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Buckcherry Songs

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Our Top 10 Buckcherry songs list takes a look at a band formed in 1995 in Anaheim, California. Buckcherry is a Grammy nominated American rock band. Buckcherry has recorded eight studio albums, one video album, thirty-five music videos, one live album, and twenty-eight singles. Their ninth studio album has a release date of June 25, 2021. All of their albums are available on compact disc or as a digital download. Lead singer Josh Todd and guitarist Keith Nelson were introduced by a tattoo artist that has done work on both of them. Jonathan Brightman joined as the bassist and Devon Glen played the drums. Buckcherry released two albums before the band split in 2002; Buckcherry was released in 1999 and in 2001 they released Time Bomb. In 2005 Buckcherry was reformed, this time with new members; Xavier Muriel, Stevie D., and Jimmy Ashhurst.

In April 2006 Buckcherry released the album 15. September 2008 brought fans Black Butterfly. Their fifth studio album, All Night Long, was released in August 2010. Confessions hit music stores in February 2013 and their seventh studio album, Rock ‘n’ Roll was released in August 2015. March 2019 brought Buckcherry fans their eighth album, Warpaint. June 2021 will give us all the release of their newest studio album, Hellbound.

With so many outstanding albums, how do you focus on just the Top 10 Buckcherry Songs? It wasn’t easy, but here they are!!

#  10 – Carousel

We open up our Buckcherry songs list with the great song Carousel. Buckcherry is one of those bands that brings the best of the 1970s into their music. From bands like the Rolling Stones to the Kinks to Aerosmith, Buckcherry was clearly inspired by the best of the classic rock bands.

# 9 – Dead

Our number nine song on the Top 10 Buckcherry Songs, peaked at number seventeen in December 2010. “Dead” is from their fifth studio album, All Night Long. This is Buckcherry’s most impressive album, out of the five that they had done to this point. It is true rock ‘n’ roll! “Dead” was released in October 2010. The song opens with an astounding guitar solo and Josh comes in with his unique sounding vocals. “Dead” is a very hard rockin’ song with a ton of energy. Another absolutely amazing guitar solo brings electricity to the middle of the song. This is one that definitely needs cranked up.

# 8 – Next 2 You

“Next 2 You” is from the 4x platinum album 15, which was released in 2006. The album was released in Japan in October 2005. This was their first album with the new members and it flew off of the shelves. “Next 2 You” is the second single from the 15 album. The song peaked at number eighteen on the charts in November 2006. It is an uptempo song with catchy lyrics. “Next 2 You” has received outstanding reviews from fans all over the world. It sounds just a little more “pop” than the number ten song, but gets a huge thumbs up from me.

# 7 – Rescue Me

Landing in the number eleven position on the charts in April 2009, “Rescue Me,” is from Buckcherry’s fourth studio album Black Butterfly. The album was released in September 2008. “Rescue Me” came about while Josh was reading the book, “A Child Called It,” A true story about horrific child abuse, wrote by David Pelzer. The child abuse that he endured was heartbreaking. The song was also used by the WWE as the theme song for the pay-per-view, Judgement Day. “Rescue Me” is a hard rockin’, upbeat, and intense dedication to what Mr. Pelzer went through. An amazing guitar riff and the unique vocals from Josh give a lot of depth and energy to the lyrics.

# 6 – All Night Long

From the fifth studio album, All Night Long, comes a song that “shows and tells” what is is like to attend a Buckcherry concert, live, in your town. “All Night Long” was the first single released from the album and it peaked at number ten on the charts in August 2010. The song is fun, energetic, and simple. Keith Nelson actually used an acoustic guitar, in his kitchen, when he wrote the riff in the song. “All Night Long” is an upbeat, catchy song with an energetic video of the band to accompany it. Again, a list of praise and positive reviews from fans; they absolutely love the song and Buckcherry.

# 5 – Ridin’

Peaking at number nine in April 2001, “Ridin'” is from the second studio album released by Buckcherry. Time Bomb was released in March 2001. This is the final album to feature Devon Glen and Jonathan Brightman. Pure rock ‘n’ roll, explicit lyrics, killer guitar solo, and a massive amount of energy. Just what Buckcherry fans love and look forward to, with every song that is released. Josh is an outstanding front-man. He is always moving, dancing, and doing his own thing during live performances and videos. He brings so much energy to the show, it makes you want to get up and dance with him.

# 4 – Too Drunk

Coming in at the number four spot on our Top 10 Buckcherry Songs list is the track “Too Drunk.” The song is from the Black Butterfly album that was released in 2008. The song hit number seven on the charts and remained on the charts for eighteen weeks. “Too Drunk” is Buckcherry’s eleventh single and was the first one released off of the Black Butterfly album. The song represents Josh Todd’s wild youth; too much partying and too much drinking. It is a fairly raunchy song with some explicit lyrics. The song is catchy, upbeat, and the video is awesome. Although not really my cup of tea, Buckcherry’s die-hard fans, love it.

# 3 – Everything

This is the third single released from Buckcherry’s third studio album, 15. “Everything” is the band’s eighth single released. The song is centered around a non-working relationship. “Everything” is one of Buckcherry’s best hits. On the Mainstream Rock Tracks it hit number six. It was number twenty-three on Modern Rock Tracks, and seventeen on the Bubbling Under Hot 100. A lot of fans can relate to this song and give it high praise. Not quite as soft as a ballad, but much lighter than a lot of Buckcherry’s music. “Everything” is an intense, underrated song that definitely should have received much more airplay than it did.

# 2 – Sorry

This song is also from the album 15, which is a four-time platinum album. “Sorry” is the fifth and final single released off of the album. Josh Todd wrote this song for his wife; being in the business puts such a strain and so much stress on the relationship. This is an intense ballad that is still very popular today, one that so many people all over the world can relate to in one way or another. “Sorry” reached number nine on the Billboard 10. The video is also intense, featuring a couple in a heated fight; ultimately breaking up. You can hear the emotion and sincerity in Josh’s vocals.

# 1 – Lit Up

Off of the debut album, Buckcherry, comes our number one song on the Top 10 Buckcherry Songs, list. The debut album was released in April 1999. Buckcherry released four singles from the album, one of them being “Lit-up.” The song is the bands first song to reach number one on the Mainstream Rock Tracks chart. Josh Todd wrote the song around his first experience with cocaine. He had friends in school, who knew people, and you know how it goes from there. It was fun, until it wasn’t. “Lit-up” is a hard rockin’ song that is upbeat and extremely popular with their fans.

There you have it, Buckcherry fans, the Top 10 Buckcherry Songs. I am sure some of you would put them in a different order and would probably switch a few out with others, but that is OK. We all have our favorites and there is nothing wrong with that. Make sure you set your calendar for June 25, 2021 and the release of Buckcherry’s newest album, Hellbound. You can also visit their website,, and pre-order the album today. While you are there, check out their upcoming tour dates for 2021.



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