Top 10 Celine Dion Songs

Celine Dion Songs

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Our Top 10 Celine Dion songs list looks back at one of the great all time power balladeers. Celine Dion ranks right up there with the likes of Whitney Houston and Mariah Carey. She has been performing since she was a child. She was singing since she was 12. She is one of the best-selling Canadian artists of all time. She was born Celine Marie Claudette Dion on March 30, 1968. She released French language albums in Canada in the 80s. Once she learned to speak English, she was signed to Epic Records. She released her first album Unison in 1990. This album made her become a pop star. This album contained soft rock and pop music. It was perfect for adult contemporary radio. The singles off of the album were “(If There Was) Any Other Way,” “The Last to Know,” “Unison” and “Where Does My Heart Beat Now.” “Where Does My Heart Beat Now was Dion’s first top 10 hit single. Her biggest hit single at the time was her duet with Peabo Bryson called “Beauty and the Beast” for the movie. The song came out in 1991. This was also the lead single from her self-titled album. This album was more successful than Unison. It was a success in Canada as well as the United States. It features the number one single “If You Ask Me To.”

After Celine Dion released her self-titled album Unison, she released the The Colour of Love. This was her most successful album. This album sold 6 million copies in the United States. She was involved in a little controversy when she released this album because she fell in love with her much older manager Rene Angelil. When she met him, she was 12 and he was 38. She was afraid that her relationship with Angelil would ruin her career. Instead, fans embraced her relationship. The Colour of Love features the number one single “The Power of Love.” At the time, this song was one of her signature-hit songs. It also features the hit singles “When I Fall in Love” and “Think Twice.” In 1996, she released her fourth English language album Falling Into You. She wanted a broader audience with this album. She covered the Tina Turner classic “River Deep Mountain High” on this album. It features the smash singles “It’s All Coming Back to Me Now,” “All By Myself” and “Because You Loved Me.” The album reached number one and sold over 11 million copies. She won a Grammy for Best Pop Album and Album of the Year.

Immediately following the album Falling Into You, she released Let’s Talk About Love. It is considered a sequel to the previous album. It debuted at number one. It is one of her fastest selling albums of all time. The CD sold over 10 million copies. Her most successful single off of this album is “My Heart Will Go On.” This became her signature song. She won Grammy Awards for this song. She released a compilation CD called All the Way…A Decade of Song. It was one of the most successful compilation albums of all time. It was number one for three weeks. It sold over 7 million copies. It features the hit single “That’s the Way It Is.” She took a break from music because her husband was suffering from cancer. After her three-year break, she released the CD A New Day Has Come. This was her most personal album. She dedicated the album to her husband and child. It debuted at number one, but it didn’t perform as well as her previous albums. This album only sold 3 million copies in the United States. It features the singles “A New Day Has Come” and “I’m Alive.”

Celine Dion released One Heart in 2003. It was an album where she appreciated life. It features the single “I Drove All Night.” It was critically panned. The critics weren’t kind with this album. They thought the album was predictable. The album had moderate success. Her next album was titled Miracle. It was released in 2004. This album was about motherhood. It features lullabies and songs about motherhood. It received mixed reviews. It was her lowest debuting CD in the United States. It debuted at number four on the charts. It sold over one million copies. In 2007, she released Taking Chances. This was a pop/r&b/rock inspired CD. She worked with Ne-Yo and Linda Perry for this album. In 2013, she released Loved Me Back to Life. She worked with Ne-Yo and Stevie Wonder on this album. The CD includes the singles “Breakaway,” “Incredible” and “Water and a Flame.” In 2019, she released the album Courage. The singles are “Imperfections,” “Lying Down” and “Courage.” This album debuted at number one on the charts.

Celine Dion has an impressive body of work. She has had numerous hits throughout her career. This Top 10 Celine Dion Songs list is just some of the masterpieces Celine Dion has released. It was hard to do this list because she has so many hit songs that could have made this list.

# 10 – That’s the Way It Is

The first song on our Top 10 Celine Dion Songs list is “That’s the Way It Is.” This smash hit is the lead single off of the successful compilation album All the Way…A Decade of Song. This upbeat midtempo song is about perseverance. It has a pop sound. It sounds like something Backstreet Boys, NSYNC and Britney Spears would sing. It helps that Max Martin co-wrote the song and has written for these artists. This song isn’t a song that is Dion’s style, but she pulled it off. She uses a deeper pitch when she sings parts of the lyrics. She tones down her power vocals until she blows up towards the end of the song. She makes this midtempo sound like a ballad when she uses her power vocals. She doesn’t hold long notes, but she does hold notes, which didn’t disappoint. She proved that she doesn’t just have a voice for ballads. She can sing a song with tempo.

# 9 – Where Does My Heart Beat Now

The next song on our Top 10 Celine Dion Songs list is the power ballad “Where Does My Heart Beat Now.” This is the lead hit single off of the incredible Unison album. This beautiful song has a pop and soft rock sound. This is an emotional song about love. This is one of the first singles that introduced Celine Dion to American fans. It’s hard to believe she wasn’t fluent in English long before she recorded this gem. This is one of the standouts on the album. She starts the song off using a different pitch. She sounds similar to Mariah Carey, Whitney Houston and Barbra Streisand in this song. She starts the song off slowly and then gives it a climatic build up filled with power vocals and notes. It could have been a cheesy love song, but she made it sound like a brilliant one.

# 8 – Power of Love

This alluring ballad is the second single off of the amazing album The Colour of Love. Jennifer Rush, Air Supply and Laura Brannigan have covered this song. This is a soft rock power ballad. This is Celine Dion’s first U.S. number one song. It is one of her signature songs and it clear why it’s one of her signature songs. Writer and producer David Foster brought out the best in Celine Dion. This song would be challenging for someone who doesn’t have the power to pull it off. You have to be able to hold back as well as let yourself go vocally. Dion was up for the challenge and performed it superbly. She held nothing back when it came to using her power vocals. There aren’t that many singers who could pull off the power required in this song the way she did.

# 7 – If You Asked Me To

This delightful single is the second song from Celine Dion’s self-titled album Celine Dion. This ballad has a soft rock and pop sound. This is a cover of Patti LaBelle’s song. Celine Dion reinterprets LaBelle’s version of the song. LaBelle’s is more soulful while Dion’s is more suitable for pop and soft rock radio. Dion had big shoes to fill because she is covering a known ballad by LaBelle. Dion manages to make the song her own despite it being karaoke. Celine Dion’s version gives the song a fresh take that introduces new fans to the song as well as to her. Celine Dion holds impeccable notes towards the end of the song giving it the climatic finish it deserves. It leaves you wanting more from the song when it is over. Both versions of the song are really good, but this is a Celine Dion Top 10 list so the focus will be on this version.

# 6 – It’s All Coming Back to Me Now

This excellent Celine Dion song is the third single off of Falling Into You. The song was written by Jim Steinman who was responsible for composing all the music to Meat Loaf’s grand trilogy of Bat Out Of Hell albums. In fact Meat Loaf recorded a version of this song on Bat Out Of Hell III.  This haunting power ballad is about the allure of a toxic romance. This song has an operatic feel to it. It’s as if it’s telling a story. Celine Dion’s vocals are over the top and soar with the instrumentation. The music allows her to show her vulnerable side during the quieter moments of the song. It also gives her a chance to show off her pipes in the louder moments. When the music got louder, it could have overpowered her, but it was no match for her strong vocals. She scores a home run with this song. She was letting the world know she could compete with the likes of Houston and Carey.

# 5 – Beauty and the Beast – ft. Peabo Bryson

This exquisite song is the lead single off her self-titled album. It is also on the soundtrack for the movie Beauty and the Beast. This has a pop and adult contemporary beat. Actress Angela Lansbury recorded the song for the movie, but the producers didn’t feel it was commercial enough for radio. Paige O’Hara voiced the character of Belle in the movie. She wanted to sing the pop version, but Disney thought she sounded too much like a Broadway star. Disney couldn’t afford a bigger star so they settled with Celine Dion. It’s unbelievable that they had to settle with Dion. This song wasn’t meant to be a duet. The producers didn’t think Celine Dion was big enough to carry the song on her own. They hired Peabo Bryson to sing the song with her. It was a wise decision because they did a great job together. Celine Dion could have performed the song by herself, but it works as a duet. She does hold back vocally to allow Peabo to shine in the song. Some of the lyrics she sings are a little hard to understand, but that doesn’t stop the song from being flawless.

# 4 – To Love You More

This magnificent hit single is the fifth song off of the smash hit album Let’s Talk About Love. This is a pop ballad. The lyrics are about a woman pleading to her lover not to leave her. Celine Dion sounds similar to Streisand. The music sounds like an orchestra. The instrumentation is on point. The music grabs you as soon as the violin starts. Celine Dion pours her heart out in the lyrics as she passionately tells the man she loves not to leave her. Writer and Producer David Foster always know how to bring out the best in Dion. He knows how to make her vocally soar and bring the song home. She does amazing runs and vibrato after the bridge. She closes the song with a flawless up and down note. She sounds as if she’s going on a vocal roller coaster. She enviously holds the notes without taking much of a breath. Other artists cheat when they hold notes like this by stopping while holding the note. She just kept going until the end.

# 3 – Because You Loved Me

This inspirational hit single is the second single off of Falling Into You. This is a pop and r&b ballad. Writer Diane Warren wrote this song about her father. It is also on the soundtrack for the movie Up Close and Personal. This song is filled with emotion. She holds back her vocals in the first verse. She comes alive once she hits the bridge. Once she comes alive, the song becomes a power ballad. It gives the song the climatic ending that leaves the listener breathless. It is hard to see anyone else singing this song besides Celine Dion. You would never know she didn’t write this song because she sings it as if she wrote it.

# 2 – All By Myself

This outstanding song is the fourth single off of the monster hit album Falling Into You. When this song was released, it was one of her biggest hit singles. It was number one on the pop and Latin charts. This is a cover song recorded initially by Eric Carmen, who had a monster hit with the song back in 1975. This is one of her best cover songs. This song shows why she is a power balladeer and a vocal genius. She starts the song softly to match the soft music. She is vocally like a cork ready to pop off of the champagne bottle. Once the song picks up in intensity, she takes off vocally. The song has a musical pause that gets you ready for the powerhouse that is coming.

She sings softly again when the music gets quiet. When the music is louder, so is she. Her vocals will give you goose bumps once she emotes towards the end. There is no stopping her out-of-this-world vocals. The music was no match for Celine Dion when she hit her famous notes. The song fades out with her holding notes. It’s as if she didn’t want to stop holding the notes. This could have been the number one pick on the list, but there was another power ballad that beat it.

# 1 – My Heart Will Go On

We have reached the number one spot on our Top 10 Celine Dion Songs list. This breathtaking single is the fourth song off of Let’s Talk About Love. This was supposed to be an instrumental song, but the composers wanted to add lyrics. This song is about looking back on your life. This song also appeared on the soundtrack to the movie Titanic. Director James Cameron didn’t want the song for the movie, but the writers wrote it anyway. Surprisingly, Celine Dion didn’t want to sing the song. She didn’t want to take the risk of doing another soundtrack after she did Beauty and the Beast. Her husband convinced her to sing the song. Luckily he changed her mind because she was the perfect person to sing this song.

This song is an emotional power ballad that captured the theme of the movie perfectly. Her vocals were stunning and angelic. Celine Dion sounds similar to Barbra Streisand. It is reminiscent of Whitney Houston’s “I Will Always Love You.” The way  Celine Dion sings this track; you would never know that she was hesitant about recording it. There’s no doubt that she could hit the notes because she always does so effortlessly. It is great to hear her build up to the high notes proving that she could pack a lot of emotion in a softer key. This is an excellent choice for the number one pick. Any of these songs could have been number one because they are all worthy of the spot.

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