Complete List Of The Agonist Albums And Discography

The Agonist Albums

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This Complete List Of  The Agonist Albums And Songs presents the full discography of  The Agonist studio albums. This complete discography of the band The Agonist contains no live albums or compilations as the band has not released any yet. All these intense metalcore The Agonist albums have been presented below in chronological order. We have also included all original release dates with each The Agonist album as well as all original album covers. Every album listed below showcases the entire album track listing.


Once Only Imagined

Released 2007

CD Track Listings:

1. Synopsis (00:32)
2. Rise and Fall (04:02)
3. Born Dead, Buried Alive (04:32)
4. Take a Bow (04:05)
5. Trophy Kill (03:39)
6. Business Suits and Combat Boots (05:27)
7. Serendipity (03:42)
8. Memento Mori (03:09)
9. Void of Sympathy (04:21)
10. Chiaroscuro (01:06)
11. Forget Tomorrow (03:37)

Lullabies for the Dormant Mind

Released 2009

CD Track Listings:

1. The Tempest (The Siren’s Song; the Banshee’s Cry) (04:46)
2. …and Their Eulogies Sang Me to Sleep (03:32)
3. Thank You, Pain (03:44)
4. Birds Elope with the Sun (04:29)
5. Waiting Out the Winter (04:03)
6. Martyr Art (04:31)
7. Globus Hystericus (03:41)
8. Swan Lake (A Cappella) (02:53)
9. The Sentient (03:39)
10. When the Bough Breaks (04:13)
11. Chlorpromazine (04:07)


Released 2012

CD Track Listings:

1. You’re Coming with Me (05:35)
2. The Escape (04:08)
3. Predator and Prayer (05:04)
4. Anxious Darwinians (05:23)
5. Panophobia (03:54)
6. Ideomotor (08:07)
7. Lonely Solipsist (03:45)
8. Dead Ocean (06:19)
9. The Mass of the Earth (04:40)
10. Everybody Wants You (Dead) (05:00)
11. Revenge of the Dadaists (06:42)

Eye of Providence

Released 2015

CD Track Listings:

1. Gates of Horn and Ivory (03:25)
2. My Witness, Your Victim (04:47)
3. Danse Macabre (04:01)
4. I Endeavor (04:08)
5. Faceless Messenger (05:00)
6. Perpetual Notion (04:34)
7. A Necessary Evil (03:44)
8. Architects Hallucinate (04:30)
9. Disconnect Me (03:32)
10. The Perfect Embodiment (05:13)
11. A Gentle Disease (03:45)
12. Follow the Crossed Line (04:11)
13. As Above, So Below (07:57)
14. Disconnect Me
15. Perpetual Notion


Released 2016

CD Track Listings:

1. The Moment (04:14)
2. The Chain (03:12)
3. The Anchor and the Sail (03:49)
4. The Game (02:50)
5. The Ocean (04:27)
6. The Hunt (03:35)
7. The Raven Eyes (05:34)
8. The Wake (02:44)
9. The Resurrection (05:22)
10. The Villain (05:00)
11. The Pursuit of Emptiness (04:03)
12. The Man Who Fell to Earth (03:53)
13. The Trial (04:33)


Released 2019

CD Track Listings:

1. In Vertigo (05:04)
2. As One We Survive (03:40)
3. The Gift of Silence (04:38)
4. Blood as My Guide (04:27)
5. Mr. Cold (04:40)
6. Dust to Dust (03:17)
7. A Devil Made Me Do It (03:38)
8. The Killing I (04:17)
9. Orphans (05:39)
10. Burn It All Down (03:36)

Days Before The World Wept (EP)

Released 2021

CD Track Listings:

1. Remnants In Time (04:53)
2. Immaculate Deception (03:35)
3. Resurrection (05:11)
4. Feast On The Living (03:22)
5. Days Before The World Wept (06:05)

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