Top 10 Andrew W.K. Songs

Andrew W.K. Songs

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Our top 10 Andrew W.K. Songs list looks at the body of work of an American musician whose music has seen him dubbed the rock and roll party pleasure ambassador. A passion-driven musical pursuit describes the California-born star’s career. His parents introduced him to music at a tender age by taking him to learn the piano at age five. Talent and great enthusiasm guided Andrew W.K. towards taking on music professionally during his teenage years.

By age fourteen, Andrew W.K. established himself as a dependable drummer and keyboardist for several bands. His musical career flourished when he moved from his hometown Detroit, Michigan, to New York. Andrew W.K. has over the years gained a cult following thanks to his energetic performances and spectacular live shows. His songs blend rock and metal genres spiced up with a pinch of pop sound influences.

Andrew W.K.’s Career Beginnings and Breakthrough

After spending some time in several bands, Andrew W.K. decided to go solo in 1999. In 2000, the songster released his first EP, Girls Own Juice through Bulb Records. The LP saw Andrew W.K. appreciate the hard rock sound. Girls Own Juice sounded quite appealing to Dave Grohl, who invited Andrew W.K. to open for Foo Fighters in San Francisco in the same year.

Andrew W.K. issued his second EP, Party Til You Puke, through Bulb Records in 2000.

Party Til You Puke took it from Girls Own Juice’s hedonistic approach. Andrew W.K. terminated his contract with Bulb Records to sign with Island Records.

In 2001, Andrew W.K. issued his first studio album, I Get Wet, through Island Records. The album helped crown Andrew W.K. as a reputable party pleasure ambassador, thanks to its energy-oozing hits whose lyrics gyrated around partying. I Get Wet catapulted the singer into commercial and mainstream success, peaking at number eighty-four on the Billboard 200. “Party Hard,” “She Is Beautiful,” “We Want Fun,” and “Ready to Die” are some of the best Andrew W.K. songs from the LP.

Andrew W.K.’s Album Releases over the Years

Andrew W.K.’s successful debut album aroused his desire to release his second studio album. In September 2003, the singer released his sophomore LP, The Wolf through Island Records. The Wolf was also a success, rising to number sixty-one on the Billboard 200. This marked the band’s most successful album on the Billboard 200.

While The Wolf performed better than I Get Wet in Japan and the US, the story was a little different in other nations. In the UK, for instance, Andrew W.K. recorded a drop on the UK Albums charts from his debut album’s position seventy-one to position one hundred and fifty-two. This is proof that the singer’s debut album is by far his most iconic and career-defining album. “Long Live the Party,” “Tear It Up,” and “Never Let Down” are some of the biggest Andrew W.K. songs from The Wolf.

After cutting ties with Island Records, Andrew W.K. signed a recording contract with Universal Records. Andrew W.K. released his third studio album, Close Calls with Brick Walls, in 2006 through Universal Records.

Close Calls with Brick Walls was met by a poor reception in the US and the UK. However, the album managed to rise to the thirtieth spot on the Japanese Oricon Albums Chart. “I Want to See You Go Wild” and “Not Going to Bed” are some of the musical gems from Close Calls with Brick Walls.

In 2009, Andrew W.K. released his fourth studio album, 55 Cadillac. The album was issued through Ecstatic Peace! and the singer’s label, Skyscraper Music Maker. 55 Cadillac finds Andrew W.K. taking on some new-age sonic influences in addition to his rock sound. The eight-track album was not well received by the singer’s fans. Andrew W.K.’s next release after 55 Cadillac was his 2011 The “Party All Goddamn Night” EP. The seven-track EP featured Andrew W.K.’s cover of Queen’s rendition of Freddie Mercury’s 1985 hit “I Was Born to Love You.”

Andrew W.K. returned in 2018 with his fifth studio album, You’re Not Alone. The album was issued through Sony Music. You’re Not Alone brought back Andrew W.K. to mainstream success, with the album making it to the Billboard 200 at number one hundred and ninety-seven. The album also peaked at number nine on the Billboard Top Hard Rock Albums chart. “Ever Again” and “Music Is Worth Living For” are some of the best Andrew W.K. songs from the album.

God Is Partying is the most recent album released by Andrew W.K. The album was issued through Napalm Records, once home to Abigor, Ye Banished Privateers, Falkenbach, and Monster Magnet. God Is Partying features some of the best Andrew W.K. songs including “Babalon” and I’m in Heaven.” The album managed to rise to position thirteen on the UK Rock & Metal Albums chart.

Andrew W.K.’s Accolades and Legacy

Andrew W.K. has not accumulated tons of accolades to showcase his excellence in the music scene. However, his outstanding live performances, distinctive sound and image, and energy-filled songs have made him one of the most iconic rock and roll stars. Here we present the ten best Andrew W.K. songs from the songster’s six studio albums.

#10 – You’re Not Alone

Ushering us to the top 10 Andrew W.K. songs list is the rip-roaring hit “You’re Not Alone.” The song serves as the album title track to the songster’s fifth studio album. “You’re Not Alone” is one of the songs from the 2017 album inspired by the singer’s fear of failure. This song finds Andrew W.K. opening up about how self-doubt inspires his insuperable personality.

“You’re Not Alone” feels more like Andrew W.K.’s motivational performances, owing to lyrics such as “Make your dreams your destiny.” While most of the singer’s songs (especially during his career beginnings) point towards his hedonistic ways, “You’re Not Alone” is just a dose of Andrew W.K.’s optimism. The singer revealed that the song celebrates the divine beauty of great and bad experiences while keeping up with the need to exhibit resilience at all times.

#9- I Want To See You Go Wild

Uncensored energy is the phrase that fully describes our ninth pick for the ten best Andrew W.K. songs, “I Want To See You Go Wild.” The song introduces us to some of the greatest party anthems from the singer’s 2006 third studio album Close Calls with Brick Walls. “I Want To See You Go Wild” finds Andrew W.K. delivering some inspirational piano tunes as the song begins. The piano-driven tune at the song’s beginning progresses fast into an energetic beat thanks to alluring guitar riffs, Andrew W.K.’s soulful vocals, and tons of noise effects.

#8- Long Live the Party

Our number eight spot on the ten best Andrew W.K. songs goes to the raving hit “Long Live the Party.” The song is one of the most popular Andrew W.K. songs featured on his sophomore release The Wolf. Andrew W.K. keeps up with his party-oriented theme with “Long Live the Party.” The adrenaline-fueled hit “Long Live the Party” is more than just a rock party anthem. It also showcases prominently Andrew W.K.’s hedonistic ways which remain the focal point of his success and personality.

#7- Music Is Worthy Living For

After a seven years break from releasing new music, Andrew W.K. was back with the stunning hit “Music Is Worthy Living For.” The song is featured on the singer’s fifth studio album, You’re Not Alone. With this hit, Andrew W.K. wishes to give his fans some reason to live.

The singer revealed that this song serves as applause for his love for music. Andrew W.K. also revealed that “Music Is Worthy Living For” helps him identify music’s eternal power especially in during hard times. His fans can attest to his claim about music’s mighty ability to magically abate our life problems.

#6- Babalon

Number six on our top 10 Andrew W.K. songs list is the rhythmic hit “Babalon.” The song is among the musical gems featured on the singer’s most recent LP, God Is Partying. This metal-infused rock ballad is Andrew W.K.’s first release since his 2018 LP, You’re Not Alone.

The song’s title pays homage to the goddess from Thelema, an occult system established by Aleister Crowley. “Babalon” is considerably dark compared to party roaring hits. This almost feels like a change of his musical sound to synth-metal. The song features some inspirational instrumentation that complements the singer’s dynamic vocal delivery.

#5- We Want Fun

“We Want Fun” is among the musical gems that bring Andrew splendor in his debut LP, I Get Wet. The song is among the upbeat heavy metal/hard rock-oriented tracks from the album. One of the elements that stand out on this hit is its keyboard-driven hooks. “We Want Fun” is among the glorious keg party hits featured on the official soundtrack of Jackass: The Movie. Other artists featured on the soundtrack include CKY, Slayer, Minutemen, Sir Mix-a-Lot, and The Ramones.

#4- Ever Again

You’re Not Alone is Andrew W.K.’s first “proper” album since his sophomore LP, The Wolf. The album is home to our fourth pick on the biggest hits by Andrew W.K., “Ever Again.” “Ever Again” is an uplifting raucous hit whose lyrics allude to Andrew W.K.’s contemplative moments.

Andrew W.K. described the song as his fantasy where he imagines what it would feel like to finally unravel the true meaning of life. One can’t help but notice how Andrew W.K.’s introspective thoughts about life, in general, helped him cut out a successful album. This came as a surprise for some owing to his party and hedonism-oriented albums. You can feel optimism ooze from “Ever Again” like in most songs from You’re Not Alone.

#3- Never Let Down

Our number three hit for the ten best Andrew W.K. songs is the dazzling hit “Never Let Down” The song is featured on the artist’s sophomore LP, The Wolf. “Never Let Down” is among the first songs to have been the singer’s introduction to less pounding hits on party life. This absolute masterpiece features some great keyboard riffs from Andrew W.K. that complements its lyrical content.

#2- She is Beautiful

“She is Beautiful” is one of the biggest hits ever penned by Andrew W.K. The song is featured on the singer’s debut album, I Get Wet. In the party life, Andrew W.K. finds contentment and uncensored bliss. However, the story was a little different at one of the parties he attended.

In the midst of the party lovers, Andrew W.K. spotted a beautiful lady who caught his attention. Unfortunately, he was quite timid about approaching her only to release this hit in reminiscence of the encounter. “She is Beautiful” was covered by the Finnish melodic death metal band Children of Bodom.

#1- Party Hard

Number one of our top 10 Andrew W.K. songs is the party anthem “Party Hard.” This career-defining hit is featured on I Get Wet. Andrew W.K. released this track after signing a recording contract with Island Records. As the title suggests, “Party Hard” alludes to Andrew W.K.’s party lifestyle.

The song has been featured in several video games and films including Monster University. “Party Hard” managed to rise to number nineteen on the UK Singles Chart. It also made it to the third spot on the UK Rock & Metal chart.

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