Top 10 Celldweller Songs

Celldweller Songs

Our top 10 Celldweller songs list presents the music of an award-winning music project by the multi-talented artist Klayton Albert. Celldweller is one of his current music projects, with the rest being FreqGen and Scandroid. Incepted in 1999, Celldweller brings the best of Klayton’s incredible mixing of multiple music genres. His distinctive mixing styles fuse electronic rock sounds with industrial metal, industrial rock, nu-metal, and electronica elements.

Celldweller’s Career Beginnings and Breakthrough

Before the formation of Celldweller, Klayton was already popular, thanks to his industrial metal project Circle of Dust. Circle of Dust was dissolved in 1988 (revived in 2015) allowing Klayton to begin his new musical project Celldweller in 1999. The project’s first release was a 2000 extended play Celldweller EPCelldweller EP featured some of the best Celldweller songs including “Own Little World” and “Fadeaway.”

Later in 2003, Celldweller released its first studio album Celldweller, issued in 2003. The LP brought Klayton to newfound fame, having it peak at number seventeen on the Billboard Internet Albums chart. Celldweller also featured some breakthrough hits by the music project, including “I Believe You” and “Switchback.” The LP helped Celldweller establish itself as a force to reckon with in the electronic rock, nu-metal, and industrial metal scenes.

Celldweller’s Album Releases over the Years

The success of Celldweller’s debut LP prompted the musical project to release more music. Celldweller’s next release was the EP Frozen/Goodbye Remixes in 2005. The music project released two extra EPs, Switchback/Own Little World Remix in 2006 and Symbiont Remixes in 2007.

Celldweller released its first instrumental-based LP Soundtrack for the Voices in My Head: Volume 01 in 2008. The LP is an amalgam of instrumental rock, electronica, electronic rock, industrial metal, and trance sounds. Soundtrack for the Voices in My Head: Volume 01 failed to create much attention to Celldweller’s musical pursuits.

After a three-year break from releasing music, Celldweller returned with its fifth extended play Cellout EP 01 in 2011. The EP was quickly followed by Celldweller’s EPs Groupees Unreleased EP and Beta Cessions (Demos Vol. 01). Celldweller released its third LP Wish Upon a Blackstar in 2012. Wish Upon a Blackstar was Celldweller’s second vocal LP and the first release to chart on the Billboard Dance/Electronic Albums chart, peaking at number nineteen. The LP also peaked at number twenty-three on the Billboard Top Heatseekers chart. Some of the best Celldweller songs from the LP included “Unshakeable” and “Louder Than Words.”

In 2012 still, Celldweller released its sophomore LP in the Soundtrack for the Voices in My Head series. Soundtrack for the Voices in My Head: Volume 02 featured reputable songs including “Elara” and “First Person Shooter.” Groupees Charity Fundraiser and Space & Time are Celldweller’s EPs released in 2012. Celldweller catalog of EPs continued with the release of Zombie Killer in 2013. The EP preceded Celldweller’s most successful LP on the Billboard Dance/Electronic Albums chart End of an Empire, released in 2015. End of an Empire peaked at number eleven on the chart.

Klayton teamed up with fellow soundtrack composer Atlas Plug in releasing Celldweller’s 2016 EP, Killer Instinct Season 3 Soundtrack. The EP was a success peaking at number twenty-two on the Billboard Dance/Electronic Albums chart. Killer Instinct Season 3 Soundtrack was the only Celldweller’s EP to ever make it to the charts.

Celldweller released its sixth overall LP Soundtrack for the Voices in My Head: Volume 03 in 2016. This was the project’s third and last LP in the Soundtrack for the Voices in My Head series. A year later, Celldweller released yet another EP under the moniker, Growling Machines Remixes. A few months after the EP’s release, Celldweller issued its last LP release, Offworld.

Offworld was a success featuring some of the best Celldweller songs including “The Great Divide.” The LP charted at number thirty-five on the Billboard Independent Albums chart. Its best performance was recorded on the Billboard Heatseekers Albums chart where it managed to rise to the seventeenth spot. Weapons of War, issued in 2018, was Celldweller’s last EP release. While Celldweller is still active, the musical project has not made any reputable releases since 2018. Celldweller’s only releases since 2018 have been four singles including “My Disintegration,” “A Matter of Time,” “Into the Void,” and “Baptized In Fire.”

Celldweller’s Other Musical Pursuits

Other than Celldweller, Klayton has three more current projects. The projects include Scandroid, FreqGen, and the re-started Circle of Dust. Klayton was also a member of the former underground industrial rock supergroup Argyle Park. Between 1995 and 2000, Klayton also teamed up with illusionist Criss Angel to form the band Angeldust. Klayton has also interacted with other artists in his musical career including Zardonic, Styles of Beyond, Blue Stahli, and Chatterbox.

Celldweller’s Accolades and Legacy

The impact of Celldweller has not gone unnoticed. Celldweller’s debut LP was crowned the Album of the Year at the 2004 Just Plain Folks Music Awards. The album was also crowned the Industrial Album of the Year at the same event. “Switchback” won the Best Industrial Song accolade while “One Good Reason” scooped the Best Metal Song award. Klayton on the other hand was crowned the Producer of the Year during this event.

Later in the 2005 Radio-Active-Music Awards, Klayton won the awards for the Best Male Vocalist. Killer Instinct Season 3 went on to win the Video Game Score of the Year in the 2017 ASCAP Screen Music Awards. Celldweller has created a reputation for pioneering new sounds with its music often used in films, video games, and TV shows. Here are the ten best Celldweller songs from the project’s huge music catalog.

#10 – One Good Reason 

Ushering us to the top 10 Celldweller songs list is the raving hit “One Good Reason.” “One Good Reason” is featured on Celldweller’s eponymous debut studio album. In this song, the central character is on the verge of taking his own life.

The central character goes on to argue with a person he lost trust in about why he shouldn’t go ahead with taking his own life. “One Good Reason” has its instrumental featured on the soundtrack of the video game Need for Speed: Most Wanted, 2005 version. This powerful hit was awarded the 2004 Just Plain Folks Music Awards’ accolade for the Best Metal Song.

#9 – Louder Than Words

Wish Upon a Blackstar, Celldweller’s third studio LP is home to our ninth hit “Louder Than Words.” The song is among the most renowned melodic electronic rock ballads released on the LP. While the drumbeat on the song feels like any typical rock ballad, its transition from the stanzas to the chorus is a little unique. The song also features some alluring rhythm guitars riffs and pleasant-sounding synth melody tunes

“Louder Than Words” finds the singer telling about the dislike for a person who only promises to do much by the word of mouth. However, the person’s actions never match his words. Many have cited the song as a perfect anthem towards the conduct of most politicians and holders of bureaucratic jobs. However, Klayton revealed that his intention was not to point at such people, rather it is a fictional song.

#8 – Unshakeable

The eighth track on our top 10 Celldweller songs is the enthralling hit “Unshakeable.” “Unshakeable” is among the most sonically rich hits by Celldweller. The song features some highly unconventional synth and percussion lines by any Celldweller release.

“Unshakeable” features some ominous vocals sections featuring some cryptic lyrics. The lyrics tell of god-like beings that control the universe. However, the song showcase how the human race tries to run away from their control. This space-themed electronic ballad is featured on Celldweller’s second vocal LP Wish Upon a Blackstar. The song has been remixed by the 2010 Grammy Awards nominee for the Best Electronic/Dance Album, BT.

#7 – The Great Divide

“The Great Divide” is one of the best Celldweller songs from the project’s 2017 LP, Offworld. Like most of the songs on the LP, “The Great Divide” finds Celldweller going a little emotional. This is a slight departure from the project’s usual aggressive metal vibes. Klayton revealed that the songs on the LP, Offworld were inspired by his need to listen to melancholy and emotive songs during the winter season.

“The Great Divide” has its lyrics issues an optimistic farewell message delivered on an atmospheric instrumental. Celldweller proved to the world its potential to issue emotionally gripping tracks on this last LP. Thanks to songs like “The Great Divide” the world can now see the heartfelt/warm songwriting side of Klayton.

#6 – Switchback

Number six on our top 10 Celldweller songs is the intoxicating hit “Switchback.” “Switchback” is a five-minute fusion of industrial metal and electronic rock. The song is among the musical gems featured on Celldweller’s eponymous debut LP. Klayton penned the song having him refer to “Switchback” as his most expensive track ever shelved.

“Switchback” was first recorded three years before it was finally released. However, Celldweller made seventeen extra prototype versions of the song before making his final choice of the version to feature on the LP. “Switchback” assisted Celldweller’s fame helping Klayton settle debts he accumulated while playing music on his project Circle of Dust. The song has been featured in several films including Halloween: Resurrection, Spider-Man 2, Doom, Paycheck, Catwoman, Bad Boys II, and Death Race 2. “Switchback” has been featured on several games, including KickBeat and Dead Rising 2. In the 2004 Just Plain Folks Music Awards, “Switchback” won the Best Industrial Song category.

#5 – Tragedy

“Tragedy” is one of the best Celldweller songs released as a non-album single. The song was among the songs on the anniversary re-issue of Celldweller’s eponymous debut LP. “Tragedy” is a cover song issued by Celldweller in 2006.

Initially, “Tragedy” was penned by the Bee Gees brothers, Barry, Robin, and Maurice Gibb. The Bee Gees released the song on the ensemble’s 1979 LP Spirits Having Flown. While the original version of the song is sonically illustrious for its graceful harmonies, Celldweller’s version adds glamour to the song with its electronic rock tunes. AudioFeels and Steps are other artists who covered the song.

#4 – End of an Empire

“End of an Empire” is the electrifying hit from Celldweller’s third vocal LP. The song serves as the album title track to the LP. End of an Empire was issued in 2015, having Klayton refer to the release as a concept LP set in a world where the emperor is dealing with conflicts and civilizations.

The song “End of an Empire” alludes to the true impact of war. Klayton reminds the world that a war would mean the end of an empire. Other best Celldweller songs from the LP, End of an Empire include “New Elysium,” “Just Like You,” and “Jericho.”

#3 – Shapeshifter ft. Styles of Beyond

The third track on our ten best Celldweller songs is the charming hit “Shapeshifter.” “Shapeshifter” finds Celldweller teaming up with the California-based underground hip hop group Styles of Beyond. Styles of Beyond provide rap vocals in this non-album single issued in 2005. “Shapeshifter” is featured on the soundtrack to the video game Need for Speed: Most Wanted, 2005 version.

#2 – Just Like You

“Just Like You” is one of the best Celldweller songs from his most successful LP, End of an Empire. The song brings to its listeners a superlative vocal delivery over some deep instrumentation. Klayton revealed that “Just Like You” was inspired by his past life as an artist.

The lyrics to the song are set to show his concept of failure and an enervating pressure to abandon his musical career. However, these were thoughts he harbored in his mind during his early years after venturing into the music industry.

#1 – Frozen

Number one of our top 10 Celldweller songs list is the exquisite hit “Frozen.” The song was penned by Klayton and released on the Celldweller’s eponymous debut LP. “Frozen” features the female vocals of Fluffy Starr. Fluffy Starr also had her vocals featured on the songs “Welcome to the End” and “The Star of Orion.”

Celldweller also featured female vocals of Jennifer Neal on the hit “Stay With Me (Unlikely). “Frozen” is a seven-minute stunning ballad that showcases Klayton’s ability to pen sensual songs. A shorter remix version of the song was featured on the 2011 extended play Cellout EP 01.

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