Top 10 Asking Alexandria Songs

Asking Alexandria Songs

Our top 10 Asking Alexandria songs introduce us to a British band famed for its metalcore sound, which blends in hard rock, heavy metal, post-hardcore, and screamo elements. Asking Alexandria was formed in 2006 by Ben Bruce, who currently serves as the band’s backing vocalist and lead guitarist. Initially, the band was formed and situated in Dubai, where Ben Bruce realized it barely achieve international success. The band settled for the idea of giving its music another shot in England. Ben Bruce added to the band lead vocalist Danny Binns, bassist Joe Lancaster, rhythm guitarist Cameron Liddell, drummer James Cassells, and Ryan Binns on the synth forming a six-piece act.

However, a lineup change saw Asking Alexandria lose bassist Joe Lancaster to With One Last Breath, a metalcore act, and Danny Binns. The band quickly found a replacement for Lancaster, having Sam Bettley take on the bassist role. Asking Alexandria signed a recording contract with Sumerian Records, where the band released its album Stand Up and Scream (2009). The album featured several reputable ballads, including “The Final Episode (Let’s Change the Channel),” “Not the American Average,” and “A Prophecy.” Stand Up and Scream (2009) went on to peak at number four on the Billboard Top Heatseekers Chart and number twenty-four on the Billboard Top Hard Rock Albums Chart. 

Following the album’s success, the band toured the US alongside other bands like Evergreen Terrace, Unholy, For the Fallen Dreams, The Word Alive, and Alesana. Asking Alexandria later released the album Reckless & Relentless (2011), which peaked at number seven on the UK Rock Chart. The album was also successful in Australia, having it peak at number thirty on the Australian Albums Chart, prompting the band to attend the “Soundwave 2011 Festival” in Australia. Lead vocalist Danny Worsnop stated that the album’s sound felt like a blend of Slipknot and Mötley Crüe.

In December 2012, the band went through a scary moment when lead vocalist Danny Worsnop tore his vocal cord. However, he visited the doctor and canceled all events to rest his vocals. After he healed, Asking Alexandria released its album From Death to Destiny (2013). Danny would, later on, announce his departure from Asking Alexandria to focus on his band We Are Harlot. Asking Alexandria was left to pick a new lead vocalist, settling for Ukrainian Denis Stoff, a former member of the metalcore band Make Me Famous. Denis took on the lead vocalist role for nearly all songs in the band’s album The Black (2016).

With differences between Worsnop and Asking Alexandria settled, Worsnop returned to the band forcing Stoff to depart from the band’s lineup. Since Worsnop’s return, the band has released three albums, with the most recent being See What’s on the Inside (2021). While the band has been majorly described as a metalcore act, Ben Bruce revealed in an interview that the band’s sound shifts from album to album. That explains why some of the songs by Asking Alexandria prominently feature elements of electronicore, screamo, post-hardcore, heavy metal, and hard rock. Here are the top 10 Asking Alexandria songs from the band’s seven studio albums. 

#10 – Here I Am

Ushering us to the top 10 Asking Alexandria songs is the melodic hit “Here I Am.” The song is featured on the band’s album The Black (2016), with vocals delivered by Denis Stoff. “Here I Am” starts with Ben Bruce’s statement, “In a world tainted by hate and negativity, stand out, shine bright, and always be proud of who you are.” The song is a straightforward anthem towards embracing self-confidence. “Here I Am” peaked at number eleven on the Billboard Mainstream Rock Chart.

#9 – Alone in A Room

“Alone in A Room” is one of the greatest releases from the band’s 2017 eponymous album. The song alludes to lead vocalist Danny Worsnop’s psychological condition. “Alone in A Room” has its video show Danny attempting in vain to connect with his fellow band members. The song blends pop, alternative rock, and post-hardcore to deliver a unique sound from the band.

#8 – Closure

Reckless & Relentless (2011) featured some of the best ballads from Asking Alexandria. One of the great songs from the album is the ferocious and incendiary hit “Closure.” The song is delivered in a strong melody that affirms Asking Alexandria’s brilliance on the instruments. “Closure” finds the band balancing its metalcore sound with some prominent hard rock sounds.

#7 – Into The Fire

“Into The Fire” finds the band coming back even stronger with the return of its past lead vocalist Danny Worsnop who believed that Denis Stoff was just ‘warming his seat.’ The song alludes to finding ways of transforming one’s character flaws and other shortcomings into strongholds. Like most of the songs in the band’s 2017 eponymous album, “Into The Fire” was about Worsnop’s life. The song blends punchy and down-tuned rhythms with Danny Worsnop’s clean and melodic vocals in what feels like the band’s shift to an alternative rock sound. “Into The Fire” peaked at number thirteen on the Billboard Mainstream Rock Chart.

#6 – A Prophecy

Number six on our top 10 Asking Alexandria songs is the tuneful hit “A Prophecy.” The song is one of the iconic releases from the band’s metalcore and post-hardcore album Stand Up and Scream (2009). The song’s intro shows how Worsnop’s scars serve as a constant reminder of where he comes from, signifying how strong he has been even though the past doesn’t seem to fade. “A Prophecy” features Asking Alexandria playing instruments in a dark alley on a stormy day.

#5 – I Won’t Give In

“I Won’t Give In” was the first song to feature Denis Stoff, an ex-member of Make Me Famous as the lead vocalist following the short departure of Worsnop. The song was featured on the band’s album The Black (2016). Ben Bruce would not hide his disappointment in the parting of lead vocalist Danny Worsnop with this song’s lyrics pointing towards the sad yet inevitable departure. The song charted at number sixteen on the Billboard Mainstream Rock Chart.

#4- The Death of Me

The uplifting messages in songs like “The Death of Me” from the band’s album From Death to Destiny (2013) signified the evolution of the band to greater lyrical content. The song deals with Danny Worsnop’s past experiences and struggles with drug abuse. While drug abuse had Danny live a horrendous life, he reveals that he was depressed and struggled with the tough-touring time with Asking Alexandria. He uses this song to defiantly refuse to let drugs be his cause of death, signifying rejuvenation to a better life. Asking Alexandria released several versions of the song whose lyrics differed a little bit.

#3 – The Black

While vocalist Denis Stoff might have had a short career in Asking Alexandria, he left quite a mark having him featured on some of the best Asking Alexandria songs of all time. The young and energetic singer blends guttural growls and clean vocals in “The Black,” the album titled song of the band’s 2016 album. Ben Bruce adds glamour to the song with his backing vocals having the two deliver an awe-inspiring outro to the song.

#2 – The Final Episode (Let’s Change the Channel)

“The Final Episode (Let’s Change the Channel)” remains one of the greatest Asking Alexandria songs from the album Stand Up and Scream (2009). The song was certified gold by RIAA, proving how greatness in the metalcore scene. While the song is classified as a metalcore ballad, it features electronicore sounds that make it unique. Worsnop revealed that the song is about people who are not good to deal with whom you wish to avoid. 

#1 – Moving On

Number one on our top 10 Asking Alexandria songs list is the hit “Moving On,” a power ballad featured on the band’s album From Death to Destiny (2013). The song finds the band expressing to the world the sacrifice it takes to become a star on the stage. Asking Alexandria also reveal what it takes to maintain one’s glory on the stage citing all toxic coping mechanism used by some artists and how to overcome them. The band is not shy to point on the ill attitude its members possessed for a long time showing the transition from reckless living to an inspirational lifestyle.

Feature Photo: Stefan Bollmann, Attribution, via Wikimedia Commons

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