Top 10 Angels & Airwaves Songs

Angels & Airwaves Songs

Our top 10 Angels & Airwaves songs introduce us to an American band famed for its alternative rock music. The band’s formation followed after Blink-182 went on hiatus in 2005 after vocalist Tom DeLonge left. However, DeLonge would reignite his musical career with Blink-182 only to part ways again with the band in 2015, six years after he rejoined it. While he might have reunited with Blink-182, DeLonge still continued to record music with his newfound home Angels & Airwaves. The iconic vocalist put together a formidable rock and roll lineup which included former The Distillers bassist Ryan Sinn, former Hazen Street guitarist David Kennedy, and former The Offspring drummer Atom Willard. Without a doubt, the band members’ experience from their previous bands helped Angels & Airwaves hit the ground running.

The band hesitated not to record its debut album thanks to the tons of songs that vocalist DeLonge had prepared right after Blink-182 went on hiatus. A premature release of the band’s songs would follow after a fan e-mail hacked vocalist Tom DeLonge getting away with four demos. Angels & Airwaves debut album We Don’t Need to Whisper was quite a success having it peak at number four on the Billboard 200. While the album was a success, critics went hard on the band following DeLonge’s earlier comments that the album would be the supreme rock and roll insurgency for this generation.

Lineup changes would soon knock with bassist Sinn replaced by former 30 Seconds to Mars bassist Matt Wachter. Matt would also be replaced later by former Thrice bassist Eddie Breckenridge with Matt Rubano being the permanent bassist to the band currently. With Atom Willard leaving the band in 2011, his position was filled by Ilan Rubi, who had played with several bands such as Paramore, Nine Inch Nails, and Lostprophets. While the band is famed for its alternative rock music influence, Angels & Airwaves musical style included some art rock, space rock, and neo-prog. Here are the top 10 Angels & Airwaves songs from the band’s six studio albums.

#10 – Hallucinations

Ushering us to the top 10 Angels & Airwaves songs is the ballad “Hallucinations” from the band’s album Love. Angels & Airwaves followed the steps of Nine Inch Nails and Radiohead in releasing this first single free of charge. The whole album was also released free of charge, with fans given the opportunity to make small donations for the album. “Hallucinations” features some sublime instrumental with awe-inspiring lyrics full of imagery.

#9 – Tunnels

“Tunnels” is one of the best Angels & Airwaves songs from the band’s album The Dream Walker. The band revealed on a post that the song is about life and death, quoting the journey we pursue towards the light once we die. “Tunnels” was penned by vocalist DeLonge and multi-instrumentalist Ilan Rubin who replaced drummer Atom. The song is very personal to Tom DeLonge, having it feature his beliefs in skeptical lyrics written right after his father’s death.

#8 – The Wolfpack

Angels & Airwaves released the hit “The Wolfpack” in their album The Dream Walker. Singer and songwriter Tom DeLonge revealed that the song is a short journey in and out of the numerous teeth of the music business. He continued to explain how the music industry can be a sexy lady on the one hand yet a cruel ax assassin on the other hand.

#7 – Kiss & Tell

“Kiss & Tell” is a beautiful song written by DeLonge, Aaron Rubin, and Ilan Rubin for the band’s album Lifeforms. Singer Tom DeLonge revealed that The Beach Boys inspired the band in making this song having their wish for a song with electronic elements delivered alongside classic rock and pop-punk tunes. The song has its lyrics allude to balancing on the edge of a blade. It highlights the aspect of doing something harmful and might even kill you, yet you are quite passionate about doing it.

#6 – Breathe

Number six on our top 10 Angels & Airwaves songs is the hit “Breathe.” The band members co-wrote the song for release in November 2007 on the band’s album I-Empire. “Breathe” has the narrator wish so much to express feelings of love to someone, but he can hardly do so when the lady is around him. The song is more of a pure ad unadulterated declaration of his love to the lady.

#5 – Do It For Me Now

“Do It For Me Now” is the perfect definition of pleasure and pain served as your liking. The song brings on board the idea of having a girl who is a complete mess for you, but she is the only soul that makes you feel like you’re the only one in the whole world. “Do It For Me Now” was initially written for a rapper by singer and songwriter DeLonge, only released on the band’s album We Don’t Need to Whisper.

#4 – Surrender

The hit “Surrender” takes us Angels & Airwaves album Love: Part Two. Vocalist Tom revealed that the song is solely based on the young revolution channeling the idea that the young people are now speaking their minds. Tom believes that despite living in the worst of times, young souls will celebrate one day. Natalie Taylor has a song of a similar title but different lyrics with her version known to emotional and one of the most popular TikTok songs.

#3 – Secret Crowds

Alternative rock band Angels & Airwaves released the ballad “Secret Crowds” in their sophomore studio album I-Empire. The song is best known for its epic feel and overall quality, having it also feature a sublime intro. “Secret Crowds” was played on BBC Radio 1 for the first time, receiving a positive reception.

#2 – Everything’s Magic

“Everything’s Magic” is yet another release from Angels & Airwaves’ sophomore album I-Empire. The memorable and fun hit features bass lines similar to “Close to Me” by The Cure and guitar riffs similar to David Howell’s work at U2. “Everything’s Magic” peaked at number eleven on the Billboard Hot Rock Tracks.

#1 – The Adventure

Number one of our top 10 Angels & Airwaves songs list is the ballad “The Adventure.” Released on the band’s debut album We Don’t Need to Whisper, “The Adventure” was inspired by DeLonge’s friend whose marriage was falling apart. Singer DeLonge felt touched by their story that he ended up shedding some tears on a certain night. The song has attained immense commercial success, with singer Tom DeLonge stating that it is his favorite song of all time by the band. “The Adventure” peaked at number fifty-five on the Billboard Hot 100.

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