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ClassicRockHistory.com has been developed to offer a subjective and at times objective view of Classic Rock History. Subjectivity begins with lists. Objectivity begins with research. Compiling lists is all about fun and nothing else. There is no way of being objective about Classic Rock History when deciding on the greatest bands, songs, singers, musicians, or concerts of all time unless the writer is just analyzing economic factors. Billboard charts are based on sales and airplay. ClassicRockHistory.com lists are based on emotion and observation and of course charts. We ty to mix it up.

At the heart of ClassicRockHistory.com is our Top 10 Songs lists. We are attempting to cover every rock and roll band and artist in classic rock history. Our top 10 songs lists take a look at the bands or artists’ best material as a showcase of their work. These lists help turn people onto bands they may know very little about. The lists also serve as a breeding ground for arguments by classic rock fans over which songs should be and should not be included. We have had many of those rock stars we are writing about both approve and disapprove of our our selections.

ClassicRockHistoy.com is more than just top 10 songs lists. We have thousands of articles on classic rock album reviews, concert reviews, and various feature articles. If your a fan of Classic Rock, ClassicRockHistory.com is a site you will want to visit on a daily basis. We are always updating our pages and delivering fun rock and roll articles  multiple times a day.

ClassicRockHistory.com also reaches out beyond just classic rock music. As in our massive article The Story of Classic Rock, the history of classic rock began with the blues. The great music of the blues expanded over time into the genres of jazz and r&b which in turn helped spawn the sound of rock and roll in the 1950s. So all types of music are included on ClassicRockHistory.com because it’s important to show the connections between musical genres both in the past and in the present.

Brian Kachejian: Editor and Chief

Brian Kachejian is an author and musician who has made a living playing rock and roll music for his entire life. Brian Kachejian also holds BA and MA degrees in History and the Social Sciences from Stony Brook University, New York. Brian Kachejian is also a New York State Certified public school teacher in the fields of History and Music, He is the recipient of the Stony Brook University 2006 URECA History Conference First Place Research Award. His award winning work interpreted the impact politics and the anti-culture had on musical trends of the 1970s. 


    • Brian Kachejian September 15, 2021

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