Top 10 Slothrust Songs

Slothrust Songs

Our Top 10 Slothrust songs lost looks at a Boston-based alternative rock band that has been around for just slightly under a decade-since 2012. The band consists of Leah Wellbaum on the vocals, Kyle Bann as the Bassist and Will Gorin on the drums. With a total of 5 albums to their name so far, our top 10 song list features some of the greatest tracks the band has delivered since its inception to date.

Slothrust begun as collaboration between Wellbaum and Gorin, back then as students at Sara Lawrence College. After several performances in various school groups, the two went in search for a bassist. Bann came along and joined the band soon after. Their unique name which is pronounced as sloth-rust is derived from a combination of Leah Wellbaum’s former project “Slothbox” and “rust”(signifies time passing). The three eventually went from just being a school band to dropping their debut album Feels Your Pain, which features their popular lead single “7:30 AM”. The album was released on May 24, 2012 under the Ba Da Bing Record label. It was followed by collaboration with Wreckroom records to record the cover of “Happy Together” that was initially released by The Turtles’ in 1967.

Later on in 2014, the band released their second album, Of Course You Do, also under the Ba Da Bing! Records and Burger Records. This was the last time the band would work with Ba Da Bing, as on July 7, 2016, announcements went round of Slothrust signing to Dangerbird records. In just two months, the band were premiered several songs from their third full-length album, Everyone Else. The album was eventually released on October 28, 2016. To promote their music, the band kick started the release of Everyone Else on a tour in the fall of 2016,with the rock band, Highly Suspect. The album became a huge success, which the band celebrated with a sold-out headline show on the November 1. At the show Slothrust performed the entire album and a few favorites from previous albums such as “7:30 AM”, and “Homewreck Wifey”. The band continued touring into 2017 the US, making headline tours in March, July and August and performing at the Chicago Lollapalooza. They also toured the UK with the Manchester Orchestra(an American Indie rock band) on August 3, 2017.

After the 2016- 2017 tour, the band went back into the studio and began recording for their fourth studio album, The Pact. The album was released later that year on September 14, and on the same day, the bad embarked on a two- month tour to support It. Their fifth and most recent album was set for release in September 2021 again by Dangerbird Records. Before then, songs from the album namely; “Cranium”, “Strange Astrology” and “The Next Curse “ were released. The band went on tour to promote the album, but this time without Kyle Bann. He was dropped on August 13 over a rape allegation and was replaced with bassist Brook Allison. The band has been getting a lot of well-deserved hype . It is quite expected as they have consistently been dropping tracks on one to two month intervals for their upcoming album. As we wait for them to grace us with new music, here is a round-up of 10 of their best songs.

#10 – Horseshoe Crab

“Horseshoe Crab “ is the first single off Slothrust Everyone Else album. The song premiered on August 10, 2016 via Noise(a Canadian-American lifestyle magazine). Critics describe the song as “a dark narrative about love, loss, growing up, depression, and existential anxiety.” The album Itself was described as less angry and closely relating to the water and dreams. Looking at It at a different angle I would say that this song relatable to most young people’s especially those trying to find a solid ground right after college.

#9 – Of Course You Do

This track is another single from the Everyone Else album. Contrary to the first single, “Horseshoe Crab” this one was described as a bit angrier. The band’s lead, Wellbaum explained to Out Magazine that she did not think the album in general was angry in the same way as their previous ones. The song writer continued by saying that the record asks more questions and has space for interpretation. The record specifically dealt with water and dreams in a way the first two did not- according to the songwriter.

#8 – Juice

The instrumentation display in this song is simply outstanding. Its beginning is marked by an intentional twangy guitar and solid drums. The punk anthem is almost funny at first as Leah compares herself to a hamster in a plastic ball. However, the lyrics are meant to be anything but amusing. The guitarist continues to show off his skill into the song by quickly transitioning into smoother notes, on the other hand, the lyrics gets you in the feel of a person trapped in their own mind.

#7 – Magnets Pt 2

“Magnets” is one of my all-time favorite. The song exudes power in a way you cannot explain and If you are not keen, you will find yourself moving to the beat. The metaphorical title leaves up to its meaning as the sound certainly attracts your mind and makes you part of the song. It was releases on February 18, 2013 as the seventh single from the Of Course You Do album.

#6 -Once More For The Ocean

This track is a summery single from Slothrust’s fifth studio album, Parallel Timeline. The song is about sitting by the ocean and trying to search for meaning. Its lyrics are accompanied by phenomenal guitar and drums and arguably the most pop-esque song from the band. If you get into the song with a back history of the band, you are likely to hear their roots and future. It is by far one of the most relatable songs throughout the band’s career.

#5 – Double Down

“Double down is the band’s was released as the first single ahead of Slothrust’s fourth album, The Pact. Its video was released on the same day as the album’s launch. Also on that day, the band kicked-off a short two-month tour to support the album. The track generally combines rebellious but playful and fuzzy arrangements, empowering vocals and pretty carefree melodies. Thematically, the track’s video ties with the empowering lyrics thanks to Its in depth choreography that rhythmically sync to the lyrics.

#4 – Crockpot

“Crockpot” is so far Slothrust’s highest production value song .The song is a grunge-riot with some of the most epic lines. Although the song is not the most beautiful, It is not the strangest either. However, If you are into memorable messages then it is definitely worth your time. The melodies begin with a ghostly eeriness with a fleeting sensation.

#3 – Cranium

The beginning of Cranium greets you with heavy synth-bass and Wellbaum’s incredible voice. The song was written the vocalist with the help of Adam Stone. It was released as the first single of their fifth album Parallel TimeLine. It has the best guitar solo and a theme quite similar to what the band has done before, with the lyrics seemingly trying to force your mind into a state normalcy. The song shares a message about wanting to serve love but offering the complete opposite.

#2 -Peach

Leah Wellbaum has a way of linking silliness and sarcasm while maintaining the serious quality of the song’s lyrics.” Peach” is no different. The song is about believing in wonder and whimsy and understanding that things may not always be as they appear. Its video is fun with fairytale-esque visuals but at the same time sparks curiosity despite the stray from reality.

#1- 7: 30 AM

We close down to number 1 and my all-time favorite track from Slothrust, 7:30 AM. This track is the lead single of their debut album Feels Your Pain. It has also featured as the opening theme song for You’re the Worst,” an FX television series. The band has performed the song numerously on tour while promoting their other albums.


Slothrust has managed to put out these amazing songs over the years. The songs listed above are meant to give you a taste of what to expect from this superb rock group. The continue to drop hits and consistently surprising fans. Although they began on an alternative rock and grunge musical style, their sound keeps on evolving. Sample these songs and more from Slothrust, their music may be the missing piece on your playlist, you never know.

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