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Avril Lavigne albums

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Our Avril Lavigne Albums Ranked list looks back at the career so far of one of the most successful modern day Canadian pop rock artists. If there ever was an artist that turned young elementary school girls onto pure rock and roll, it was Avril Lavigne. It was a nice change from all the boy bands that were loved by that particular audience. It was all about great songs and passionate performances that turned Avril Lavigne into a huge star. Yet, it wasn’t just young audiences that loved Avril Lavigne. Everyone loved her as radio embraced her memorable pop rock songs turning her into a pop icon at the turn of the 21st century.


# 7 – Love Sux (due soon)

Just from the title alone ,you know this is probably going to be a good one.  Its not released yet, but we will rank it as soon as we hear it. It’s due out soon on February 25 2022.

# 6 – Avril Lavigne

Released November 1, 2013

We open up our Avril Lavigne Albums ranked List with her 2013 album entitled Avril Lavigne. Pretty much every Avril Lavigne album is great, but we had to start somewhere. The album’s opening number “Rock and Roll,” is an Avril Lavigne original and not the famous Led Zeppelin song. Same goes for the track “You Ain’t Seen Nothin’ Yet” which is an Avril Lavigne original and not the famous Bachman-Turner Overdrive song. The album hit number five on the US Billboard Top 200 Albums Charts.

CD Track Listings:

  1. “Rock n Roll”
  2. “Here’s to Never Growing Up”
  3. “17”
  4. “Bitchin’ Summer”
  5. “Let Me Go” – with Chad Kroeger
  6. Give You What You Like”
  7. “Bad Girl” – with Marilyn Manson
  8. “Hello Kitty”
  9. “You Ain’t Seen Nothin’ Yet”
  10. “Sippin’ on Sunshine”
  11. “Hello Heartache”
  12. “Falling Fast”
  13. “Hush Hush”

# 6 – Head Above Water

Released February 15, 2019

Avril Lavigne went all out for it with her stunning album cover for her Head Above Water album. Seventeen years after her debut album, Avril Lavigne still sounds killer, especially after suffering from Lyme Disease. Our favorite track is “Dumb Blonde” which also featured Nicki Minaj.

CD Track Listings:

1. “Head Above Water”
2. “Birdie”
3. “I Fell In Love With The Devil”
4. “Tell Me It’s Over”
5. “Dumb Blonde” – featuring Nicki Minaj
6. “It Was In Me”
7. “Souvenir”
8. “Crush”
9. “Goddess”
10. “Bigger Wow”
11. “Love Me Insane”
12. “Warrior”

# 5 – Goodbye Lullaby

Released March 2, 2011

In the number five spot on thIS fun Avril Lavigne albums ranked list we look back at the splendid album Goodbye Lullaby. While we don’t want to call this an acoustic album, it most definitely had a much more intimate and personal feel than any of her other records at least from a lighter musical perspective.

CD Track Listings:

  1. “Black Star”
  2. “What the Hell”
  3. “Push”
  4. Wish You Were Here” 
  5. “Smile”
  6. “Stop Standing There”
  7. “I Love You”
  8. “Everybody Hurts”
  9. “Not Enough”
  10. “4 Real”
  11. “Darlin”
  12. “Remember When”
  13. “Goodbye”
  14. “Alice”

# 3 – Under My Skin

Released May 25, 2004

The next three Avril Lavigne albums on this ranked list are the ultimate Avril Lavigne albums. It’s tough to put these in order so we will just start with her great second album titled Under My Skin. The album was a huge success for Avril Lavigne having sold ten million copies worldwide as she was such a huge star at the time. It wasn’t’ just the mega sales that put this one over the top, it was the record’s chart success as it hit number one on the album carts in the United States, the United Kingdom, Australia, Austria and of course Avril Lavigne’s home country of Canada.

CD Track Listings:

1. “Take Me Away”
2. “Together”
3. “Don’t Tell Me”
4. “He Wasn’t”
5. “How Does It Feel”
6. “My Happy Ending”
7. “Nobody’s Home”
8. “Forgotten”
9. “Who Knows”
10. “Fall To Pieces”
11. “Freak Out”
12. “Slipped Away”

# 2 – The Best Damn Thing


Just of the top spot on our Avril Lavigne albums ranked list we showcase the Avril Lavigne album entitled The Best Damn Thing. There is nothing like a number one single and The Best Damn Thing album sales were fueled by the number one hit “Girlfriend,” which opened up this brilliant third album. The album hit number one on the US Billboard Top 200 Albums Charts. It sold six million copies giving Avril Lavigne her third straight monster selling album.

CD Track Listings:

1. “Girlfriend”
2. “I Can Do Better”
3. “Runaway”
4. “The Best Damn Thing”
5. “When You’re Gone”
6. “Everything Back But You”
7. “Hot”
8. “Innocence”
9. “I Don’t Have To Try”
10. “One Of Those Girls”
11. “Contagious”
12. “Keep Holding On”

# 1- Let Go

Released  June 4, 2002.

It’s hard to beat Avril Lavigne’s debut album. There are just so many great songs on the album. The first three cuts alone will always remain three of her most popular songs. She made a lot of fans instantly with her first record who have grown up with her and followed her throughout the years. The album remains her biggest selling album of her career having sold close to 20 million copies. Thats a big album!

CD Track Listings:

1. “Losing Grip”
2. “Complicated”
3. “Sk8er Boi”
4. “I’m With You”
5. “Mobile”
6. “Unwanted”
7. “Tomorrow”
8. “Anything But Ordinary”
9. “Things I’ll Never Say”
10. “My World”
11. “Nobody’s Fool”
12. “Too Much To Ask”
13. “Naked”

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