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Avett Brothers Songs

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Our Top 10 Avett Brothers Songs list takes a look at a popular independent rock band from North Carolina. They are known for recording bluegrass, country, pop, rock, honky tonk, folk and indie rock music. Their style is similar to artists such as Buddy Holly, and The Beatles. They have been in the music business since 2000 so they have been around a long time. The group consists of members Scott Avett (lead vocalist, banjo, guitar and piano), Seth Avett (lead vocalist, guitar and piano), Bob Crawford (bass, violin and background vocals) and Joe Kwon (cello and background vocals). Some of their singles include “Ain’t No Man,” “Live and Die,” “Another Is Waiting,” “I and Love and You,” “True Sadness,” “February Seven,” “Victory,” “November Blue,” “High Steppin’” as well as others.

Scott and Seth Avett played music together when they were kids. They got their start in music when they formed a rock band in college called Nemo. They released three albums. The albums didn’t make them household names so they broke up. They formed another band called The Avett Brothers. They released their self-titled album in 2000. The album consists of six songs. It features the songs “Kind of in Love,” “My Lady and the Mountain,” “Those Green Eyes,” “Feb. 20, 2000,” “Let Myself Live” and “I Love You Still.”

Country Was came out in 2002. It features the singles “November Blue,” “Pretty Girl From Matthews,” “Jennie and the Summer Day,” “A Lot of Moving, “My Losing Bet,” “Beside the Yellow Line,” “Old Wyom” and “Closing Night.” Carolina Jubilee was released in 2003. It features the songs “Sorry Man,” “Pretty Girl from Raleigh,” “Do You Love Him,” “I Killed Sally’s Lover,” “My Last Song to Jenny” and “Walking for You.” “Mignonette was released in 2004. The album features the songs “Swept Away,” “Signs,” “Hard worker,” “Please Pardon Yourself,” “Pretty Girl at the Airport,” “One Line Wonder” and “The Day That Marvin Gaye Died.”

Four Thieves Gone: the Robinsville Sessions came out in 2006. The album peaked at number 12 on the Vinyl albums charts. It features the singles “Colorshow,” “Sixteen in July,” “A Lover Like You,” “Pretend Love,” “Matrimony,” “The Fall” and “Four Thieves Gone.” Emotionalism was released in 2007. It peaked at number one on the Heatseekers charts, number 13 on the Independent charts, and number 134 on the Billboard 200 charts. It features the tracks “The Weight of Lies,” “The Ballad of Love and Hate,” “All My Mistakes,” “Living of Love,” “I Would Be Sad” and “Go to Sleep.” I and Love and You was released in 2009. The album peaked at number one on the Folk album charts, number seven on the rock charts, and number 16 on the Billboard 200 charts. It features the singles “I and Love and You,” “Head Full of Doubt/Road Full of Promise,” “January Wedding,” “The Perfect Space,” “Laundry Room” and “Slight Figure of Speech.”

The Carpenter was released in 2012. The album peaked at number two on the Folk charts, number three on the rock charts and number four on the Billboard 200 charts. The singles are “Live and Die,” “February Seventh,” “Winter in My Heart,” “Through My Prayers,” “I Never Knew You,” “Life” and “Down with the Shine,” Magpie and the Dandelion came out in 2013. The album peaked at number one on the Folk charts, number three on the rock charts, and number five on the Billboard 200 charts. It features the songs “Another is Waiting,” “Vanity,” “Morning Song,” “Never Been Alive,” “Good to You,” “Bring Your Love to Me” and “The Clearness is Gone.” The album sold over 171,000 copies.

True Sadness was released in 2016. It peaked at number one on the rock and Folk charts and number three on the Billboard 200 charts. It was the best-selling album for the week. It sold 43,000 copies during its debut week on the charts. It features the singles “True Sadness,” “Ain’t No Man,” “No Hard Feelings,” “You Are Mine,” “I Wish I Was,” “Victims of Life” and “Divorce Separation Blues.” Closer Than Together was released in 2019. It peaked at number two on the Folk charts, number four on the rock charts, and number 28 on the Billboard 200 charts. It features the singles “High Steppin’,” “Bleeding White,” “Tell the Truth,” “Long Story Short” and “Better Here.” The band recorded other albums and compilations during their career.

The Avett Brothers are a popular independent band. They are an eclectic band that sings a variety of different genres. They don’t want to be known for just one style of music. They weren’t an overnight success. They worked hard to get what they’ve achieved. They managed to record a lot of albums in the time they were together. Our Top 10 Avett Brothers Songs list will consist of their best songs. Which song do you think will be number one?

# 10 – High Steppin’

The first song on our Top 10 Avett Brothers Songs list is “High Steppin’” from the Closer Than Together album. It has a pop and bluegrass sound to it. The dark song is about taking risks in life. This song gave the band a chance to have a crossover track. The lyrics have dark undertones about life. The band wanted to spread a political message without coming off preachy. They felt like too many artists were doing political messages, but they didn’t want to go overboard doing it. They wanted to talk about something real.

The Avett Brothers wanted to tell the listeners what would happen if people gamble with their lives. Here is some trivia about the song. The Avett Brothers wanted to make the song sound like a typical country song. They decided to play around with the song and make it sound different from traditional country music. It was a good choice for the band to make because the song can appeal to fans of multiple genres. The title of the song is misleading. It would lead you to believe that it’s about square dancing, but it has a deeper meaning. The music is catchy and upbeat. There’s no way to sit still through it.

The fiddle and synth compliment each other well in the instrumentation. The bass and drums are in sync with each other. They come together to make an amazing song. Scott Avett belts throughout the song. He sings in time with the beat changes. Scott and Seth Avett sing the chorus together. They make you want to sing along with them. Seth Avett chose to do a spoken word section in the song. It wasn’t necessary to add the spoken word part of the song. It takes away from the rest of the track. Other than that, the song is worth checking out.

# 9 – November Blue

The next song on our Top 10 Avett Brothers Songs list is “November Blue” from the Country Was album. The song has a country, folk and rock sound. The raw song is about a man who falls in love with a woman, but he’s not sure if she returns his feelings. He wants to let her know how he feels about her. He wonders what he did wrong. He questions what he did wrong to cause her to leave him.

This song is relatable to anyone who is dealing with a breakup. People tend to question themselves and wonder what they could have done differently to avoid losing the people they love. This song is like peeking into a personal journal. It tells a story about a man’s regret about losing the woman he loves. The lyrics are meaningful and emotional. The music is simple and understated. The music mainly consists of the piano and the guitars. The beat is somber to match the subject of the song.

The music will touch your heart. The understated beat gives you a chance to focus Scott and Seth Avett’s vocals. They wear their hearts on their sleeves as they describe the sour relationship. They sound sincere and the pain is fresh. You can hear the pain in their voices as they talk about the lost love. Scott Avett sings the majority of the song while Seth provides the harmonies. It was a good contrast because Scott Avett sings in a higher pitch while Seth Avett sings in a lower pitch. Their voices blend well together.

# 8 – Victory

The contemplative song is from The Third Gleam album. The song has a folk and country sound. The social song is about what’s going on in the world. They talk about violence, racism, poverty, redemption as well as other social issues going on in the world today. The song is told in parts. In the first part, they talk about all of the problems in the world. In the second part, they talk about how to fix the problems of the world. This song is what listeners need to hear today. These problems still exist in the world today. In fact, these problems are at an all-time high so this is the perfect track to listen to that covers these subjects.

The band wanted to write about something real and they delivered on that. A lot of artists write social songs, but the Avett Brothers managed to bring something different to the table. They talked about the problems in the world, and they wanted to talk about being hopeful they would end. The song has a deep message. It’s moving and inspiring. The song is poetic. It is stripped down to an acoustic style. The music is melancholy and it fits with the subject. The music is just the brothers playing acoustic guitar. Scott and Seth Avett sing the song in harmony. They sing the majority of the song together. Their voices blend well together. Seth Avett sings the lead vocals while Scott Avett joins in on the harmonies.

# 7 – February Seven

The poetic song is from The Carpenter album. The song has a folk, country and rock sound. The conceptual song is about redemption. The story is about searching for the meaning of life. They talk about chasing after things they want in life. They discuss how the things they chase could be harmful to them. They realize the things they want won’t make them happy. The Avett Brothers also talk about taking a journey to discover why we are here. Artists don’t usually discuss this type of theme.

The name of the song is unique. You would never know what it was about based on the name. The band wants to take the listeners on a journey about life. They wrote about a topic you won’t hear from other artists. The band wants to write about original things. The music blends country and folk together with rock mixed in it. It was an interesting combination that worked out for them. The music starts softly and then it musically explodes. The arrangement gets more intense as the song continues. The cello is the driving force behind the beat. The thumping drumbeat gives the song tempo. The guitar riffs are out of this world. They sing in time with the beat. The Avetts sing together throughout the song. They take turns singing in their higher and lower registers. They pour their hearts out while they sing the lyrics.

# 6 – True Sadness

The meaningful song is from the album of the same name. The song has a folk, alternative, country and Americana sound. The introspective song is about seeing things from a different point of view. A person may seem okay until you look deeper and see the person may have problems. They question what’s beneath the surface. They ask if a person is more than they seem to others. The lyrics are full of depth. The band wants you to look beyond the image of a person.

The message has real heart to it. One story is about a kid who drinks heavily. The kid grows up to be an adult who drinks. They also talk about a character named Angela and how men are sexualizing her. They want to know if she’s more than just the way she looks. She’s a person with feelings. The band discusses a man who discovers religion. The song has a story for everyone. This is a creative take on judgment. The music is misleading because it’s upbeat and the lyrics are melancholy. The music keeps the song from being depressing.

The song has an old school sound even though it was recorded in the 2000s. It sounds like something that was recorded back in the day. The brothers sing the song with soul. They sing in higher pitches than our previous entries. One brother usually sings in his lower register while the other sings in his upper register. In this song, they both sing in their higher registers. This song is worth checking out even if it’s just for the message behind it.

# 5 – Head Full of Doubt/Road Full of Promise

The next song on our Top 10 Avett Brothers Songs list is “Head Full of Doubt/Road Full of Promise” from the I and Love and You album. The song has a folk and rock sound. The reflective song is about courage and realization. The band takes you to places you haven’t been before lyrically. The song is about anxieties and conflicts. They don’t want their listeners to be held down by self-doubt and insecurities. They want them to rise about their insecurities and not allow them to hold them back.

This ballad will touch your heart. They write lyrics that will reach into your soul. If you ever doubt whether you could do something, this song will inspire you to do it. They want you to push yourself to get past your obstacles and reach your destination. They are telling you that you are basically getting in your own way. If you let go of your “doubts”, you can get what you want. The song gives you hope. The music is infectious. The piano and guitar are the driving forces behind the music. They will put you in a trance. The drums are an added bonus for the listeners.

The Avetts pour their hearts out in the song. They belt throughout the track to keep up with the music. They sing this song in their lower registers. They know when to project and when to pull back. They show incredible vocal control. The only complaint is that it doesn’t have a smooth ending. The song ends abruptly without any warning.

# 4 – I And Love and You

The moving song is from the album of the same name. The song has a folk and rock beat. The melancholy song is about the difficulty of telling someone they love them. It doesn’t have to be about a couple. It could be about a relationship between family members. Some people have difficulty expressing how they feel about others. The song tackles how hard it is to express yourself. They express how hard it is to say those three little words. The song is carefully crafted as they express how hard it is to be accepted and loved. This is one of the band’s most popular songs and it’s easy to see why that’s the case. The music is moving and cathartic.

It has an acoustic sound that is smooth and sentimental. We dare you not to be moved by the instrumentation. The music will touch your heart. This ballad will metaphorically take you to places you haven’t been before. The brothers shine once again on this track. Their vocals are tender and sweet which was what was needed to sell the song. Both of them show vulnerable sides while they are singing the song. They let their guards down to showcase their softer side and it worked beautifully.

# 3 – Another Is Waiting

The anthemic song is from the Magpie and the Dandelion album. It has a folk and rock sound. The thoughtful song is about rejecting shallowness. They talk about people being told that you have to look a certain way in order to succeed. They don’t want you to think you have to be perfect in order to be accepted in the world. The lyrics are about a woman with an eating disorder. They are letting you know that someone will take your place in the world. The band is right at home with lyrics like these. They want you to look beyond the superficial and focus on emotional connections.

This topic isn’t covered much in music so it was great they chose to sing about a touchy subject. This song is in the band’s wheelhouse. They tend to write about looking beyond the looks and superficial things. They are geniuses when it concerns lyric writing. They know how to write songs that will make you feel things inside and connect with the listeners. They tackle subjects no other artists tackle. The banjo and drums drive the song.

The music is fitting for the theme. The music pulls you in right along with the lyrics. Scott and Seth Avett knew what they were doing when they were singing this track. They hold your attention until the song ends. The music is loud and they can keep up with it. The heavy instrumentation doesn’t drown them out. This song is definitely worth checking out.

# 2 – Live And Die

The longing song “Live And Die,” is from The Carpenter album. It has a folk, country and rock sound. The vocals at time sound a little like Paul McCartney singing country. The yearning song is about a man who is in love with a woman who doesn’t know he exists. He wants the woman to know that he’s alive. He wants to prove to her that he’s alive. He wants to find her so he could tempt her. This song is relatable if you have feelings for someone and the person doesn’t know you exist.

The Avett Brothers know how to write songs that people can relate to just like bands like Lynyrd Skynyrd and The Allman Brothers Band did.  It’s as if they are inside everyone’s heads when they write their lyrics. They know exactly what to say in their songs that will make you think. The lyrics are poetic and meaningful. If you listen to the lyrics, you will notice they all rhyme. The banjo dominates the music. The guitar and violin are featured on the track as well. This song will please the band’s fans and maybe attract new ones. The song has enough of a beat to allow you to dance to it. The song has a cool vibe.

It’s good for relaxing and that’s surprising considering the theme of the song. The Avett Brothers don’t disappoint when it concerns their vocals. They sing the song in a way that will have you singing along with them. They sing in their upper registers. As usual, they harmonize well with each other. They hold little notes in the song. It was good to hear them hold notes on the track.

# 1 – Ain’t No Man

The number one song on our Top 10 Avett Brothers Songs list is “Ain’t No Man,” from the True Sadness album. It has a folk, rock and country beat. The empowering song is about overcoming challenges in everyday life. This track is the band’s first number one song on the Billboard 200 charts. The lyrics are inspirational. They talk about feeling confident. This song will help you if you are having trouble feeling confident on your own.

It gives you the courage to keep going. This is the type of song that will make you feel empowered. This is the type of song The Avett Brothers’ are known for crafting. They wrote the lyrics in a way that don’t come off cocky. If you are feeling insecure, this song will help build up your confidence. The music is off the charts. The song mixes folk, rock and gospel music. It features handclaps throughout the song. The handclaps are similar to Queen’s “We Will Rock You.” It will have you joining in with the handclaps. The rest of the music will have you out of your seat and on the dance floor.

The energetic beat is perfect for the lyrics. The beat gives the song an upbeat sound. The brothers sound great on this track. They make you want to sing along with them. They are trying to take you to church with this song. The song is an earworm that will stay in your head long after it’s done. The song deserves to be a number one hit and number one on our list.

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