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No Doubt Albums

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Our No Doubt Albums Ranked list takes a look at a rock and ska band from the 1990s that were one of the most trendsetting acts of the 1990s. Fronted by the marvelous Gwen Stefani, the band No Doubt was first formed in the mid 1980s. It would be many years before the band would fine fame. The band released their first album in 1992 simply entitled No Doubt. I remember picking up this album in a discount rack in 1992 and being blown away by the group. They reminded me of the band The Waitresses. The album did not get a really big promotional push from the record company and simply kind of just faded away. Nonetheless it was a great rock ‘n’ roll  record with brilliant musicianship, dazzling songs and stunning vocals  by Gwen Stefani that just blew the roof off the house.

With a band so full of talent, commercial failure of their debut album was not going to stop them from moving onto the next. However the record company wasn’t really behind them and so No Doubt recorded the next album on their own in the garage. That album entitled The Beacon Street Collection was released in 1995. It actually sold pretty well for an independently released album which got the record company on board for the third record which would soon make the band a household name.

No Doubt’s third album entitled Tragic Kingdom released in 1995 was a phenomenal  success. The album went straight to number one on the Billboard top 200 album charts. No Doubt had become a powerhouse in the music industry. The band’s follow-up album in 2000 entitled Return of Saturn was not as successful as Tragic Kingdom, yet still was  one of the biggest selling albums of the year. One year later in 2001 No Doubt released their fifth album entitled Rock Steady. Their fifth album would sell far more copies than their fourth album Return of Saturn and also present the bands diverse musical styles. It would also serve as the band’s final album for the next elven years as Gwen Stefani would leave the group to pursue a very successful solo career.

Even though the band No Doubt did not release a new album in over 10 years they did tour every once in awhile in the 2000s. No Doubt came back together in 2012 and released their final album of this writing entitled Push and Shove. No Doubt albums ranked list just picks out our favorite No Doubt original studio albums and puts them in order of rank position simply in subjective taste. This No Doubt albums list does not rank the No Doubt compilation releases.


# 6 – The Beacon Street Collection

Opening up our No Doubt Albums Ranked list we present the album The Beacon Street Collection. This was the band’s second album release. The album was released in 1995. It was much more heavily promoted after Tragic Kingdom had become such a breakthrough hit. The album sounds more similar to their debut album then it does their epic album Tragic Kingdom. It’s not as strong as their debut album as the band seems to be searching for a sound that they are hoping to be a little bit more successful with because of the failure of the first album to sell. Still, it’s an exciting and fun listen as they really played their hearts out at trying to make this one work.

“Open the Gate”
“Blue in the Face”
“Total Hate ’95”
“Greener Pastures”
“By the Way”
“That’s Just Me”

# 5 – Push and Shove

Continuing with our No Doubt Albums Ranked List is the album entitled Push And Shove. It has been over 10 years since No Doubt has released a new album. Gwen Stefani have been celebrating a magnificent solo career. Still the band sounded like they had not lost a step. Since the release of No Doubt’s last album, the record industry was turned upside down as fans were no longer buying product. That is no more evident than looking at a comparison of sales between No Doubt’s Rock Steady which sold almost three million copies and the sales of Push And Shove which just sold a little over one hundred thousand. The Push And Shove album was released in 2012. The album hit number three on the US Billboard Top 200 Albums Charts.

CD Track listing

“Settle Down”
“Looking Hot”
“One More Summer”
“Push and Shove”
“Dreaming the Same Dream”

# 4 – Return Of Saturn

At the number four spot on our No Doubt Albums Ranked List we present the album entitled Return Of Saturn. The band had their hands full trying to follow up there mega selling album Tragic Kingdom. From both an artistic and commercial aspect they came through wonderfully. Return Of Saturn offered a magnificent set of No Doubt songs with some pretty big hits fueled by the lead single “Ex-Girlfriend.”  The album was released in 2000. The album hit number two on the US Billboard Top 200 Albums Charts.

CD Track listing

“Simple Kind Of Life”
“Six Feet Under”
“Magic’s In The Makeup”
“Artificial Sweetener”
“Marry Me”
“Too Late”
“Comforting Lie”
“Suspension Without Suspense”
“Staring Problem”
“Home Now”
“Dark Blue”

# 3 – Rock Steady

Hoping along on our No Doubt Albums Ranked List we present the album entitled Rock Steady.  The album was released in 2001. Rock Steady stands as the band’s second biggest selling album of their career. It was fueled by the magnificent lead off single called “Hey Baby.” Other outstanding tracks on the album were the singles “Hella Good,”  and “Underneath It All.” The Rock Steady album hit number nine on the US Billboard Top 200 Albums Charts.

CD Track listing

“Hella Good”
“Hey Baby” (featuring Bounty Killer)
“Making Out”
“Underneath It All” (featuring Lady Saw)
“Don’t Let Me Down”
“Start The Fire”
“In My Head”
“Platinum Blonde Life”
“Waiting Room”
“Rock Steady”

# 2 – No Doubt

Just of the top spot on our No Doubt Albums Ranked List we showcase the album entitled No Doubt. This was the band’s debut album released in 1992. It is easily one of the most overlooked albums of the groups career. It’s a masterpiece in blending elements of ska, jazz and rock into a sound that was incredibly fresh. The band has always retained elements of what they did one their debut album as they added commercial ideas that would make them famous.

CD Track listing

“Let’s Get Back”
“Get on the Ball”
“Move On”
“Sad for Me”
“Big City Train”
“Trapped in a Box”
“A Little Something Refreshing”
“Brand New Day”

# 1 – Tragic Kingdom

We close out  our No Doubt Albums Ranked List with the outstanding album entitled Tragic Kingdom. The album was released in 1995. It’s hard to argue against this one getting the number one spot. Sparked by the dynamic singles “I’m Just A Girl, “Spiderwebs” and “Don’t Speak,” No Doubt’s Tragic Kingdom would become the band’s most successful album of their career. Seven singles were released by the band from the Tragic Kingdom album. The Tragic Kingdom album hit number one on the US Billboard Top 200 Albums Charts.It also hit number one in Canada and New Zealand. It would go Diamond in sales in the US.

CD Track listing

“Excuse Me Mr.”
Just a Girl
“Happy Now?”
“Different People”
“Hey You!”
“The Climb”
“Sunday Morning”
“Don’t Speak”
“You Can Do It”
“World Go ‘Round”
“End It on This”
“Tragic Kingdom”

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