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Kansas DiscographyOur Kansas Vinyl Discography list all the original Kansas albums including full track listings for each original album issued. Almost the entire Kansas catalogue has been released on vinyl with the exception of 1998’s Always Never the Same and 2000’s Somewhere to Elsewhere.  The first Kansas album was released in 1974 entitled Kansas. Since their debut album in 1974, Kansas has released fifteen studio albums. Each of their studio albums have been listed below with the tracks listings. There is also a listing of the bands live albums and compilations. The band has released seven live albums and nine compilation albums.

Kansas (1974)

Kansas Album

Side 1: 
1. Can I Tell You
2. Bringing It Back
3. Lonely Wind
4. Belexes
5. Journey From Mariabronn
Side 2:
1. The Pilgrimage
2. Apercu
3. Death Of Mother Nature Suite

Song for America (1975)

Kansas Discography

Side 1: 
1. Down the Road
2. Song For America
3. Lamplight Symphony
Side 2:
1. Lonely Street
2. The Devil Game
3. Incomudro – Hymn to the Atman

Masque (1975)

Kansas Discography

Side One:
1. It Takes A Woman’s Love (To Make A Man)
2. Two Cents Worth
3. Icarus Borne On Wings Of Steel
4. All The World
Side Two:
1. Child Of Innocence
2. It’s You
3. Mysteries And Mayhem
4. The Pinnacle

Leftoverture (1976)

Kansas Discography

Side One:
1. Carry On Wayward Son
2. The Wall
3. What’s On My Mind
4. Miracles Out of Nowhere
Side Two:
1. Opus Insert
2. Questions Of My Childhood
3. Cheyenne Anthem
4. Magnum Opus:
a. Father Padilla Meets The Perfect Gnat
b. Howling At The Moon
c. Man Overboard
d. Industry On Parade
e. Release The Beavers
f. Gnat Attack

Point of Know Return (1977)

Kansas Vinyl Point Of No Return

Side One:
1. Point Of Know Return
2. Paradox
3. The Spider
4. Portrait (He Knew)
5. Closet Chronicles
Side Two:
1. Lightning’s Hand
2. Dust In The Wind
3. Sparks Of The Tempest
4. Nobody’s Home
5. Hopelessly Human

Monolith (1979)

Kansas Monolith Cover

Side One:

1. On The Other Side
2. People of The South Wind
3. Angels Have Fallen
4. How My Soul Cries Out For You
Side Two:
5. A Glimpse of Home
6. Away From You
7. Stay Out of Trouble
8. Reason To Be

Audio-Visions (1980)

Kansas Audio-Visions Cover

Side One:
1. Relentless
2. Anything For You
3. Hold On
4. Loner
5. Curtain Of Iron
Side Two:
1. Got To Rock On
2. Don’t Open Your Eyes
3. No One Together
4. No Room For A Stranger
5. Back Door

Vinyl Confessions (1982)

kansas Vinyl Confessions

Side One:
1. Play The Game Tonight
2. Right Away
3. Fair Exchange
4. Chasing Shadows
5. Diamonds and Pearls
Side Two:
1. Face It
2. Windows
3. Borderline
4. Play On
5. Crossfire

Drastic Measures (1983)

kansas Drastic Measures

Side One:
1. Fight Fire With Fire
2. Everybody’s My Friend
3. Mainstream
4. Andi

Side Two:
1. Going Through the Motions
2. Get Rich
3. Don’t Take Your Love Away
4. End Of The Age
5. Incident on a Bridge

Power (1986)

Kansas Power

Side One:
1. Silhouettes in Disguise
2. Power
3. All I Wanted
4. Secret Service
5. We’re Not Alone Anymore

Side Two:
1. “Musicatto” (instrumental)
2. Taking In the View
3. Three Pretenders
4. Tomb 19
5. Can’t Cry Anymore

In the Spirit of Things (1988)

Kansas In the Spirit of Things cover

Side One:
1. Ghosts
2. One Big Sky
3. Inside Of Me
4. One Man, One Heart
5. House On Fire
6. Once In A Lifetime

Side Two:
1. Stand Beside Me
2. I Counted On Love
3. The Preacher
4. Rainmaker
5. T.O. Witcher” (instrumental)
6. Bells of Saint James

Freaks of Nature

Kansas Discography

(1995 on CD ) Released in 2015 on vinyl

Side One:
1. I Can Fly
2. Desperate Times
3. Hope Once Again
4. Black Fathom 4

Side Two:
1. “Musicatto” (instrumental)
2. Taking In the View
3. Three Pretenders
4. Tomb 19
5. Can’t Cry Anymore

Always Never the Same (1998)

Kansas Always Never the Same

CD Release Only

1. Eleanor Rigby
2. Dust in the Wind
3. Preamble
4. Songs For America
5. In Your Eyes
6. Miracles Out of Nowhere
7. Hold On
8. The Sky Is Falling
9. Cheyenne Anthem
10. Prelude & Introduction
11. The Wall
12. Need To Know
13. Nobody’s Home

Somewhere to Elsewhere (2000)


Kansas Somewhere to Elsewhere

Released only on CD

  1. Icarus II
  2. When the World Was Young
  3. Grand Fun Alley
  4. The Coming Dawn (Thanatopsis)
  5. Myriad
  6. Look at the Time
  7. Disappearing Skin Tight Blues
  8. Distant Vision
  9. Byzantium
  10. Not Man Big
  11. Geodesic Dome

The Prelude Implicit (2016)

Kansas The Prelude Implicit

2 LP Set also released on a single CD

Side 1:
1. With This Heart
2. Visibility Zero
3. The Unsung Heroes
4. Rhythm In The Spirit
Side 2:
5. Refugee
6. The Voyage Of Eight Eighteen
7. Camouflage

Side 3:
8. Summer
9. Crowded Isolation
10. Section 60

Side 4:
Side D:

Kansas Live Albums

Two For The Show  1978

Kansas albums

LP 1
Side A:

1. Song For America
2. Point of Know Return
3. Paradox
4. Icarus-Borne On Wings of Steel
Side B:
5. Portrait (He Knew)
6. Carry On Wayward Son
7. Journey From Mariabronn

LP 2
Side C:

1. Dust In the Wind
2. Lonely Wind
3. Mysteries and Mayhem
4. Excerpt from Lamplight Symphony
5. The Wall
Side D:
6. Closet Chronicles
7. Magnum Opus

Live At The Whiskey 1992

King Biscuit Hour Presents 1998

Dust In The Wind 2001

Device – Voice – Drum  2002

There’s Know Place Like Home 2009

Leftoverture: Live and Beyond 2017


Box Sets Greatest Hits and Compilations

The Best Of Kansas 1984

Carry On 1992

The Kansas Boxed Set 1994

The Ultimate Kansas 2002

Sail On: The 30th Anniversary Collection  2004

On the Other Side  2005

Works In Progress 2006

Playlist: The Very Best of Kansas 2008

Miracles Out of Nowhere 2015

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