Top 10 Alec Benjamin Songs

Alec Benjamin Songs

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This Top 10 Alec Benjamin Songs list presents the best Alec Benjamin Songs including “Let Me Down Slowly” “Water Fountain,” and many more. Born and raised in Phoenix, Arizona since 1994, Alec Benjamin has been a singer-songwriter that began his career at a professional level in 2013. While still enrolled at the University of Southern California, he signed up with Columbia Records that quickly became dissolved after he submitted his album. This resulted in the nineteen-year-old to self-fund his own tour in Europe, opening for a couple of acts in France and Germany. As a means to promote his music, Benjamin performed in parking lots outside concert venues and handed out business cards to anyone that generated interest.

Generating Fans

During the dance audition of America’s Got Talent during the 2017 of America’s Got Talent, contestant Merrick Hanna used Alec Benjamin’s “I Built a Friend” as backing material while he performed a contemporary dance routine before the audience and the judges. When Hanna performed his part in the quarter-final later in the season, he used Benjamin’s version of “Lost Boy.” Due to Hanna’s favoring of Alec Benjamin’s music that was on national television, the popularity of the young singer-songwriter began to escalate.

In 2019, Benjamin released a mixtape, Narrated For You, which made an appearance on the US Billboard 200 in 2019. This is the recording that featured “Water Fountain” and “Let Me Down Slowly.” As the mixtape’s title suggested, the young artist created a series of “Can I Sing For You?” YouTube videos, all of it featuring his performance to people in public with his acoustic guitar. Also in 2019, Benjamin recorded a cover of Eminem’s song, “Stan,” at the Spotify Studios in New York City.

On May 29, 2020, Alec Benjamin debuted his first album, These Two Windows. It also made an impression on the US Billboard 200 as it charted as high as number seventy-five. In order to promote the album, Benjamin used his YouTube channel to explain the background and lyrics behind some of his songs. He credits Coldplay, Eminem, John Mayer, Jason Mraz, and Paul Simon as the source of inspiration that has influenced his funk-pop music style. In that music, it has mostly revolved around his support of mental health awareness as he’s openly admitted he experiences bouts of social anxiety, as well as dealing with obsessive compulsive disorder (OCD). At the moment, there are two studio albums to Alex Benjamin’s credit, as well as two mixtapes, and nineteen singles.

Top 10 Alec Benjamin Songs

#10 – Mind Is a Prison

When thoughts enter the mind and they refuse to go away, it literally feels like imprisonment. Alec Benjamin’s “Mind Is a Prison” perfectly illustrated this as his lyrical tale strove to escape from what felt like an impossible situation. The storytelling ability from Benjamin is a rare gift so few artists possess. The feel of hopelessness he laid out in his lyrical tale was definitely one to tug at a heart’s strings. From the album, These Two Windows, was the third single released from it in 2019, failing to make a chart appearance upon its release. However, Benjamin’s music was never designed to cater to music critics. It was designed for the fans as his way of releasing an autobiography of himself in a manner that has continued to work beautifully.


#9 – Jesus in LA

From the album, These Two Windows, “Jesus in LA” focused on Alec Benjamin sharing his lyrical expression of feeling alone. Despite scores of people surrounding him, the social awkwardness he felt was told through metaphors as he laid out the reason he came to Los Angeles, California was his hope to find something he couldn’t see. The music video associated with “Jesus in LA” served as a symbolic gesture on Benjamin’s part to visually bring his point across. With over fifteen million views July 16, 2019, this served as video that was a clear favorite with over three hundred thousand fans giving it the thumb’s up.


#8 – Demons

As a singer-songwriter that can relate to the issue of mental health issues, Alec Benjamin may be uniquely qualified to discuss in lyrical format about “Demons.” Whether it’s a biblical point of view or metaphorical, “Demons” always haunt a person when there’s a flurry of issues on the table that may not always be as easy to deal with as originally perceived. From Benjamin’s point of view, he lyrically expressed his hope resting on the one source of sanity that helped him cope with the demons that continually threaten to drag him down.

While he never went into specifics who that person was, some fans have perceived it’s a loved one while others have suggested he sees Jesus as his savior. Either way, “Demons” was a song fans could relate to, as well as see the vulnerable honesty that came from Benjamin as he performed this song. These Two Windows was a recording that focused a great deal on spirituality, song for song, that heavily addressed the issues that played a heavy influence in Benjamin’s music.


#7 – Gotta Be a Reason

Alec Benjamin has a talent to tell a story and make it a heartfelt song that leaves an everlasting impression. For him, it’s not about top-ten hits. It is about quality storytelling. In “Gotta Be a Reason,” the first part was a narration of a traumatized army veteran has to contend with the death of a friend he lost at a war he was fighting. The second part saw a tale of an actress that wasn’t able to make a career out of her dream, therefore settling as a waitress as a means to earn a steady living. The focus of learning to move forward in life no matter what the circumstance is beautifully laid out in lyrical form as Benjamin laid out the storyline from start to finish. “Gotta Be a Reason” came from his album, Narrated for You.


#6 – Outrunning Karma

2018’s Narrated For You was an album that made an everlasting impression on an audience that quickly became loyal fans of Alec Benjamin, each of them refusing to leave his side as devout followers of his music. “Outrunning Karma” not only earned over thirteen million views on YouTube since its release but has seen a slightly darker side to Benjamin that labeled him as more than just a vulnerable-sounding artist. It also made him appear honest as he contended with life choices and how fate always has a knack of catching up with a person, no matter how hard they try to outrun it.


#5 – Oh My God

“Oh My God” was released as a single in 2020 and peaked at number thirty-two on the US Billboard Mainstream Top 40 chart and at number twenty-six on the US Billboard Adult Top 40. From the album, These Two Windows, Alec Benjamin’s lyrical performance served as food for thought as he wondered how things would have turned out for him if he became too famous to remember where he came from. “Oh My God” charted as high as number thirty-two on the US Billboard Pop Songs chart, and at number twenty-six on the US Billboard Adult Pop Songs chart. In the Netherlands, “Oh My God” was a number forty-nine hit on its Ultratip chart.


#4 – Boy in the Bubble

Not released as a single, but incredibly powerful as an influential song and video, “Boy in the Bubble” saw Alec Benjamin share the realities of loneliness that came from bullying experiences while growing up. It was intentionally designed as a means to address the problem of bullying and how it can permanently damage a human being due to the amount of aggression and pain inflicted. The beauty behind Benjamin’s music is the honesty that comes from this musical performance, especially as a lyricist, that knows exactly how to reach an audience that can relate to the story their own way. Like “Boy in the Bubble,” most of the music from Narrated for You focused on relationship experiences that saw the good, the bad, and the ugly.


#3 – If We Have Each Other

“If We Have Each Other” was a song Alec Benjamin wrote for his sister, Logan. Although it did not make an appearance on any official music charts, it did become certified gold with Music Canada and with the Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA) after it was released as a single in 2018. The heartfelt song of a brother’s love for his sister once again illustrated the honesty and vulnerability of Benjamin and his style of music. Among some of the fans, “If We Have Each Other” served as bittersweet memories as they thought about their own siblings and some of the experiences they went through. On Benjamin’s YouTube channel, there were over thirty-two million views, along with comments of fans sharing their stories.


#2 – Water Fountain

The second of three singles from Alec Benjamin’s album, Narrated For You, may not have appeared on any official music charts but did earn a platinum certification from the RIAA since its 2018 release date. The heartbreak of the narrator singing about a love interest he met at the “Water Fountain” was beautifully portrayed as that love interest failed to follow through on a promise she made him. Instead of leaving another love interest of hers in favor for him, she went back to a relationship the saw the narrator rejected. The emphasis of too young to know any better, the lyrical tale struck a chord among many fans that saw over thirty-five million views on Benjamin’s YouTube channel.


#1 – Let Me Down Slowly

“Let Me Down Slowly” was Alec Benjamin’s breakthrough single, which saw nearly nine hundred million streams on Spotify since it was released in 2018. The original version was Benjamin as a solo artist before it was re-released with Alessia Cara. There is also a French version featuring Michael Morin that was released in early 2019. This vulnerable hit became a number one hit with the Czech Republic and Romania on their national music charts, as well as a a top twenty hit among the nations of Belgium, Denmark, Finland, France, Hungary, Ireland, Latvia, Lithuania, Malaysia, the Netherlands, Norway, Portugal, Slovakia, Slovenia, and Switzerland.

On the US Official Singles Chart it peaked at number thirty-one and on the US Billboard Hot 100 at number seventy-nine. Among the nations of Australia, Belgium, Brazil, Denmark, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Sweden, Switzerland, and the U.S., “Let Me Down Slowly” became certified double platinum. In Canada, it was a four-time platinum certification and in the nations of Austria, Netherlands, New Zealand, and the UK, it was single platinum. In France, this single earned a diamond certification and it was certified gold in Germany. The content of a relationship on the skids struck the hearts of many fans as the lyrical plea to his loved one simply asked to be treated just a little more compassion, even if they were on the verge of breaking up as a couple.

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