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Our Top 10 songs from the 1970s pop rock group The Babys takes a look at some of the best material the band released throughout their dynamic career. Headed by the million dollar voice of John Waite, the Babys released some of the most addictive rock and roll pop songs of the classic rock era. The band was able to balance the fine line between rock and roll groove, pop melodies and commercial arrangements that found a home on both album oriented rock and top 40 radio.

The Babys released their first album in January of 1977 entitled simply The Babys. The cover art was a portrait of all four members, well dressed and somewhat mischievous looking, staring straight at the camera. The four original members consisted of John Waite on bass and lead vocals, Tony Brock on drums, Wally Stocker on guitar and Michael Corby on guitars and keys. (check out Michael Corby’s mad rant against this article in the comments section below) If your going to release a debut album, your going to get the chance to release a second one if the first album has a hit. The Babys clinched that deal with the success of the albums first single “If You’ve Got the Time.” That song instantly put The Babys on the map.

The Babys followed up their first album with their sophomore record entitled Broken Heart. Once again the band delivered an album with a successful commercial single called “Isn’t It Time.” The same lineup appeared on the band’s second album.

Two years after the release of their second album the Babys returend in 1979 with the great Head First record. There were changes made to the band for the Head First lp. Original member Michael Corby was out and the album featured many guest musicians. The band had grown artistically on the record and there was a slightly heavier sound on the LP, especially on the title track. Once again, The Babys delivered another big commercial hit with the song “Every Time I Think of You.”

In 1980, The Babys released what many fans believe to be their finest album. The record Union Jacks featured two new members of the band. Jonathan Cain who would later join Journey and team up one again with John Waite in Bad English was the band’s new keyboardist. Jonathan Cain was also a contributing composer on many of the albums songs. Ricky Phillips who would also later join Jonathan Cain and John Waite in Bad English played bass on the entire album and also contributed to the songwriting duties.

The same lineup from the Union Jacks album released one more record a year later entitled On The Edge. The album did feature a minor hit single entitled “Turn And Walk Away. However, the single did evern break the Billboard Top 40 as it peaked at number forty two.

The band broke up after the release of the On The Edge album. Jonathan Cain went on to join Journey and had incredible success with the band. John Waite began his wonderful solo career and had one of the biggest hits of all time with “Missing You,” in 1984. The fabulous Tony Brock continued on, performing on drums and producing records with great success.

As of 2018, Tony Brock and Wally Stocker have reformed The Babys and are currently playing live shows. They are the only two original members in the newly reformed Babys. Plans are in the works for a new cd release.

Our Top 10 songs for The Babys is a look back at some of our favorite songs that the band released during their short five year run. If your over 40, you probably know the Babys, if not, or your a younger music fan, we hope this list turns you on to one great band from the classic rock era.

# 10 – Looking For Love

In 1977, I was browsing the new release aisle in Sam Goodys when I came across The Babys debut album. In the 1970’s many of us brought albums just based on the covers. It’s the way I first discovered Rush, Meat loaf, The Runaways and so many others. Hardcore music fans would buy albums if the covers looked interesting. There was something about that original Babys album cover that said these guys look like they have just recorded a great album. There was an air of confidence in that pose that said, buy this record and you won’t be disappointed.”

When I put on the record and heard that drum and guitar intro to “Looking For Love,” I knew I made a great choice. Been a big fan ever since. This was the song that turned on so many people to the band outside of the album’s hit single. When you release a debut album, you better be sure to put one of the best or even the best songs as the opening track. The Babys made sure of that with this track.

# 9 – Run To Mexico

We never said this was a list that looked at the biggest hits from the Babys, we labeled it the top 10 Babys songs. It does not have to be a hit to be great. This song is fabulous. The Babys rocked harder than most people realized. Listen to that smoking guitar solo. Love that line John Waite sings at the end, you will know it when you hear it.

# 8 – True Love Confession

One can really hear the impact of Jonathan Cain’s arrival in the band on the opening notes of the great song “True Love Confession.” The song was released on the Union Jacks album in 1980. “True Love Confession,” was the album’s opening track and the record’s lead single.

# 7 – Isn’t It Time

That captivating opening piano lick, those silk strings, those female backing vocals and off course the magical voice of John Waite. It’s all there in 1970’s big time hit glory. This song was huge. From the band’s second album Broken Heart. “Isn’t It Time” was the band’s highest charting single peaking at number 13 on the Billboard Hot 100. They would reach that exact spot once again the following year with the single “Everytime I Think Of You.”

# 6 – Everytime I Think Of You

And speaking of “Everytime I Think of You”, we turn to the the Head First album. The album’s lead single followed the same exact formula that they used on “Isn’t It Time” and boom! they had a hit that charted just as high.

# 5 – Over and Over

This great track from the Baby’s debut album featured Tony Brock on lead vocals. Its one of the rare tracks in which John Waite did not sing lead. If you watch the video there is a moment where you see John Waite looking over at Tony Brock and depicting this great smile of appreciation. It’s a wonderful moment on a very special song that most people have probably never heard of if they did not own that fabulous first album.

# 4 – World In a Bottle

This unreleased song from The Babys that was originally intended to be issued on the Head First album defines just how brilliant this band was. This one will blow you away.

# 3 – Dying Man

Many critics always defined the Babys as a pop band because of the hit singles. The critics had no idea what they were talking about. The Babys were a great rock band defined by a group of incredible musicians. Listen to this track and try to argue otherwise. “Dying Man,” was originally released on the band’s band’s debut album in 1977.

# 2 – Midnight Rendezvous

This great rock and roll tune “Midnight Rendezvous,” was released on the Union Jacks album. It was the album’s third single and wound up being the most successful of the three singles released from the album.

# 1 – Head First

The track “Head First,” contained all the elements of The Babys sound that turned people onto the group in the first place. The great rock groove, enticing melodies, brilliant chord changes, incredible musicianship, and the sweet sounding vocals of the impeccable John Waite.

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