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Rembrandts Songs

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Our Top 10 Songs by The Rembrandts looks at a band that was established in 1989 and are a duo composed of Danny Wilde and Phil Solem who had both previously had mild success playing in the bands The Quick and Great Buildings. Soon after they recorded their self-titled debut largely in a studio in Wilde’s home. Upon its release it got to number eighty-eight on the Billboard chart and one of the singles released from it “Just The Way It Is Baby” got to number fourteen on the Billboard Hot 100.

After releasing their second album Untitled in 1992 which featured a couple of mildly successful singles, The Rembrandts biggest success came when they released their third album in 1995 titled LP which featured “Ill Be There For You” which was chosen to be the theme tune from “Friends” which was one off the biggest American youth sitcoms of the 1990’s. As a result of the shows popularity, the single charted high all over the place, getting to number one on the Billboard Hot 100.

However, the duo soon spilt two years later in 1997 to pursue other projects. During their time apart there were a couple of compilation releases. The first was Choice Pick in 2005 which was a collection of re-recorded track of various tracks throughout the Rembrandts career. The second was a Greatest Hits compilation released the following year.

They reunited in 2016 and released a new album three years later.

# 10 – Shakespeare’s Tragedy

Kicking off this Rembrandts songs list is a track from 1998’s Spin This which is considered to be a Rembrandts album despite being released after the band’s split. It is credited as being by “Danny Wilde and The Rembrandts.” This is the opening song off the record and it shows a much mature sound than what Wilde had done previously with the Rembrandts.

# 9 – New King

Up next on our Rembrandts songs list we have a track from the Rembrandts self-titled debut released in 1990 that really proves that the Rembrandts were a very good alternative rock band. The sound found on this track is rather reminiscent of band’s who are around at the time such as The Lemonheads. Also, one gets the impression that a certain drummer with a band called Nirvana (Dave Grohl) may have been listening at the time, as it contains many elements of what the Foo Fighters would have had massive success with some years later.

# 8 – Chase The Clouds Away

Here is a single that was taken from 1992’s Untitled. Here, it is obvious that the band are moving away from the alternative rock sound of the first album and into more Adult Oriented Rock Territory. Like many of the song’s on the record, the lyrics are about a relationship that has broken down.

# 7 – One Horse Town

Here is another track from Untitled that is rather similar to what the likes of Bon Jovi were doing at the time. It is another relationship-based song that has an element of country twang to it. It is a track that could have potentially have been successful if it was released as a single, as it contains very strong pop hooks and a catchy chorus.

# 6 – Don’t Hide Your Love

Here is a track taken from 1995’s LP that combines the pop rock style of the second album with a tint of the more alternative style of the first record. As the title would suggest, the lyrical content is about love and relationships like the vast majority of The Rembrandts songs. It is no doubt a track that likely brings back nostalgic memories for a lot of people who were at college at the time.

# 5 – Maybe Tomorrow

Up next we have another track from Untitled. This track is a Beatles-esque number with a nineties twist. What this track does is really show the duo’s talent as songwriters, as both the lyrics and arrangement are incredibly well done. All in all, the track is very unique mix of sixties style pop and nineties rock.

# 4 – Sweet Virginia

This track is yet another from Untitled that’s shows the band’s more dynamic side. Although the Rembrandts are not generally known for being overly experimental, this song is somewhat of an exception as it contains ever so slight elements of Pink Floyd-esque psychedelia. It is a shame that the Rembrandts did not pursue this style more as it could have made for some interesting music.

# 3 – Johnny, Have You Seen Her ?

At number three is one of the singles taken from Untitled. It got to number fifty-four on the Billboard Hot 100 singles chart. However, the album has a notable place in the band’s catalogue as being the only one that has failed to chart unlike previous and subsequent records.

# 2 – Just The Way It Is Baby

Just off the top spot is this single taken from the Rembrandts debut album. After charting on the Billboard Rock Charts, it charted in several other countries across Europe including France and Austria. The song is about a man’s feelings for a woman that are unrequited after they have had a sexual encounter.

# 1 – I’ll Be There For You

At the top of this list is the song that we have established is the theme song to “Friends” which was the third single from LP which reached the top ten in both Australia and the United Kingdom in both 1995 and 1997. In the US, it got to number seventeen on the Billboard Hot 100. The creators of the show originally wanted the theme to be “Shiny Happy People” by REM who were not interested so they enlisted the Rembrandts to write a song in the vain of REM. They later re-made it as the three minute track included on the album.

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