Top 10 Buffalo Springfield Songs

Buffalo Springfield Songs

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Our Top 10 Buffalo Springfield songs list takes a look at a band that released only three studio albums in the 1960s. However, the three albums had a very a deep impact on rock and roll. That impact led the band to be inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in 1997. The band Buffalo Springfield also served as a launching pad for many of the band’s members who would go on to have legendary rock and roll careers over the next 50 years. Buffalo Springfield guitarist vocalist and songwriter would go on to form Crosby Stills & Nash as well as enjoying a successful solo career. Neil Young would go on to become one of rock and roll greatest artists and also spend time as a member of Crosby Stills Nash & Young. Richie Furay would form POCO with Jim Messina as well as enjoying a solo career.

Buffalo Springfield released three albums in three years and then it was over. Unlike the other bands that fueled the Crosby Stills & Nash supergroup like The Byrds and The Hollies that continued ion when they lost their key members, Buffalo Springfield broke up for good in 1968. Buffalo Springfield’s first album was released in 1966 entitled Buffalo Springfield. Their second album was released in 1967 entitled Buffalo Springfield Again. Buffalo Springfield’s final album was released in 1968 called Last Time Around.

The lineup on the band’s first album entitled Buffalo Springfield consisted of Stephen Stills on vocals, guitars and keyboards, Neil Young on vocals, guitars, harmonica and piano, Richie Furay on vocals and rhythm guitar Bruce Palmer on bass guitar and Dewey Martin on drums and backing vocals. The band’s second and third albums featured the same original members. However, the third album entitled Last Time Around featured additional musicians performing on the album such as Jim Messina who produced and engineered the album, Jim Fielder, Buddy Miles, Jimmy Karstein, Gary Marker, Jeremy Stuart, Rusty Young and Richard Davis.

Our top 10 Buffalo Springfield songs is just a subjective list of some of the bands best material. We hope you enjoy the ride.

# 10 – Nowadays Clancy Can’t Even Sing

There is no better way to start out our Top 10 Buffalo Springfield Songs list but than with the band’s debut single “Nowadays Clancy Can’t Even Sing.” The song was released in 1966 before the release of the band’s debut album. The song was written by Neil Young. 

# 9 – Four Days Gone

This great Buffalo Springfield song was released on the band’s final album Last Time Around. The album was released in 1968. The song was written by Stephen Stills.

# 8 – A Child’s Claim To Fame

The Buffalo Springfield song “A Child’s Claim To Fame,” was released on the band’s second album Buffalo Springfield Again. The song was written by Richie Furay. As well as the band performed together it’s interesting to hear such a contract in their songs depending on the writer. You can hear the sound of Furay’s future band Poco in this track.

# 7 – Flying On The Ground Is Wrong

This great Buffalo Springfield song was released on the band’s debut album in 1966. The song was written by Neil Young. The songs great major chord minor chord opening is simply tantalizing. The progression carries on throughout the song defining the depths of Neil Young‘s  songwriting and serves as a key point in time that demonstrates the potential that was eventually carried out to the max by Neil Young.

# 6 – Expecting To Fly

“Expecting To Fly,” was another great track released on the second Buffalo Springfield album Buffalo Springfield Again. The song was written by Neil Young. The song’s long orchestrated opening introduction is spectacular. Neil Young sings lead vocal on this splendid track.

# 5 – Broken Arrow

One of the most famous Buffalo Springfield songs entitled “Broken Arrow,” was released on the album Buffalo Springfield Again. The song was written by Neil Young. It appeared as the closing track on the album. The songs have been a long time favorite of Neil Young who has continued to perform the song throughout his career.

# 4 – Bluebird

Stephen Stills composed the excellent Buffalo Springfield song entitled “Bluebird.” The song was released on the Buffalo Springfield Again album. The song “Bluebird,” also featured Charlie Chin on banjo.

# 3 – On The Way Home

One of our favorite Buffalo Springfield songs of all time was the opening track on the band’s final album. The great song “On The Way Home,” was written by Neil Young. It is probably the most underrated song in the band’s catalog.

# 2 – For What It’s Worth

As we close in on our number one spot on our Top 10 Buffalo Springfield songs list we are faced with the task of choosing between two legendary Buffalo Springfield songs. The great track “For What It’s Worth and the equally amazing track “Mr. Soul,” Today we went with Mr. Soul, tomorrow it could be “For What It’s Worth.” Both are just simply stunning pieces of music that have become classic rock staples.

The Buffalo Springfield song “For What It’s Worth,” was written by Stephen Stills. It was originally released by the band as a single in 1966. It was added to the second pressing of their debut album in 1967.

# 1 – Mr. Soul

Neil Young’s masterpiece “Mr. Soul,” comes in at number one on our top 10 Buffalo Springfield songs list. “Mr. Soul,” was released on the Buffalo Springfield Again album in 1967. The song was the album’s opening track. “Mr. Soul,” is a song that Neil Young has performed throughout his long wonderful solo career. While he has always focused on his solo albums when performing, this is one that he has always gone back to.

Updated Nov 12, 2020

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