Top 10 April Wine Songs

April Wine Songs

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Our Top 10 April Wine Songs takes a look at a band that hails from Canada and enjoyed great success in the 1970’s and 1980’s. During that successful commercial period, April Wine had seven albums that went Gold. Five of those seven albums also enjoyed Platinum success. The band has enjoyed a long career releasing sixteen studio album from 1971 to 2006. April Wine has also released nine live albums and over 30 singles. Their debut album released in 1971 was entitled April Wine. The band’s original lineup on their debut album consisted of Jim Henman, Ritchie Henman, David Henman and Myles Goodwyn. In 1971, Jim Clench replaced Jim Henman on bass thus beginning a long history of line up changes throughout the band’s career. The one constant has always been Myles Goodwyn.

Over the years, April Wine delivered albums that crossed the genres of pop and rock music. Just like their fellow Canadian bands like Heart and Bachman Turner Overdrive, April Wine was able to find chart success on a mass scale by releasing songs infused with memorable melody lines fueled by a classic rock sound.

Our Top 10 April Wine songs lists takes a look at the band’s entire career, but focuses mostly on their 1970’s and 1980’s periods.

# 10 – Tonight Is A Wonderful Time To Fall In Love

We open our Top 10 April Wine Songs list with a selection from the band’s 1975 album entitled Stand Back. The song “Tonight Is A Wonderful Time To Fall In Love,” was extremely successful in the band’s native country of Canada. The song was a top 10 hit peaking at number five on the Canadian Charts

# 9 – This Could Be The Right One

Some April Wine songs were more pop oriented than others. Similar to a band like 38 Special which would release hard southern rock songs and pure pop songs on the same albums, April Wine balanced their releases between pop and rock. This one was closer to their pop sound. Still it’s a pure gem of a song. “This Could Be The Right One,” was released on the Animal Grace album. The album was released in 1985.

# 8 – Rock Myself To Sleep

This great song and fantastic video just defined the heart and soul on 1980’s rock and roll. MTV played such a tremendous role in the 1980s and you can see the impact that video had on music in this great song. “Rock Myself To Sleep,” was released on the Walking Through The Fire album in 1985.

# 7 – So Bad

This fantastic April Wine song “So Bad,” was released on the band’s fifth album The Whole World’s Goin’ Crazy. The album was released in 1976. On the record, Steven Lang replaced Jim Clench on bass. The song The Whole World’s Goin’ Crazy featured a special appearance by the great Frank Marino on guitar.

# 6 – I Like To Rock

The April Wine song “I Like To Rock,” has always been a fan favorite. Some April Wine fans believe it’s their best song. The song “I Like To Rock,” was released on the album Harder … Faster. The record came out in 1980.

# 5 – You Could Have Been A Lady

“You Could Have Been A Lady,” was released on April Wine’s second album On Record. The album was released in 1972. The song “You Could Have Been A Lady,” was a remake of the Hot Chocolate song that was released only a year earlier.

# 4 – Sign Of The Gypsy Queen

The great track “Sign Of The Gypsy Queen,” was released on the legendary April Wine album The Nature Of The Beast. The album and song were released in 1981.

# 3 -Enough Is Enough

The April Wine song “Enough Is Enough,” was released on The Power Play album in 1982. The song was a big hit in Canada where the band was extremely popular. It did well in The United States also, but it did not match its Canadian success.

# 2 – Roller

As we get close to number one on this top 10 April Wine songs list, we turn to the magnificent track “Roller.” The song was released on the album First Glance. The album was released in 1978. The song was a hit in both the United States and Canada.

# 1 – Just Between You and Me

An easy choice for our number one spot on our top 10 April Wine songs list goes to their classic track, “Just Between You And Me.” The song was released on their Nature of the Beast album. It’s simply one of the most memorable songs of the early 1980’s. It so perfectly defined the crossover sound of pop, rock and southern rock.

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