Complete List Of Thin Lizzy Studio Albums And Songs

Thin Lizzy Studio Albums

Our complete List Of Thin Lizzy Studio Albums And Songs takes a look at all twelve studio albums released by the band Thin Lizzy. This is not an article that critiques the records but rather just an informative listing that presents each album with its complete tracks listings in their original vinyl format. Both sides of the vinyl albums are listed in original order. Release dates for these Thin Lizzy Studio albums are also listed.

Phil Lynott’s early passing resulted in the issues of more compilation albums than studio albums. Over the years, the band’s record companies released thirty four compilation albums and twelve studio albums.

Thin Lizzy

Released: April 30 1971

Side One:
1. The Friendly Ranger at Clontarf Castle
2. Honesty Is No Excuse
3. Diddy Levine
4. Ray-Gun
5. Look What the Wind Blew In
Side Two:
1. Eire
2. Return of The Farmer’s Son
3. Clifton Grange Hotel
4. Saga of The Ageing Orphan
5. Remembering

Shades of a Blue Orphanage

Released: March 10 1972

Side One
1. The Rise and Dear demise of The Funky Nomadic Tribes
2. Buffalo Gal
3. I Don’t Want To Forget How to Jive
4. Sarah
5. Brought Down
Side Two
1. Baby Face
2. Chatting Today
3. Call the Police
4. Shades of A Blue Orphanage

Vagabonds of the Western World

Released: September 21 1973

Side One:
1. Mama Nature Said
2. The Hero and The Madman
3. Slow Blues
4. The Rocker
Side Two:
1. Vagabond of The Western World
2. Little Girl In Bloom
3. Gonna Creep Up On You
4. A Song For While I’m Away


Released: November 8 1974

Side One:
1. She Knows
2. Nightlife
3. It’s Only Money
4. Still In Love With You
5. Frankie Carroll
Side Two:
1. Showdown
2. Banshee
3. Philomena
4. Sha La La
5. Dear Heart


Released: September 12 1975

Side One:
1. Rosalie
2. For Those Who Love to Live
3. Suicide
4. Wild One
5. Fighting My Way Back
Side Two:
1. King’s Vengeance
2. Spirit Slips Away
3. Silver Dollar
4. Freedom Songs
5. Ballad of a Hard Man


Released: March 26 1976

Side One:
1. Jailbreak
2. Angel from the Coast
3. Running Back
4. Romeo and the Lonely Girl
5. Warriors
Side Two:
1. The Boys Are Back In Town
2. Fight or Fall
3. Cowboy Song
4. Emerald

Johnny the Fox

Released: October 16 1976

Side One:
1. Johnny
2. Rocky
3. Borderline
4. Don’t Believe a Word
5. Fools Gold
Side Two:
1. Johnny the Fox Meets Jimmy the Weed
2. Old Flame
3. Massacre
4. Sweet Marie
5. Boogie Woogie Dance

Bad Reputation

Released: September 2 1977

Side One:
1. Soldier of Fortune
2. Bad Reputation
3. Opium Trail
4. Southbound

Side Two:
1. Dancing in the Moonlight (It’s Caught Me in Its Spotlight)
2. Killer Without a Cause
3. Downtown Sundown
4. That Woman’s Gonna Break Your Heart
5. Dear Lord

Black Rose: A Rock Legend

Released: April 13 1979

Side One:
1. Do Anything You Want To
2. Toughest Street In Town
3. S & M
4. Waiting For An Alibi
5. My Sarah
Side Two:
6. Got To Give It Up
7. Get Out of Here
8. With Love
9. Rosin Dubh (Black Rose) A Rock Legend


Released: October 10 1980

Side One:
1. We Will Be Strong
2. Chinatown
3. Sweetheart
4. Sugar Blues
5. Killer On the Loose
Side Two:
1. Having A Good Time
2. Genocide (The Killing Of the Buffalo)
3. Didn’t I
4. Hey You


Released: November 15 1981

Side One:
1. Angel Of Death
2. Renegade
3. The Pressure Will Blow
4. Leave This Town
Side Two:
1. Hollywood (Down On Your Luck)
2. No One Told Him
3. Fats
4. Mexican Blood
5. It’s Getting Dangerous

Thunder and Lightning

Released: March 4 1983

Side One:
1. Thunder And Lightning
2. This Is The One
3. The Sun Goes Down
4. The Holy War
Side Two:
1. Cold Sweat
2. Some Day She Is Going To Hit Back
3. Baby Please Don’t Go
4. Bad Habits
5. Heart Attack

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