Complete List Of Filter Albums And Discography

Filter Albums

This Complete List Of  Filter Albums And Songs presents the complete discography of Filter  studio albums. The band Filter was first formed in the early 1980s in the city of Cleveland, Ohio, which rock fans know as the hometown of the Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame.  This entire Filter discography also includes every single compilation Filter album. All these spectacular albums have been presented below in chronological order. We have also included all original release dates with each Filter album as well as all original album covers. Every Filter album listed below showcases the entire album track listing.


Short Bus

Released 1995

CD Track Listings:

1. Hey Man, Nice Shot (5:14)
2. Dose (3:53)
3. Under (4:18)
4. Spent (4:37)
5. Take Another (4:23)
6. Stuck in Here (3:34)
7. It’s Over (3:36)
8. Gerbil (3:21)
9. White Like That (4:17)
10. Consider This (4:18)
11. So Cool (4:26)

Title of Record

Released 1999

CD Track Listings:

1. Sand (0:36)
2. Welcome to the Fold (7:40)
3. Captain Bligh (5:12)
4. It’s Gonna Kill Me (5:04)
5. The Best Things (4:26)
6. Take a Picture (6:03)
7. Skinny (5:43)
8. I Will Lead You (3:23)
9. Cancer (6:39)
10. I’m Not the Only One (5:49)
11. Miss Blue (5:36)
12. Jurassitol (5:13)
13. (Can’t You) Trip Like I Do (12:32)

The Amalgamut

Released 2002

CD Track Listings:

1. You Walk Away (4:36)
2. American Cliché (3:37)
3. Where Do We Go From Here (5:34)
4. Columind (3:36)
5. The Missing (4:46)
6. The Only Way (Is the Wrong Way) (5:13)
7. My Long Walk to Jail (4:06)
8. So I Quit (3:23)
9. God Damn Me (4:15)
10. It Can Never Be the Same (4:32)
11. World Today (5:50)
12. The 4th (8:06)

Anthems for the Damned

Released 2008

CD Track Listings:

1. Soldiers of Misfortune (4:25)
2. What’s Next (3:34)
3. The Wake (3:56)
4. Cold (Anthem for the Damned) (3:45)
5. Hatred Is Contagious (4:25)
6. Lie After Lie (3:45)
7. Kill the day (3:31)
8. The Take (3:16)
9. I Keep Flowers Around (4:27)
10. In Dreams (3:51)
11. Only You (4:40)
12. Can Stop This (5:55)

The Trouble with Angels

Released 2010

CD Track Listings:

1. The Inevitable Relapse
2. Drug Boy
3. Absentee Father
4. No Love
5. No Re-Entry
6. Down with Me
7. Catch a Falling Knife
8. The Trouble with Angels
9. Clouds
10. Fades Like a Photograph (Dead Angel)
11. The Inevitable Relapse
12. Drowning
13. Shot from the Sun
14. My Life Before
15. Plume

The Sun Comes Out Tonight

Released 2013

CD Track Listings:

1. We Hate It When You Get What You Want
2. What Do You Say
3. Surprise
4. Watch The Sun Come Out Tonight
5. It’s Got To Be Right Now
6. This Finger’s For You
7. Self Inflicted
8. First You Break It
9. Burn It
10. Take That Knife Out Of My Back
11. It’s My Time
12. It’s Just You

Crazy Eyes

Released 2016

CD Track Listings:

1. Mother E (3:54)
2. Nothing in My Hands (4:34)
3. Pride Flag (3:48)
4. The City of Blinding Riots (4:16)
5. Take Me to Heaven (3:37)
6. Welcome to the Suck (Destiny Not Luck) (3:13)
7. Head of Fire (5:00)
8. Tremors (3:43)
9. Kid Blue from the Short Bus, Drunk Bunk (3:56)
10. Your Bullets (4:37)
11. Under the Tongue (6:10)
12. (Can’t She See) Head of Fire, Part 2 (3:47)


The Very Best Things: 1995-2008

Released 2009

CD Track Listings:

1. Hey Man Nice Shot (5:15)
2. Welcome to the Fold (radio edit) (4:42)
3. Jurassitol (5:13)
4. (Can’t You) Trip Like I Do (4:27)
5. Take a Picture (radio edit) (3:41)
6. Soldiers of Misfortune (4:25)
7. Where Do We Go From Here (single edit) (4:04)
8. Dose (3:54)
9. I’m Not the Only One (5:52)
10. Skinny (5:44)
11. One (4:40)
12. The Best Things (4:26)
13. The Only Way (Is the Wrong Way) (5:15)
14. Thanks Bro (4:10)

Feature Photo: User:Orderinchaos, CC BY-SA 3.0 <>, via Wikimedia Commons

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