Top 10 Air Supply Songs

Air Supply Songs

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Our Top 10 Air Supply Songs list takes a look at one of soft rock’s best duos. They had a string of hits in the early 80’s. The duo formed in Australia in 1975. They worked with a lot of musicians and singers. They were inducted into the Australian Recording Industry Association’s Hall of Fame in 2013. Here is a backdrop of the duo’s history. Russell Charles Hitchcock was born June 15, 1949. He is the lead singer of Air Supply. He has a tenor voice and incredible range to it. Graham Russell was born June 11, 1950. He is a singer, songwriter and guitarist of the duo. He has a baritone voice. Hitchcock and Russell met Chrissy Hammond in 1975. They ended up forming a group in Melbourne. Hammond didn’t stay long because she formed another group. They replaced her with Jeremy Paul on bass guitar and vocals in 1976. Hitchcock, Russell, and Paul started Air Supply.

Air Supply released their eponymous debut album in 1977. It peaked at number 17 on the Kent Music Report Albums Charts. The album features the singles “If You Knew Me,” “Empty Pages” and “Feel the Breeze.” Their album went gold in Australia. They released their second album The Whole Thing’s Started in 1977. It didn’t do as well as their first one. The album and the singles didn’t make it to the Top 40. The album features the singles “Do What You Do,” “That’s How the Whole Thing Started” and “Do It Again.” Air Supply released the album Love & Other Bruises in 1978. It received a little bit of success in Australia. The album included two original songs called “Who Will Love Me Now” and “Does It Matter.” The group dealt with an obstacle. Jeremy Paul left the group because he was reduced to a background singer. He wanted to do more in the group. Air Supply went through a variety of musician changes in 1978.

They released the album Life Support in 1979. It features the hit single “Lost In Lost.” The duo released the album Lost in Love in 1980. It was a huge success and it peaked at 22 on the Billboard 200 Charts. It features the hit singles “Lost in Love,” “All Out of Love’ and ” Every Woman in the World.” The album sold over 3 million copies. They released the album The One That You Love in 1981. This is their most successful album. It peaked at number 10 on the Billboard 200 Charts. It features the singles “The One That You Love,” “Here I Am (Just When I Thought I Was Over You)” and “Sweet Dreams.”

The duo released the album Now and Forever in 1982. It peaked at number 25 on the Billboard 200 Charts. It’s their last commercially successful album in America. It features the hit singles “Even the Nights Are Better,” “Young Love” and “Two Less Lonely People in the World.” The album sold over one million copies. In 1983, they released a Greatest Hits album. It featured their greatest hits as well as the single “Making Love Out of Nothing at All. This is one of their biggest hit singles of their career. The album sold over seven million copies. They released another eponymous album in 1985. It features the singles “Just as I Am,” “Lonely is the Night” and “The Power of Love.” The album peaked at 26 on the Billboard 200 Charts. It sold over 500,000 copies.

In 1991, they released the album The Earth Is. It features the singles “Without You,” “Stronger Than the Night” and “Stop the Tears.” The album sold more than one million copies. Russell and Hitchcock released The Vanishing Race album in 1993. It features the singles “Goodbye” and “It’s Never Too Late.” The album performed better overseas than in America. It sold over four million copies. They released the album News from Nowhere in 1995. It features the singles “Someone,” “Always” and “Unchained Melody”. They released more albums over the years.

Air Supply weren’t an overnight success. They didn’t give up and walk away. They chose to keep going and managed to become a successful duo. They managed to have success in America as well as other countries. This Top 10 Air Supply Songs list will feature 10 of their best songs.

# 10 – Unchained Melody

The first song on our Top 10 Air Supply Songs list is “Unchained Melody” from the News from Nowhere album. The song has a blue-eyed soul sound to it. The melancholy song is about a man who hasn’t seen his lover in a long time. As most music fans know, The Righteous Brothers sang this song. The Righteous Brothers sing the best known version of the song. Air Supply took a risk covering this famous track because it’s closely linked to the Righteous Brothers. The music isn’t as soulful as the original, but it’s still melodic. It has a soft and romantic sound considering the song is about heartbreak. The duo doesn’t stray away from The Righteous Brothers’ version of the song. Russell Hitchcock sings the song in a higher key than Bill Medley. In fact, Hitchcock sounds a little unrecognizable in the song. They did a good job with it. Air Supply’s version is just as good as The Righteous Brothers’ version of it.

# 9 – Lost in Love

The next song on our Top 10 Air Supply Songs list is “Lost in Love” from the albums Life Support and Lost in Love. This dreamy song has a soft rock sound. The sultry song is about being in love with his woman. The dynamic duo wants their women to know that they are lost in their love. The love they feel happens suddenly. Here is some trivia about the song. Graham Russell wrote the song in about 15 minutes. It’s one of Russell Hitchcock’s favorite songs.

It’s a simple song because it doesn’t really have much of a chorus. The track just contains a verse and a bridge. The music is soft and gentle. It has melodic guitars and strings. The harmonies are impeccable. The synthesizers are amazing. This song gives Russell and Hitchcock a chance to sing lead together. Their voices contrast with each other. Russell has the lower ranged vocals while Hitchcock has the higher ranged vocals. Their voices blended well together.

# 8 – Sweet Dreams

The rage filled song is from the album The One That You Love. The track is also featured on the Staying Alive soundtrack. The song has a soft rock and adult contemporary sound. The somber song is about seeing the woman he loves in his dreams. If you listen closely to the lyrics, it sounds as if Hitchcock is stalking the woman in the song. Despite that, he manages to make it sound romantic. The songs sounds like something Journey would sing. If it weren’t for Hitchcock’s tenor vocals, it would sound like a Journey song. He gets a chance to show off his vocal ability. He belts throughout the song. He also holds an incredible note after the bridge and the post chorus. The music is beautiful and touching. There is a masterful guitar solo in the bridge that is worth listening to. It gives the song a rock edge. This isn’t one of their signature songs, but it is definitely worth listening to.

# 7 –  Chances

The refreshing song is from the Lost in Love album. The song has a soft rock sound. The touching ballad is about taking risks in love. He wants the woman to take a chance on him and be with him. This song will have you thinking about past relationships. It’s relatable to anyone who wants to do whatever it takes to get the one they love. The music is beautiful and soothing. The musical arrangement is outstanding and gorgeous. The orchestral swell is spine tingling and will put you in a romantic mood despite the subject.

The song is for lovers or anyone who is pining after someone they love. Hitchcock’s vocals are phenomenal. He belts throughout the song. He also holds amazing notes during the song. He sings in time with the music and never misses a beat. He manages to show great restraint when he needed to and let loose at the right time. He didn’t sound too showy since the music was soft in parts. This song isn’t their signature song, but it never gets old.

# 6 – Here I Am

The moving ballad is from the album The One That You Love. It has a soft rock sound. This is a break up song about the duo not being over the women they love. This subject has been covered many times before, but Air Supply managed to make it sound different. They turned this heartbreaking song into a romantic ballad. The song is perfect for someone who has loved and lost in the past. The instrumentation is therapeutic and cathartic. It’s the perfect choice for the somber mood of the song. Hitchcock’s vocals are gorgeous. He pours his heart out while he’s singing the song. He sounds convincing when he is singing about losing the love of his life. He turns this song into a real tearjerker. He manages to stay in character with the story. Every line in the song is beautiful and heartfelt. It’s impossible to imagine anyone else singing a song like this.

# 5 – The One That You Love

The next song on our Top 10 Air Supply Songs list is the incomparable “The One That You Love” from the album of the same name. The song has a soft rock sound. The mellow song is about them declaring their devotion to the ones that they love. The song is a perfect wedding song. It’s easy to imagine someone walking down the aisle while this romantic song is playing. This is one of their biggest hit singles of their careers. The melody of the song is similar to their hit single “All Out Of Love.” The music is soft and soothing.

The violin and keyboard sell the music. The keyboard gives the music an orchestral sound. Hitchcock’s vocals are magical. He pours his heart and soul into the lyrics. His voice sends chills through your body as you listen to him express his feelings for the one that he loves. He doesn’t hold back when it comes to belting or holding notes. His range is absolutely flawless. There aren’t too many male singers who could reach the vocals heights as Hitchcock.

# 4 – Every Woman in the World

This sweet song is from the Lost in Love album. The track has a soft rock sound. This is a sentimental song about the perfect woman. They compare the women to every woman in the world. A song like this one would definitely move women. Women would love to hear beautiful words like that. The music is refreshing. The musical production is excellent and appealing. The band does a wonderful job with the music. It’s just as good as the vocals.

Speaking of the vocals, Russell and Hitchcock sound outstanding together. They take turns with the verses throughout the song. Russell’s deeper vocals and Hitchcock’s higher vocals complimented each other well. Hitchcock wins the vocal battle because his voice is breathtaking. The second he held the note in the chorus, he won the vocal battle. He vocally soared towards the end of the song. Everything about this song works from the beautiful music to the incredible vocals. The chorus was catchy and memorable. It will be an earworm in your head all day long.

# 3 – Making Love Out of Nothing At All

The cynical song is from their greatest hits album. The song has a soft rock sound. The misleading song isn’t necessarily a love song. Hitchcock builds the story of this song in two parts. The first part is describing how he is bitter and jaded about love. He doesn’t have any feelings for the woman in the track. The other part of the song discusses the feelings he has for the woman he loves when she didn’t give him a reason to love him.

The melody of the song is similar to Bonnie Tyler’s “Total Eclipse of the Heart.” The song also sounds like something Meat Loaf would perform. It’s basically because Jim Steinman  who wrote the song also wrote all the great Meat Loaf songs and Bonnie Tyler’s big hit. The orchestral swell of the music is breathtaking. You could get lost listening to the guitar and the piano in the track. Hitchcock’s vocals are fire. He starts the song off softly and then vocally explodes. He takes you on an emotional roller coaster with his vocals. We dare you not to be moved when he hits the high notes towards the end of the song. He has a beautiful instrument and he knows how to utilize it very well.

# 2 – All Out of Love

This emotional song is from the Lost in Love album. The track has a soft rock sound. The pleading song is about a man who wants to reunite with the love of his life. He pleads with her to overlook his wrongdoings and take him back. Most of us have been in this situation and had to decide whether to take the person back or not. Air Supply describes this scenario in great detail. The show stopping music has an orchestral swell. The musician playing the violin is so masterful at it that you would want to learn to play the same way. The piano chords are rhythmic.

What can be said about the incredible vocals? Graham Russell holds his own in the song while he is in it. Russell Hitchcock proved that he is an incredible singer. He holds a note for over 16 seconds without missing a beat. It’s one of the longest held notes in musical history by a male singer. The fantastic note alone is definitely worth giving this song a listen. This song could have easily been number one if it weren’t for the next one on the list.

# 1 – Even the Nights Are Better

The number one song on our Top 10 Air Supply Songs list is “Even the Nights Are Better” from the Now and Forever album. The song has a soft rock sound. This anthemic song is told in two parts. The first part is about him letting the woman he loves get away. The second part is about him finding a new love. This song is absolutely flawless. It has all of the ingredients of a perfect song. The music is romantic and refreshing. The music is slow in the verses and picks up the tempo in the chorus. The music will have you swaying in your seat.

There is a memorable guitar solo just before the bridge. Hitchcock’s vocals are flawless. He shows excellent control over his vocals. He starts the song softly for the first verse. After the first verse, he vocally soars. His voice will take you to a different place. There aren’t enough words to express how outstanding his vocals are in this song. He shows that he is a power balladeer. His high notes are the best part of the song and are not to be missed. This song may not have reached number one on the Billboards charts, but it reached number one on our list.

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