Top 10 John Mayer Songs

John Mayer Songs

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Representing a rare breed of musicians is John Mayer who is probably one of the most talented in his pop and rock music genre. Unique about John Mayer is his talent in not only singing but writing his songs, playing the guitar at times, and one of the renowned record producers. The 1977 born Connecticut star’s music journey started with attending the Berklee College of Music, Boston. He would, later on, leave Boston for a life with his friend Clay Cook in 1997, with whom they created a two-man band, Lo-Fi Masters. However, with the band not so successful, they split but John Mayer kept his music dream alive by having him play music at local clubs. Probably not a bad start to refine and tune your skills, something that paid off for John Mayer.

With quite a following on his name, John Mayer was tagged in for the South by Southwest Festival in 2001. Following a sublime performance, John Mayer bagged a signing, his first, from Aware records and later on, Columbia Records, where his star shone brighter opening the floodgates of success within no time. With seven Grammys on his name and more than twenty years in the music industry, it is with no doubt that John Mayer is a multi talented music genius. Here we bring you our top 10 John Mayer songs.

# 10 – Heartbreak Warfare

Featured on his 2009 album Battle Studies, John Mayer’s “Heartbreak Warfare” is a ballad to fall for any time. You will have to agree that John Mayer’s lyrical prowess is quite magical. From the beginning to the end of the song, John Mayer oozes quite some true emotions that everyone who has undergone a heartbreak having given all can relate. And thanks to his sublime guitar skills that he showcases thanks to the short instrumental break from his singing right after singing awesomely the chorus the second time. The production which included John Mayer himself and Steve Jordan, who was on the drums too need an applaud for such a sad but thrilling ballad.

# 9 – Gravity

What comes into your mind after hearing the term gravity? If your answer is physics or Isaac Newton, then you haven’t heard the lyrical magic that John Mayer did on the word. You will absolutely love how John Mayer goes low key on his singing and playing the guitar quite soothingly to bring out probably one of the best blues/soft rock ballads of the first decade of the current millennium. As if that’s not enough, John Mayer featured Alicia Keys at the end of the song to spice it up with her great background vocals.

# 8 – Still Feel Like Your Man

When the world seemed quite calm and probably appreciating most of the young artists, John Mayer stole the show with his jam “Still Feel Like Your Man” from his 2017 album The Search for Everything. With the song written about John Mayer’s ex-girlfriend Katy Perry, the message is as plain as the song’s title. Despite all that happens to talk Mayer out of love with her, he felt like his man still. The calm jam is graced by John Mayer’s great vocals and some unique choreography making it a memorable ballad to try to lure your ex back to your life if it suits you.

# 7 – Who Says

Released in 2009 in his album Battle Studies, the song “Who Says” is a gentle acoustic jam where John Mayer expresses his intimate details without shying away from criticism. But surprising enough, the theme of the song pulled in more fans including new ones than critics. The song charges up listeners to face their inner bullies or rather, in this context, the voice that clouds our mind with restrictions of why we should not do something. And there is no better way to face off your inner bully than with John Mayer’s “Who Says.” Be it facing the crush of your life, or implementing whatever ideas in your mind, nothing stops you but your inner bully-free yourself!

# 6 – Half of My Heart

The first time you listen to this song, it automatically dawns on you that John Mayer is quite a force to reckon with when it comes to channeling his emotions through music. And his great composing skills just had him nominated for the Grammys for the Best Male Pop Vocal Performance in 2011 for his solo version of this ballad “Half of My Heart.” More to the great lyrics and vocals by John Mayer, it is with no doubt that featuring Taylor Swift proved quite worthwhile for the song’s bridge which is quite catchy and poetic.

# 5- Daughters

Ushering us to the top five John Mayer songs is an award-winning song having bag John Mayer a Grammy for the Song of year back in 2005. Receiving quite some criticism, this third single from his 2003 album Heavier Things, you might think that it was not deserving all the accolades it bagged. But deep down, the admonition to dads, and in some way moms too, to nurture their daughters during their childhood. John Mayer would go-ahead to reveal that he wrote the song inspired by an ex-girlfriend who had trust issues owing to her absent dad, leading eventually to their split.

# 4 – New Light

Bringing back the disco guitar and blues vibe from the eighties, John Mayer oozes quality in his cheeky but deep-striking lyrics. Premiered back in 2018, John Mayer has proved to be a blues and rock star to watch. While the video might not be a great deal for many, you ought to love this song’s beat and lyrics. Here, John Mayer seems to be pushing hard for a mistress who seems to lure to show her his new him confessing to seeing her too and everything in a new light. Quite a song that might help you show love to an ex-girlfriend you are sure haven’t moved on from your past after you screwed up. She might like the new you, the promises, and the attention you might be willing to offer.

# 3 – Who You Love

Featured in his 2013 sixth studio album Paradise Valley, the song “Who You Love” is a ballad Mayer co-wrote with Katy Perry. The song is quite a ballad thanks to having it gain positive reviews even from critics. Thanks to its message that bring on stage accepting falling in love with whoever we love. Combining the power of the lyrics with the great vocals by both Katy Perry and Mayer, “Who You Love” is a completely great duet that every believer of love should have ringing in his or her ears.

# 2 – Waiting On the World to Change

Released in his 2006 album Continuum, the song “Waiting On the World to Change” is quite a ballad having it enjoy commercial success back in its prime days. As if that was not enough, the song would lead John Mayer to win a Grammy for Best Male Pop Vocal Performance. The jam’s theme centers on the inaction by people in regards to tons of adverse conditions we all go through. Lamenting about corruption amongst other vices in society, John Mayer admits however that the inactions follow lack of power by most.

# 1 – Your Body is a Wonderland

It is the passion for music from a young age that we attribute to the success of John Mayer especially in this song, which is featured in his 2001 album Room for Squares. Written for his first girlfriend back when he was 14, it is with no doubt that Mayer was quite talented in the imagination through which he was able to come up with lyrics that would give him massive fame. Staged alongside Elton John, Sting, and James Taylor, legends in the music game, he managed to steal the show and walk away with the Grammy Award for the Best Pop Vocal Performance with this song. According to Billboards, this ballad showcased John Mayer’s charming, spontaneous singing style, alongside his superb instrumentation.

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