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Asphyx Songs

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Our top 10 Asphyx songs introduce us to a Dutch band best known for its influence on death metal. The band was established in 1987 by Tonny Brookhuis and Bob Bagchus, who later added guitarist Eric Daniels and bassist and vocalist Chuck Colli to the band’s lineup. Asphyx went on to release the demo Enter the Domain, which would later be recorded as an album. However, the album was never released following problems with the record label. At this time, the band had already changed its lineup, losing Brookhuis and replacing Chuck with Theo Loomans. The band would later include former Pestilence band member Martin van Drunen into its lineup. Asphyx would also sign with Century Media Records, with whom the band released its debut album, The Rack. The band went on tour in 1992 with Benediction and Bolt Thrower in a quest to popularize its music.

With yet another original member, Bagchus leaving the band, Asphyx was shaken and ended up disbanding in 1994 after the release of its eponymous album. However, Bagchus and Loomans revived the band, releasing the album God Cries, followed by Embrace the Death, which the band had recorded back in 1990. The band faced yet another setback with the death of Loomans after an accident that was suggested to be a suicide act. Bagchus, Daniels, and singer and bassist Wannes Gubbels would some while later form Soulburn releasing the album Feeding on Angels. However, the band rolled back to the name Asphyx but disbanded again in 2000. Seven years down the line, the band reunited and released a cover of Celtic Frost’s song “Death… The Brutal Way.” Sadly, after years of trying to put together Asphyx, Bagchus parted ways with the band leaving no original member in its lineup having him replaced by Stefan Hüskens. Here are the top 10 Asphyx songs from the band’s ten studio albums.

#10 – Evocation

Ushering us to the top 10 Asphyx songs is the ballad “Evocation.” The song was released in 1991 for the band’s album The Rack. The song’s intro is something you don’t get to hear each day, having it feature a unique magnificent instrumental. “Evocation” is a death metal song that features some doom elements prominently. Even though the song was released three decades ago, the song remains one of the best metal songs from this Dutch band.

#9 – Serenade in Lead

“Serenade in Lead” is an outstanding metal song from the band’s album Last One on Earth. The vocals in this song are more intense than most other Asphyx songs. Thanks to the song’s sublime intro that “Serenade in Lead” invites you to the song’s metal vibes. The growls in the song might leave you in a smoldering mood! Credit to Eric Daniels and Martin van Drunen for the song’s sublime lyrics.

#8 – Last One on Earth

“Last One of Earth” is an album-titled song from the 1992 Asphyx album. The song lyrics were penned by Eric Daniels and Martin van Drunen with the song recorded in Harrows Studios, Netherlands. The song’s lyrics can be described as disturbing, having them sound quite hopeless. While modern death metal growling might be awe-inspiring, the vocals in this song feel even more superior. Within the seven-minute song, “Last One on Earth” features some of the best guitar solos by the death metal band.

#7 – The Krusher

Just like fine wine is Martin van Drunen’s vocals having them get better with time. In the song “The Krusher,” Van Drunen is beautifully brutal, making him one of the most epic death metal vocalists. “The Krusher” brings some fresh kind of heaviness in the band’s album Last One on Earth.

#6 – Botox Implosion

Number six on our top 10 Asphyx songs list is the ballad “Boston Implosion.” The song was released in the band’s most recent tenth album Necroceros. “Botox Implosion” is a fast shredding ballad whose lyrics were penned in a humorous death metal gore tradition. While the band wished to film the song in the US, Asphyx ended up filming the song in Essen due to the pandemic. Frontman Martin van Drunen feels that “Botox Implosion” possesses a brutal tune that helps bring the song’s death metal style to life.

#5 – Candiru

When horror/thriller Piranha was released in 2010, many people were quite astonished to know that this fish species could attack humans. It is not a coincidence that the Amazon basin is home to another fish species that can harm the human race. Asphyx composed “Candiru” for the band’s album Incoming Death, with its lyrics showing how hazardous this parasitic fish can be.

#4 – The Nameless Elite

“The Nameless Elite” is a magnificent song from the band’s tenth studio album Necroceros. Asphyx’s frontman Martin van Drunen revealed that the song lyrics allude to modern-day warfare. The song points especially to the brave humans in many elite units internationally that are key in helping fight any kind of terror. Martin mentions that the band takes on every subject concerning war without glorifying it since war is hell.

#3 – Forerunners of the Apocalypse

Death metal pioneers Asphyx released the ballad “Forerunners of the Apocalypse” for their ninth studio album Incoming Death. The song features some groovy death metal vibes with some bulbous guitar riffs. You can’t help but love Martin van Drunen’s howls in this song. The song is delivered in an almost perfect video thanks to a sublime display that stands out from other songs’ videos.

#2 – Death the Brutal Way

“Death the Brutal Way” was featured on the band’s album Death…The Brutal Way, which was the band’s first album release in nine years. Martin van Drunen continues to amaze with his vocals that complement the heavy pounding death metal vibes. You ought to love the guitar riffs and the song’s tempo when the song reaches the fortieth second of the third minute. The song’s end is as sublime as the start, having it end without warning leaving you wanting more of Martin’s vocals.

# 1- Deathhammer

Number one of our top 10 Asphyx songs is the hit “Deathhammer.” The song was featured in the band’s eighth studio album Deathhammer, the last to feature founding member Bagchus. Bagchus stated that his departure was triggered by his desire to spend more time with his family. The whole song’s performance makes Asphyx an epic death metal band. Mentioning the awe-inspiring vocals by Martin van Drunen might be a cliché by now. However, not doing so might feel like an offense having him deliver perfect vocals with neither extreme nor overly screams.

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