Complete List Of Bo Hansson Albums And Songs

Bo Hansson Albums

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This Complete List Of Bo Hansson Albums And Songs presents the full discography of Bo Hansson studio albums. The instrumental progressive music artist Bo Hansson hailed from the city of Stockholm, Sweden. This complete Bo Hansson discography also includes every single compilation album. All these progressive rock Bo Hansson albums have been presented below in chronological order. We have also included all original release dates with each Bo Hansson album as well as all original album covers. Every Bo Hansson album listed below showcases the entire album tracklisting.


Music Inspired by Lord of the Rings

Released 1972

CD Track Listings:

1. Första Vandringen (Leaving Shire) (3:30)
2. Den Gamla Skogen – Tom Bombadill (The Old Forest & Tom Bombadil) (3:43)
3. I Skuggornas Rike (Fog On The Barrow-Downs ) (2:31)
4. De Svarta Ryttarna – Flykten Till Vadstället (The Black Riders & Flight To The Ford) (4:07)
5. I Elronds Hus – Ringen Vandrar Söderut (At The House Of Elrond & The Ring Goes South) (4:42)
6. En Vandring I Mörker (A Journey In The Dark) (1:12)
7. Lothlórien (Lothlorien) (4:00)
8. Skuggfaxe (Shaddowfax) (0:50)
9. Rohans Horn-Slaget Vid Pelennors Slätter (Horns Of Rohan & The Battle Of Pelennor Fields) (4:00)
10. Drömmar I Läkandets Hus (Dreams In The House Of Healing) (1:58)
11. Hemfärden – Fylke Rensas (Homeward Bound & The Scouring Of The Shire) (2:56)
12. De Grå Hamnarna (The Grey Havens) (5:07)
13. Findhorns Sång (1:49)
14. Före Regnet (1:31)
15. Fylke (1:50)
16. Sluttningar (Lek I Nerförsbacke) (1:40)
17. Vandringslåt (3:15)
18. Utflykt Med Förvecklingar (Del Ett) (1:55)
19. Kaninmusik – Intro (0:38)
20. Funderingar På Vinden – Uppehåll (2:18)
21. Funderingar På Vinden – Vandring (2:23)
22. Kaninmusik – Femman (2:43)
23. Lyckat Upptåg (3:11)

Magician’s Hat

Released 1973

CD Track Listings:

1. Storstad (The City) (7:20)
2. Elidor (Elidor) (1:35)
3. Före Regnet (Before The Rain) (1:30)
4. Fylke (Fylke) (1:52)
5. Sluttningar (Lek I Nedförsbacke) (Playing Downhill Into The Downs) (1:45)
6. Findhorns Sång (Findhorn’s Song) (1:37)
7. Uppvaknande (Awakening) (2:47)
8. Vandringslåt (Wandering Song) (3:16)
9. Solen (Parallellt Eller 90 Grader) (The Sun (Parallel Or 90°)) (7:14)
10. Utflykt Med Förvecklingar (Excursion With Complications) (3:29)
11. Delad verklighet (Divided Reality) (6:20)
12. Storstad (The City) [original edited version] (7:20)
13. Vals I Gryningen (Waltz at Dawn) [previously unreleased outtake] (5:51)

Attic Thoughts

Released 1975

CD Track Listings:

1. Funderingar På Vinden (Attic Thoughts) (5:30) :
a) Marsch (March)
b) Uppehåll (Repose)
c) Vandring (Wandering)
2. Tid Och Rum (Time And Space) (1:37)
3. Väntan… (Waiting…) (7:34)
4. Vals För Mellanväsen (Waltz For Interbeings) (3:21)
5. Dags För Stordåd (Time For Great Achievements) (3:11)
6. Hybrillerna (The Hybrills) (1:28)
7. Kaninmusik (Rabbit Music) (6:23) :
a) General Svartstarr (General Woundwort)
b) Femman (Fiver)
8. Dag Och Natt (Day And Night) (4:30)
9. Lyckat Upptåg (A Happy Prank) (3:15)
10. Kristallsviten (The Crystal Suite) (6:21)
a) Kristaller (Crystals)
b) Minnen Ur Mörker (Memories Of Darkness)
c) Ljus Igen (Light Again)

Music Inspired by Watership Down

Released 1977

CD Track Listings:

1. Utvandring: Mäster kanin – Femman – Hassel – Silflay – Utvandring forts
(Migration: a. Master Rabbit b. Fiver c. Hazel d. Silflay e. Migration Continued) (16:35)
2. Patrull (Patrol) (1:23)
3. Skogen (The Forrest) (3:39)
4. Flykt (The Escape) (4:10)
5. Watership Down (Watership Down) (9:38)
6. Migration Suite (Live in the studio) (11:45)
7. Born of the Gentle South
8. Allegro for Rescue
9. Legend and Light
10. Trial and Adversity
11. The Twice-Victory / The Kingdom Brightly Smiles

Mitt i livet

Released 1985

CD Track Listings:

1. Mogadonien (3:22)
2. Tar Mitt Liv (2:26)
3. Hjartat Blöder Vilt (2:40)
4. Ensamtruten (3:00)
5. Mitt I Livet (3:24)
6. Resa I Polen (2:20)
7. Vi Har En Frysbox… (3:32)
8. Vargen (3:22)
9. Medley (0:31)
10. Längst In I Parken (2:09)
11. Prinsessa I Indien (3:32)
12. Minister Med Flin (1:40)
13. U 23 (2:09)


The Best Of Bo Hansson

Released 1993

CD Track Listings:

1. A Happy Prank
2. Divided Reality
3. The City
4. Waltz For Interbeings
5. Flight To The Ford/At The House Of Elrond
6. Attic Thoughts
7. The Sun ( Parallel or 90 degrees)
8. Excursion With Complications

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