Complete List Of Elvis Costello Albums And Discography

Elvis Costello Albums

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This Complete List Of Elvis Costello Albums And Songs presents the full discography of studio albums. Elvis Costello, born Declan Patrick MacManus on August 25, 1954, in London, England, is a musical chameleon whose career has spanned more than four decades and multiple genres, from punk and new wave to country, jazz, and classical collaborations. Costello emerged on the music scene in the late 1970s as a part of the initial wave of punk and new wave artists. His early career, marked by a rebellious attitude and distinctive Buddy Holly-like glasses, yielded some of the era’s most memorable songs like “Pump It Up,” “Alison,” and “Watching the Detectives.”

He was signed to Stiff Records and released his debut album, “My Aim Is True,” in 1977. The album was a mix of pub rock and new wave influences and garnered him critical acclaim. As he matured as a musician, Costello started moving away from the punk scene and began to incorporate more diverse musical styles into his work, partnering with the backing band The Attractions for the album “This Year’s Model” in 1978.

The late ’70s and early ’80s were a prolific period for Costello. Albums like “Armed Forces” (1979) and “Get Happy!!” (1980) demonstrated not only his productivity but also his evolving style. With “Almost Blue” in 1981, Costello took a surprising turn into country music, which shocked some of his fan base but underscored his reputation as an artist unwilling to be confined to one genre.

In the mid-’80s, albums like “Imperial Bedroom” and “Punch the Clock” showcased a shift towards a more mature, polished pop sound and also reflected political and social themes. However, it was with “King of America” in 1986 that Costello fully embraced his role as a singer-songwriter, embracing Americana, and again proving his musical adaptability.

Collaboration has always been a hallmark of Costello’s career. He’s worked with the likes of Paul McCartney, Burt Bacharach, and Allen Toussaint, to name a few. His collaborative albums range from “The Juliet Letters,” made with the classical Brodsky Quartet, to “Wise Up Ghost,” produced with hip-hop ensemble The Roots.

In the 2000s, Costello continued to release albums that spanned multiple genres, such as the jazz-inspired “North” and the Americana-tinged “The Delivery Man.” He even ventured into television with “Spectacle: Elvis Costello with…,” a talk show that ran from 2008 to 2010 and featured interviews and performances with other musicians.

Though primarily known for his work in rock and its adjacent genres, Costello has also composed for ballet and opera, demonstrating an artistic range that few can match. Awards and nominations have naturally followed him throughout his career, including multiple Grammy Awards and an induction into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in 2003.


My Aim Is True

Released 1977

Elvis Costello’s debut album “My Aim Is True” was released in 1977 and marked the arrival of a unique and important voice in rock music. The album was characterized by its blend of new wave and punk influences, infused with clever lyricism. Costello was on vocals and guitar and was backed by American band Clover.

The album was produced by Nick Lowe and released on Stiff Records in the UK and Columbia Records in the US. It was recorded at Pathway Studios, London, between 1976-1977.

CD Track Listings:

  1. “Welcome to the Working Week” – 1:22
  2. “Miracle Man” – 3:31
  3. “No Dancing” – 2:39
  4. “Blame It on Cain” – 2:49
  5. “Alison” – 3:21
  6. “Sneaky Feelings” – 2:09
  7. “(The Angels Wanna Wear My) Red Shoes” – 2:47
  8. “Less Than Zero” – 3:15
  9. “Mystery Dance” – 1:38
  10. “Pay It Back” – 2:33
  11. “I’m Not Angry” – 2:57
  12. “Waiting for the End of the World” – 3:22

This Year’s Model

Released 1978

Elvis Costello’s sophomore album, “This Year’s Model,” was released in 1978 and was the first to feature his backing band, The Attractions. The album contained hits like “Pump It Up” and “Radio, Radio,” and was produced by Nick Lowe.

The album was recorded at Eden Studios in London between late 1977 and early 1978. It was released on Radar Records in the UK and Columbia Records in the US.

CD Track Listings:

  1. “No Action” – 1:58
  2. “This Year’s Girl” – 3:17
  3. “The Beat” – 3:45
  4. “Pump It Up” – 3:14
  5. “Little Triggers” – 2:40
  6. “You Belong to Me” – 2:22
  7. “Hand in Hand” – 2:33
  8. “(I Don’t Want to Go to) Chelsea” – 3:07
  9. “Lip Service” – 2:36
  10. “Living in Paradise” – 3:52
  11. “Lipstick Vogue” – 3:31
  12. “Night Rally” – 2:41

Armed Forces

Released 1979

“Armed Forces” is the third album by Elvis Costello and was released in 1979. This record continued Costello’s collaborative work with producer Nick Lowe and marked another step in his evolution as a songwriter, as it featured more intricate and polished arrangements. The Attractions were also part of this album, contributing significantly to its distinct sound.

The album was recorded at Eden Studios in London, and TW Studios, also in London, between August and September of 1978. It was released on Radar Records in the UK and Columbia Records in the US.

CD Track Listings:

  1. “Accidents Will Happen” – 3:00
  2. “Senior Service” – 2:17
  3. “Oliver’s Army” – 2:58
  4. “Big Boys” – 2:54
  5. “Green Shirt” – 2:42
  6. “Party Girl” – 3:20
  7. “Goon Squad” – 3:14
  8. “Busy Bodies” – 3:33
  9. “Sunday’s Best” – 3:22
  10. “Moods for Moderns” – 2:48
  11. “Chemistry Class” – 2:55
  12. “Two Little Hitlers” – 3:11

Get Happy!!

Released 1980

“Get Happy!!” is Elvis Costello’s fourth studio album, released in 1980. A notable departure from his previous work, this album was influenced by Costello’s appreciation for classic R&B and soul music. Again produced by Nick Lowe, “Get Happy!!” features 20 tracks, making it one of his lengthiest albums.

The album was recorded at Wisseloord Studios, Hilversum, Netherlands, and Eden Studios in London between June and October 1979. It was released on F-Beat Records in the UK and Columbia Records in the US.

CD Track Listings:

  1. “Love for Tender” – 1:57
  2. “Opportunity” – 3:13
  3. “The Imposter” – 1:58
  4. “Secondary Modern” – 1:58
  5. “King Horse” – 3:01
  6. “Possession” – 2:03
  7. “Men Called Uncle” – 2:17
  8. “Clowntime Is Over” – 2:59
  9. “New Amsterdam” – 2:11
  10. “High Fidelity” – 2:27
  11. “I Can’t Stand Up for Falling Down” – 2:06
  12. “Black & White World” – 1:56
  13. “5ive Gears in Reverse” – 2:38
  14. “B Movie” – 2:04
  15. “Motel Matches” – 2:30
  16. “Human Touch” – 2:30
  17. “Beaten to the Punch” – 1:49
  18. “Temptation” – 2:32
  19. “I Stand Accused” – 2:21
  20. “Riot Act” – 3:35


Released 1981

“Trust” was released in 1981 and is the fifth studio album by Elvis Costello. This record marked another stylistic change for Costello, shifting from the R&B influences of “Get Happy!!” to a more mature and diverse sound. Produced by Nick Lowe, the album features the Attractions as the backing band.

The album was recorded at DJM Studios and Utopia Studios in London, between October and November 1980. It was released on F-Beat Records in the UK and Columbia Records in the US.

CD Track Listings:

  1. “Clubland” – 3:42
  2. “Lovers Walk” – 2:17
  3. “You’ll Never Be a Man” – 2:56
  4. “Pretty Words” – 3:11
  5. “Strict Time” – 2:40
  6. “Luxembourg” – 2:26
  7. “Watch Your Step” – 2:57
  8. “New Lace Sleeves” – 3:45
  9. “From a Whisper to a Scream” – 2:54
  10. “Different Finger” – 1:58
  11. “White Knuckles” – 3:47
  12. “Shot with His Own Gun” – 3:30
  13. “Fish ‘n’ Chip Paper” – 2:56
  14. “Big Sister’s Clothes” – 2:11

Almost Blue

Released 1981

“Almost Blue” was released later in 1981 and marked a major departure for Costello, being entirely comprised of country music covers. Produced by Billy Sherrill, who was notable for his work in the country music genre, the album represented Costello’s admiration for country music.

The album was recorded at CBS Studios, Nashville, Tennessee, in May 1981. It was released on F-Beat Records in the UK and Columbia Records in the US.

CD Track Listings:

  1. “Why Don’t You Love Me (Like You Used to Do)?” – 1:38
  2. “Sweet Dreams” – 2:38
  3. “Success” – 2:37
  4. “I’m Your Toy” – 3:19
  5. “Tonight the Bottle Let Me Down” – 2:09
  6. “Brown to Blue” – 2:27
  7. “A Good Year for the Roses” – 3:06
  8. “Sittin’ and Thinkin'” – 3:00
  9. “Colour of the Blues” – 2:20
  10. “Too Far Gone” – 3:26

Imperial Bedroom

Released 1982

“Imperial Bedroom” was released in 1982 and saw a return to Costello’s songwriting roots. Produced by Geoff Emerick, who had previously worked with The Beatles, this album is often cited as one of Costello’s best works.

The album was recorded at AIR Studios in London, between February and April 1982. It was released on F-Beat Records in the UK and Columbia Records in the US.

CD Track Listings:

  1. “Beyond Belief” – 2:33
  2. “Tears Before Bedtime” – 2:58
  3. “Shabby Doll” – 4:43
  4. “The Long Honeymoon” – 4:15
  5. “Man Out of Time” – 5:26
  6. “Almost Blue” – 2:50
  7. “…And in Every Home” – 3:23
  8. “The Loved Ones” – 2:48
  9. “Human Hands” – 2:42
  10. “Kid About It” – 2:45
  11. “Little Savage” – 2:38
  12. “Boy with a Problem” – 2:10
  13. “Pidgin English” – 3:58
  14. “You Little Fool” – 3:08
  15. “Town Cryer” – 4:15

Punch the Clock

Released 1983

“Punch the Clock” came out in 1983 and featured a more polished, radio-friendly sound compared to his earlier works. Produced by Clive Langer and Alan Winstanley, the album included one of Costello’s biggest hits, “Everyday I Write the Book.”

The album was recorded at Good Earth Studios and Eden Studios in London, between December 1982 and April 1983. It was released on F-Beat Records in the UK and Columbia Records in the US.

CD Track Listings:

  1. “Let Them All Talk” – 3:05
  2. “Everyday I Write the Book” – 3:54
  3. “The Greatest Thing” – 3:04
  4. “The Element Within Her” – 2:52
  5. “Love Went Mad” – 3:12
  6. “Shipbuilding” – 4:51
  7. “T.K.O. (Boxing Day)” – 3:28
  8. “Charm School” – 3:55
  9. “The Invisible Man” – 3:04
  10. “Mouth Almighty” – 3:04
  11. “King of Thieves” – 3:45
  12. “Pills and Soap” – 3:43
  13. “The World and His Wife” – 3:32

King of America

Released 1986

“King of America” was released in 1986 and is often cited as one of Elvis Costello’s most mature and critically acclaimed works. Produced by T-Bone Burnett, the album signaled a departure from the Attractions as a backing band and featured various session musicians, including some from Elvis Presley’s TCB Band.

The album was recorded at Ocean Way and Sunset Sound in Los Angeles, and at Church Studios in London between August and October 1985. It was released on F-Beat Records in the UK and Columbia Records in the US.

CD Track Listings:

  1. “Brilliant Mistake” – 3:42
  2. “Lovable” – 2:52
  3. “Our Little Angel” – 4:05
  4. “Don’t Let Me Be Misunderstood” – 3:21
  5. “Glitter Gulch” – 3:15
  6. “Indoor Fireworks” – 4:09
  7. “Little Palaces” – 3:49
  8. “I’ll Wear It Proudly” – 2:21
  9. “American Without Tears” – 4:31
  10. “Eisenhower Blues” – 3:46
  11. “Poisoned Rose” – 4:05
  12. “The Big Light” – 2:31
  13. “Jack of All Parades” – 5:16
  14. “Suit of Lights” – 4:05
  15. “Sleep of the Just” – 2:59

Blood & Chocolate

Released 1986

Released later in the same year as “King of America,” “Blood & Chocolate” saw Costello reuniting with his longtime backing band, the Attractions, and was produced by Nick Lowe. The album returned to a more raw, rock-oriented sound after the mature and intricate compositions on “King of America.”

The album was recorded at Olympic Studios in London in May and June 1986. It was released on Demon Records in the UK and Columbia Records in the US.

CD Track Listings:

  1. “Uncomplicated” – 3:26
  2. “I Hope You’re Happy Now” – 3:07
  3. “Tokyo Storm Warning” – 6:25
  4. “Home Is Anywhere You Hang Your Head” – 5:06
  5. “I Want You” – 6:40
  6. “Honey, Are You Straight or Are You Blind?” – 2:08
  7. “Blue Chair” – 3:40
  8. “Battered Old Bird” – 5:50
  9. “Crimes of Paris” – 4:19
  10. “Poor Napoleon” – 3:22
  11. “Next Time Round” – 3:35


Released 1989

“Spike” was released in 1989 and marked yet another stylistic shift for Costello. Co-produced by T-Bone Burnett and Kevin Killen, the album incorporated a variety of musical styles and featured numerous guest musicians including Paul McCartney and Roger McGuinn.

The album was recorded at multiple locations, including Dublin and New Orleans, between March and September 1988. It was released on Warner Bros. Records.

CD Track Listings:

  1. “This Town” – 4:32
  2. “Let Him Dangle” – 4:45
  3. “Deep Dark Truthful Mirror” – 4:07
  4. “Veronica” – 3:09
  5. “God’s Comic” – 5:31
  6. “Chewing Gum” – 3:45
  7. “Tramp the Dirt Down” – 5:41
  8. “Stalin Malone” – 4:09
  9. “Satellite” – 5:45
  10. “Pads, Paws and Claws” – 2:56
  11. “Baby Plays Around” – 2:47
  12. “Miss Macbeth” – 4:23
  13. “Any King’s Shilling” – 6:07
  14. “Coal-Train Robberies” – 3:18

Mighty Like a Rose

Released 1991

“Mighty Like a Rose,” released in 1991, was produced by Mitchell Froom and Kevin Killen. The album continued the eclectic approach Costello had established on “Spike,” although it was considered less accessible and darker in tone.

The album was recorded at Ocean Way and Westside Studios in Los Angeles, between September and December 1990. It was released on Warner Bros. Records.

CD Track Listings:

  1. “The Other Side of Summer” – 3:55
  2. “Hurry Down Doomsday (The Bugs Are Taking Over)” – 4:05
  3. “How to Be Dumb” – 5:14
  4. “All Grown Up” – 4:16
  5. “Invasion Hit Parade” – 5:34
  6. “Harpies Bizarre” – 3:48
  7. “After the Fall” – 4:36
  8. “Georgie and Her Rival” – 3:38
  9. “So Like Candy” – 4:36
  10. “Interlude: Couldn’t Call It Unexpected No. 2” – 0:22
  11. “Playboy to a Man” – 3:19
  12. “Sweet Pear” – 3:37
  13. “Broken”

Brutal Youth

Released 1994

“Brutal Youth” was released in 1994 and marked a return to Costello’s earlier, more rock-oriented sound. Produced by Mitchell Froom, it featured the Attractions, though not on all tracks.

The album was recorded at Windmill Lane Studios in Dublin between September and October 1993. It was released on Warner Bros. Records.

CD Track Listings:

  1. “Pony St.” – 3:25
  2. “Kinder Murder” – 3:25
  3. “13 Steps Lead Down” – 3:16
  4. “This Is Hell” – 4:27
  5. “Clown Strike” – 4:05
  6. “You Tripped at Every Step” – 4:12
  7. “Still Too Soon to Know” – 2:19
  8. “20% Amnesia” – 3:26
  9. “Sulky Girl” – 5:07
  10. “London’s Brilliant Parade” – 4:23
  11. “My Science Fiction Twin” – 4:10
  12. “Rocking Horse Road” – 4:03
  13. “Just About Glad” – 3:14
  14. “All the Rage” – 3:53
  15. “Favourite Hour” – 3:31

Kojak Variety

Released 1995

“Kojak Variety” was released in 1995 and is a covers album. Produced by Elvis Costello himself, the album features a diverse collection of songs from various genres.

The album was recorded at Ocean Way Studios in Nashville, in 1990 but remained unreleased until 1995. It was released on Warner Bros. Records.

CD Track Listings:

  1. “Strange” – 2:39
  2. “Hidden Charms” – 3:47
  3. “Remove This Doubt” – 3:51
  4. “I Threw It All Away” – 3:25
  5. “Leave My Kitten Alone” – 2:55
  6. “Everybody’s Crying Mercy” – 4:41
  7. “I’ve Been Wrong Before” – 2:50
  8. “Bama Lama Bama Loo” – 2:40
  9. “Must You Throw Dirt In My Face” – 3:58
  10. “Pouring Water on a Drowning Man” – 2:34
  11. “The Very Thought of You” – 3:40
  12. “Payday” – 2:54
  13. “Please Stay” – 2:29
  14. “Running Out of Fools” – 4:03
  15. “Days” – 4:51

All This Useless Beauty

Released 1996

Released in 1996, “All This Useless Beauty” was a return to Costello’s signature blend of lyrical wit and musical sophistication. Produced by Geoff Emerick, it was a mix of new material and songs written for other artists but never recorded by them.

The album was recorded at Windmill Lane Studios in Dublin between October and December 1995. It was released on Warner Bros. Records.

CD Track Listings:

  1. “The Other End of the Telescope” – 4:06
  2. “Little Atoms” – 3:58
  3. “All This Useless Beauty” – 4:38
  4. “Complicated Shadows” – 4:43
  5. “Why Can’t a Man Stand Alone?” – 3:14
  6. “Distorted Angel” – 4:31
  7. “Shallow Grave” – 2:06
  8. “Poor Fractured Atlas” – 4:01
  9. “Starting to Come to Me” – 2:43
  10. “You Bowed Down” – 4:54
  11. “It’s Time” – 6:00

When I Was Cruel

Released 2002

“When I Was Cruel” was released in 2002 after a significant break from solo album releases. Produced by Elvis Costello himself along with Ciaran Cahill, Leo Pearson, and Kieran Lynch, the album received widespread critical acclaim and showcased a return to his rock and post-punk roots.

The album was recorded in Dublin and London between May and November 2001. It was released on Island Records.

CD Track Listings:

  1. “45” – 3:33
  2. “Spooky Girlfriend” – 4:22
  3. “Tear Off Your Own Head (It’s a Doll Revolution)” – 3:31
  4. “When I Was Cruel No. 2” – 7:06
  5. “Soul for Hire” – 5:01
  6. “15 Petals” – 3:39
  7. “Tart” – 4:03
  8. “Dust 2…” – 3:01
  9. “Dissolve” – 2:22
  10. “Alibi” – 6:42
  11. “…Dust” – 3:02
  12. “Daddy Can I Turn This?”


Released 2003

“North” was released in 2003 and signified a departure from Costello’s usual style, focusing more on piano-based ballads and jazz influences. The album was produced by Costello and engineered by Kevin Killen.

The album was recorded at Avatar Studios in New York City between January and May 2003. It was released on Deutsche Grammophon.

CD Track Listings:

  1. “You Left Me in the Dark” – 3:26
  2. “Someone Took the Words Away” – 4:35
  3. “When Did I Stop Dreaming?” – 5:22
  4. “You Turned to Me” – 2:32
  5. “Fallen” – 3:12
  6. “When It Sings” – 3:58
  7. “Still” – 2:27
  8. “Let Me Tell You About Her” – 4:23
  9. “Can You Be True?” – 3:45
  10. “When Green Eyes Turn Blue” – 4:17
  11. “I’m in the Mood Again” – 2:35

The Delivery Man

Released 2004

“The Delivery Man” was released in 2004 and marked a return to a more rock-oriented sound, incorporating elements of Americana. It was produced by Dennis Herring.

The album was recorded at Sweet Tea Studios in Mississippi in 2004. It was released on Lost Highway Records.

CD Track Listings:

  1. “Button My Lip” – 4:21
  2. “Country Darkness” – 3:56
  3. “There’s a Story in Your Voice” – 3:32
  4. “Either Side of the Same Town” – 3:59
  5. “Bedlam” – 4:48
  6. “The Delivery Man” – 4:38
  7. “Monkey to Man” – 4:27
  8. “Nothing Clings Like Ivy” – 4:16
  9. “The Name of This Thing Is Not Love” – 2:57
  10. “Heart Shaped Bruise” – 4:04
  11. “She’s Pulling Out the Pin” – 3:20
  12. “Needle Time” – 3:49
  13. “The Judgement” – 3:57
  14. “The Scarlet Tide” – 2:57


Released 2008

“Momofuku” was released in 2008 and was recorded in an impromptu fashion, often capturing live takes. The album was produced by Costello.

The album was recorded at Sound City Studios in Van Nuys, California in 2008. It was released on Lost Highway Records.

CD Track Listings:

  1. “No Hiding Place” – 3:28
  2. “American Gangster Time” – 3:43
  3. “Turpentine” – 3:27
  4. “Harry Worth” – 5:15
  5. “Drum & Bone” – 3:00
  6. “Flutter & Wow” – 4:23
  7. “Stella Hurt” – 4:40
  8. “Mr. Feathers” – 3:53
  9. “My Three Sons” – 3:32
  10. “Song with Rose” – 3:02
  11. “Pardon Me Madam, My Name Is Eve” – 4:46

Secret, Profane & Sugarcane

Released 2009

“Secret, Profane & Sugarcane” was released in 2009 and is a bluegrass-oriented album featuring collaborations with the likes of Jerry Douglas and Emmylou Harris. Produced by T-Bone Burnett, the album was well-received for its acoustic instrumentation and authentic approach.

The album was recorded at Sound Emporium Studios in Nashville in 2009. It was released on Hear Music.

CD Track Listings:

  1. “Down Among the Wines and Spirits” – 2:51
  2. “Complicated Shadows” – 2:53
  3. “I Felt the Chill” – 3:23
  4. “My All Time Doll” – 4:07
  5. “Hidden Shame” – 3:54
  6. “She Handed Me a Mirror” – 3:52
  7. “I Dreamed of My Old Lover” – 4:47
  8. “How Deep Is the Red?” – 3:33
  9. “She Was No Good” – 3:19
  10. “Sulphur to Sugarcane” – 5:51
  11. “Red Cotton” – 5:08

National Ransom

Released 2010

“National Ransom” was released in 2010 and saw Elvis Costello returning to a more eclectic mix of rock, country, and folk influences. Produced by T-Bone Burnett, the album is rich in storytelling and lyrical depth.

The album was recorded at Sound Emporium Studios in Nashville and Village Recorders in Los Angeles in 2010. It was released on Hear Music.

CD Track Listings:

  1. “National Ransom” – 4:02
  2. “Jimmie Standing in the Rain” – 4:25
  3. “Stations of the Cross” – 4:58
  4. “A Slow Drag with Josephine” – 2:43
  5. “Five Small Words” – 4:45
  6. “Church Underground” – 5:02
  7. “You Hung the Moon” – 5:56
  8. “Bullets for the New-Born King” – 3:31
  9. “I Lost You” – 2:51
  10. “Dr. Watson, I Presume” – 3:42
  11. “One Bell Ringing” – 4:26
  12. “The Spell That You Cast” – 2:29
  13. “That’s Not the Part of Him You’re Leaving” – 4:05
  14. “My Lovely Jezebel” – 2:47
  15. “All These Strangers” – 5:54

Look Now

Released 2018

“Look Now” was released in 2018 and was his first album with The Imposters since 2008. The album was produced by Sebastian Krys and Elvis Costello and was critically acclaimed, winning a Grammy for Best Traditional Pop Vocal Album.

The album was recorded at various locations including United Recording Studios in Los Angeles between 2017 and 2018. It was released on Concord Records.

CD Track Listings:

  1. “Under Lime” – 5:35
  2. “Don’t Look Now” – 2:29
  3. “Burnt Sugar Is So Bitter” – 4:16
  4. “Stripping Paper” – 3:53
  5. “Unwanted Number” – 3:33
  6. “I Let the Sun Go Down” – 4:26
  7. “Mr. & Mrs. Hush” – 3:46
  8. “Photographs Can Lie” – 3:38
  9. “Dishonor the Stars” – 3:18
  10. “Suspect My Tears” – 4:50
  11. “Why Won’t Heaven Help Me?” – 3:21
  12. “He’s Given Me Things” – 4:09

Hey Clockface

Released 2020

“Hey Clockface” was released in 2020 and continues Elvis Costello’s penchant for genre-hopping. This album was recorded in Helsinki, Paris, and New York and features a variety of musicians.

The album was recorded at Suomenlinnan Studio in Helsinki, Les Studios Saint Germain in Paris, and Electric Lady Studios in New York between 2019 and 2020. It was released on Concord Records.

CD Track Listings:

  1. “Revolution #49” – 2:41
  2. “No Flag” – 3:56
  3. “They’re Not Laughing at Me Now” – 4:26
  4. “Newspaper Pane” – 4:10
  5. “I Do (Zula’s Song)” – 3:49
  6. “We Are All Cowards Now” – 3:36
  7. “Hey Clockface / How Can You Face Me?” – 2:56
  8. “The Whirlwind” – 3:18
  9. “Hetty O’Hara Confidential” – 4:14
  10. “The Last Confession of Vivian Whip” – 3:00
  11. “What Is It That I Need That I Don’t Already Have?” – 3:47
  12. “Radio Is Everything” – 4:26
  13. “I Can’t Say Her Name” – 2:58
  14. “Byline” – 2:40

The Boy Named If

Released 2022

“The Boy Named If” was released in 2022.

CD Track Listings:

1. Farewell, Ok
2. The Boy Named If
3. Penelope Halfpenny
4. The Difference
5. What If I Can’t Give You Anything But Love?
6. Paint the Red Rose Blue
7. Mistook Me for a Friend
8. My Most Beautiful Mistake
9. Magnificent Hurt
10. The Man You Love to Hate
11. The Death of Magic Thinking
12. Trick Out the Truth
13. Mr. Crescent


The Juliet Letters, with the Brodsky Quartet

Released 1993

“The Juliet Letters” is a unique collaborative project between Elvis Costello and the classical Brodsky Quartet. The album features songs inspired by letters written to Juliet Capulet. It was a departure from Costello’s usual rock and pop outings and was well received for its ambitious cross-genre experiment.

The album was recorded at Church Studios in London in 1992. It was released on Warner Bros. Records.

CD Track Listings:

  1. “Deliver Us” – 0:49
  2. “For Other Eyes” – 2:57
  3. “Swine” – 2:09
  4. “Expert Rites” – 2:23
  5. “Dead Letter” – 2:20
  6. “I Almost Had a Weakness” – 3:53
  7. “Why?” – 1:27
  8. “Who Do You Think You Are?” – 3:28
  9. “Taking My Life in Your Hands” – 3:21
  10. “This Offer Is Unrepeatable” – 3:13
  11. “Dear Sweet Filthy World” – 4:17
  12. “The Letter Home” – 3:09
  13. “Jacksons, Monk and Rowe” – 3:44
  14. “This Sad Burlesque” – 2:47
  15. “Romeo’s Seance” – 2:35
  16. “I Thought I’d Write to Juliet” – 4:09
  17. “Last Post” – 2:24
  18. “The First to Leave” – 4:59
  19. “Damnation’s Cellar” – 3:26
  20. “The Birds Will Still Be Singing” – 4:27

Painted from Memory, with Burt Bacharach

Released 1998

“Painted from Memory” is a collaboration with legendary songwriter Burt Bacharach. The album features new songs written by the two and is a lush production filled with intricate arrangements typical of Bacharach’s style.

The album was recorded at various locations and was released on Mercury Records.

CD Track Listings:

  1. “In the Darkest Place” – 4:19
  2. “Toledo” – 4:35
  3. “I Still Have That Other Girl” – 2:46
  4. “This House Is Empty Now” – 5:10
  5. “Tears at the Birthday Party” – 4:38
  6. “Such Unlikely Lovers” – 3:24
  7. “My Thief” – 4:20
  8. “The Long Division” – 4:15
  9. “Painted from Memory” – 4:12
  10. “The Sweetest Punch” – 4:09
  11. “What’s Her Name Today?” – 4:08
  12. “God Give Me Strength” – 6:11

For the Stars, with Anne Sofie von Otter

Released 2001

“For the Stars” is a collaboration between Elvis Costello and Swedish mezzo-soprano Anne Sofie von Otter. The album blends pop, classical, and jazz and features both covers and original compositions.

The album was released on Deutsche Grammophon.

CD Track Listings:

  1. “No Wonder” – 5:40
  2. “Baby Plays Around” – 3:18
  3. “Go Leave” – 3:00
  4. “Rope” – 5:52
  5. “Don’t Talk (Put Your Head on My Shoulder)” – 3:09
  6. “Broken Bicycles” – 4:55
  7. “The Other Woman” – 3:34
  8. “Like an Angel Passing Through My Room” – 5:03
  9. “Green Song” – 4:00
  10. “April After All” – 3:18
  11. “You Still Believe in Me” – 3:11
  12. “I Want to Vanish” – 3:00
  13. “For No One” – 2:54
  14. “Shamed Into Love” – 4:13
  15. “Just a Curio” – 5:29
  16. “This House Is Empty Now” – 5:10
  17. “Take It with Me” – 4:40
  18. “For the Stars” – 3:52

Piano Jazz, with Marian McPartland

Released 2005

“Piano Jazz” is an album featuring a live recording of Elvis Costello’s appearance on Marian McPartland’s NPR radio show of the same name. It features Costello singing and playing alongside the jazz pianist.

The album was released on Concord Records.

CD Track Listings:

  1. “My Funny Valentine” – 5:33
  2. “You’ve Changed” – 4:42
  3. “I’m in the Mood Again” – 4:03
  4. “Meditation” – 5:11
  5. “Exactly Like You” – 3:28
  6. “Let’s Face the Music and Dance” – 2:55
  7. “What’s Your

My Flame Burns Blue, with the Metropole Orkest

Released 2006

“My Flame Burns Blue” is a live album by Elvis Costello with the Metropole Orkest, a jazz and pop orchestra from the Netherlands. The album was recorded at the North Sea Jazz Festival and includes a wide-ranging selection of songs from Costello’s catalog, re-imagined with orchestral arrangements.

The album was released on Deutsche Grammophon.

CD Track Listings:

  1. “Hora Decubitus” – 5:47
  2. “Favourite Hour” – 3:58
  3. “That’s How You Got Killed Before” – 4:15
  4. “Upon a Veil of Midnight Blue” – 5:12
  5. “Clubland” – 4:52
  6. “Almost Blue” – 5:51
  7. “Speak Darkly, My Angel” – 3:59
  8. “Almost Ideal Eyes” – 4:16
  9. “Can You Be True?” – 3:57
  10. “Put Away Forbidden Playthings” – 4:22
  11. “Episode of Blonde” – 6:09
  12. “My Flame Burns Blue (Blood Count)” – 5:14
  13. “Watching the Detectives” – 5:24

The River in Reverse, with Allen Toussaint

Released 2006

“The River in Reverse” is a collaboration between Elvis Costello and New Orleans music legend Allen Toussaint. The album features new compositions as well as classic Toussaint songs, all colored by the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina.

The album was released on Verve Forecast.

CD Track Listings:

  1. “On Your Way Down” – 4:54
  2. “Nearer to You” – 3:31
  3. “Tears, Tears and More Tears” – 3:28
  4. “Sharpest Thorn” – 4:17
  5. “Who’s Gonna Help Brother Get Further?” – 5:05
  6. “The River in Reverse” – 4:31
  7. “Freedom for the Stallion” – 2:55
  8. “Broken Promise Land” – 4:33
  9. “Ascension Day” – 2:57
  10. “International Echo” – 4:58

Wise Up Ghost, with the Roots

Released 2013

“Wise Up Ghost” is a collaboration between Elvis Costello and the Roots, the renowned hip-hop band. The album was well-received for its inventive mix of different musical genres, including soul, R&B, and rock.

The album was released on Blue Note Records.

CD Track Listings:

  1. “Walk Us Uptown” – 3:23
  2. “Sugar Won’t Work” – 3:31
  3. “Refuse to Be Saved” – 4:25
  4. “Tripwire” – 4:21
  5. “Stick Out Your Tongue” – 5:29
  6. “Come the Meantimes” – 3:52
  7. “(She Might Be A) Grenade” – 3:38
  8. “Cinco Minutos Con Vos” – 4:29
  9. “Viceroy’s Row” – 5:02
  10. “Wise Up Ghost” – 6:26

Lost on the River

Released 2014

“Lost on the River” features Elvis Costello as a member of The New Basement Tapes, a supergroup that recorded previously unreleased lyrics written by Bob Dylan. The project was produced by T Bone Burnett and involved multiple artists.

The album was released on Electromagnetic Recordings/Harvest Records.

CD Track Listings:

  1. “Down on the Bottom” – 4:29
  2. “Married to My Hack” – 1:41
  3. “Kansas City” – 4:01
  4. “Spanish Mary” – 5:31
  5. “Liberty Street” – 2:49
  6. “Nothing to It” – 3:20
  7. “Golden Tom – Silver Judas” – 2:39
  8. “When I Get My Hands on You” – 3:11
  9. “Duncan and Jimmy” – 3:46
  10. “Florida Key” – 3:40
  11. “Hidee Hidee Ho #11” – 3:57
  12. “Lost on the River #20” – 3:48

The Resurrection of Rust, with Allan Mayes

Released 2022

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Rob De Luca of Spread Eagle, Sebastian Bach & UFO: 10 Albums That Changed My Life From humble East Coast origins to grandest stages worldwide, veteran bassist Rob De Luca has seen and done it all. De Luca first hit the local Boston rock and metal scene in the late 80s after meeting guitarist Paul DiBartolo, bonding over Van Halen before forming Bang. Regional success came quickly, but eventually, the members of Bang went their separate ways, with De Luca and drummer Tommi Gallo heading to NYC and hooking up with Ray West and, later, DiBartolo to form Spread Eagle. By 1990, Spread Eagle was on the fast track, with a contract through MCA Records and a self-titled debut album poised to crush skulls. But poor timing and MCA's sad indifference left Spead Eagle out in the cold despite being a hard-boiled answer to Guns N' Roses's West Coast sleaze. Spread Eagle's first chapter came to an end in '95. As for Rob De Luca, his nimble fingers and gift for melody and songwriting kept him moving forward. Soon, he found a gig with former Skid Row frontman Sebastian Bach and the legendary outfit UFO. And in 2010, after coupling up with Ray West and his cousin Rik De Luca, Spread Eagle retook flight. During a break from Spread Eagle's increasingly busy touring schedule, Rob De Luca dialed in with to run through the ten albums that changed his life. But only after adding, "I made a playlist of these songs, including some I've written or co-written. Do you hear any of these albums' influence on me?" Listen here: 10) Gentlemen by Afghan Whigs (1993) Here's an entry that was so important to me. This may be the darkest break-up album of all time. Greg Dulli has been in many projects, but I feel Gentlemen is his zenith. Somewhat undefinable at times but always profound and honest. Listen to "Gentlemen," "Fountain and Fairfax," and "What Jail Is Like." 9) In on the Kill Taker by Fugazi (1993) By this time, I had been sucked in and spit out by the major-label record industry. Glam came and went; grunge was history, too. I was searching for new sounds. When I heard Fugazi's twin guitar approach, I knew this was what was missing. Fugazi may be considered a less polished sound than the albums above; however, once you "get it," it hits you like a ton of bricks, and there's no going back. From the moment I heard Fugazi, I went to every NYC show after. It's easily some of the best concerts of my life, and possibly my favorite bassist in Joe Lally. And their DIY ethics refused to charge us more than $5 a show! In on the Kill Taker is a powerful album demonstrated in songs such as "Smallpox Champion," "Great Cop," and "Public Witness Program." 8) Appetite for Destruction by Guns N' Roses (1987) I discovered many of these albums (sometimes long) after they were released. However, I was at the right place at the right time for this one. Steve Ostromogilsky had a Berklee College of Music lunch card and used to sneak out sandwiches for me. One day, he invited me to hang out at his place and listen to music. As we got off the train, he put Sony Walkman headphones on my ears and said, "Hey, check out this brand-new group." A song like "It's So Easy" was so different from the popular Sunset Strip sound at that time. Me and about 499 other informed rockers were lucky enough to see them on their first East Coast tour at the sold-out Paradise on Commonwealth Avenue, Boston (the same street Aerosmith started on). I saw Gn'R every tour after until I took a break when Buckethead joined. Gn'R is the band I've been lucky enough to see the most times live, almost 100! Everyone on this album is just stellar. Axl [Rose] had the tones, power, melodic sensibilities, and foresight to do what no other singer did then. Slash's playing was beyond memorable. Duff [McKagan] is one of the most underrated bassists in rock history, and learning his Appetite basslines is a masterclass. Steven [Adler] had the natural swing, and Izzy [Stradlin] was the secret weapon songwriter. Everything that's been heralded about this gem is deserved and true. Check out "It's So Easy," "Out Ta Get Me," and "Mr. Brownstone.' 7) Wish You Were Here by Pink Floyd (1975) Another contender for my favorite album and band of all time. Using The Beatles machine (same recording studio, engineer, record label), Pink Floyd made what I feel is their strongest, most cohesive album (my second favorite of theirs would be Animals). This list mainly consists of bands with an instantly recognizable sound. Floyd is certainly no exception to that! This album included a solid handful of undeniable rock radio classics, bookended by two halves of the mind-blowing song "Shine on You Crazy Diamond.' That song was written about former band member and founder Syd Barrett. It would be hard to live in a world without this album. Check out "Welcome to The Machine," "Shine on You Crazy Diamond (parts 6-9),' or even better yet, listen to the whole thing in one sitting! 6) Decade by Neil Young (1977) About this time, I started playing guitar. As a beginner, it was comfortable jamming to this album because the chord changes were simple—a great "first ten years" retrospective of Neil's stunning, unique songwriting. Neil is a treasure who always writes from the heart and stands up for what's right. Check out "Southern Man," "A Man Needs a Maid," "Down by The River," and "After the Goldrush." 5) Highway to Hell by AC/DC (1979) When I heard this album, I was firmly "me." My life would be 100% focused on hard rock music forever. AC/DC are like air; they're ubiquitous. Everyone knows them and their incredible songs. However, as a young teen in Wilmington, Delaware, I only had WMMR 93.3 FM Philadelphia and a few friends to inform me about the world of Rock outside my bedroom. AC/DC had not gone mainstream, and their albums were available primarily in the USA as imports. To put things more in perspective, I only knew two people in the world who had heard of AC/DC. A friend had an import that we played in Steve Buckley's basement, which sounded ripping. When Highway to Hell was released, WMMR started spinning the title track, and I immediately bought the album, listening to it every single day after school. Then WMMR announced AC/DC was coming to the Spectrum in Philly, supporting Ted Nugent! I liked Ted but loved AC/DC, so my good friend Mick Cummins and I bought tickets, and he drove us up to the Spectrum (where we saw most of our concerts). Bon Scott was in fine form, and the band went over great. Although the crowd knew Ted better, Angus [Young] wouldn't let anyone upstage him. I'll never forget it! Unfortunately, Bon would be gone in 6 months. Check out "Walk All Over You," "Touch Too Much," "Shot Down in Flames," and "If You Want Blood (You Got It)." 4) Toys in the Attic by Aerosmith (1975) By the time I heard this, I was now in my teens. I had a childhood friend up the street, Jim Linberg (we're still good buddies). His older sister had a great album collection, including Toys in The Attic. Once I heard that groove, my taste changed. I lost interest in rock music that didn't have some sort of "swing" feel to it. I think Rocks is a slightly better Aerosmith album (and possibly my favorite album of all time), but both are perfect or very close. Check out "Uncle Salty," "Adam's Apple," "No More No More," "Round and Round," and "You See Me Crying." 3) Alive! by Kiss (1975) When I was still a little kid, I asked for Cheech and Chong's Up in Smoke album for Christmas. The entire family came over for an enormous feast, and I dropped the needle. When my mother heard the content, she turned off the album and said I had to exchange it. My mom was cool, but I was young and knew much more about life than she suspected. Anyway, the next day, she drove me back to the store. In the music section, promoted on an "endcap" was a Kiss Alive! display. I had never heard of Kiss, but that cover picture told me I had to have it! My first foray into hard rock. Check out “Strutter.” I went through my Kiss phase very quickly, I believe in a matter of months because I discovered the previous entry, Aerosmith's Toys in the Attic. 2) Honky Chateau by Elton John (1972) When I was a wee lad, my parents bought a used Volkswagen camper van from my uncle Ozzie. My favorite Elton John album is Yellow Brick Road, but Honky Chateau is great and easily one of his best. It sent me down a lifelong rabbit hole of loving everything about the 1970s partnership between Elton and lyricist Bernie Taupin. The simple beauty of voice, the master songwriting, the perfect backing band, the clear, unobtrusive recordings, and always Bernie's incredible lyrics. The day this album was released, Elton became an unstoppable force that conquered the music industry. Check out "Mona Lisas and Mad Hatters" and "Rocket Man." 1) Sergeant Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band by The Beatles (1967) Another tape that was included in the VW Camper. The van had a bunch of music tapes, and one was Sgt Pepper. I was too young to understand the sophistication of the music, but that was one of the many skills of The Beatles. They attracted listeners at every level, even little kids. I still feel that immediate connection to Sgt Pepper; now, I hear so much more. It's an album that changed the world and the world of music. Check out "Lucy in The Sky with Diamonds," "A Day In The Life," and "Fixing a Hole."
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