” also became a certified platinum success with the RIAA. In addition to topping the country chart, “Lover, Lover” also became a crossover hit as it peaked at number twenty-nine on the US Billboard Hot 100. On the Canadian Hot 100, it peaked at number forty-nine.

The acoustic riff of this single featured nine different vocal tracks that were all recorded by Niemann, then overdubbed. Eight of the tracks were recorded on the first day, followed by the bass backing vocals on the next. For Niemann, he purposely medicated himself to have the ninth vocal recording take place the next morning as previous experience from having one too many drinks at the bar had him observe his morning voice seemed to be much lower than how it usually is throughout the rest of the day.


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