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Our top 10 Chevelle Songs introduce us to a band that has moved from two brothers’ fun in learning and playing music started to one of the most reputable rock bands. Chevelle was formed in 1995 by lead vocalist and guitarist Pete Loeffler, drummer and percussionist Sam Loeffler, and bassist Matt Scott. The two brothers, Pete and Sam, would replace Matt with their kinsman, Joe Loeffler, in the following year. However, Joe only stuck with his fellow brothers in the band till 2005, having Chevelle sub in Geno Lenardo as a touring band member until Dean Bernadini, Pete, and Sam’s in-law joined them. With Bernadini departing from Chevelle in 2019, the band has found no permanent replacement but uses the services of Kemble Walters as their touring bassist.

Chevelle rose from humble beginnings having each of the band members being self-taught musicians. With quite a profile, the band would only have their first album, Point #1, recorded on Squint Entertainment, which by then was a small record label. However, Chevelle would gain popularity for their sublime music having the band compared to Tool, one of the members’ musical influences. Point #1 was such a magnificent album that it won the GMA Dove Awards Hard Music Album award. The band built on the success from Point #1, releasing their 2002 second album Wonder What’s Next with a bang. Wonder What’s Next shot to success imminently having it debut at number fourteen. Since then, Chevelle has enjoyed one of the best rock music careers with a string of awards nominations for awards for their art.  There is a little bit of Pearl Jam, Creed, and Metallica in their sound. Our top 10 Chevelle songs list reviews the best of the band’s releases from its nine studio albums.

# 10 – Closure

Ushering us into the top 10 Chevelle songs is “Closure,” a hit song from the band’s album Wonder What’s Next. “Closure” brings the best of Pete, Sam, and Joe Loeffler’s songwriting skills, having the lyrics allude to someone who is juggling between a state of delusion, anger, and acceptance after a close soul. The song features a dark though melodic verse with quite an aggressive second chorus and heavy bridge, which serves its theme right. “Closure” peaked at number seventeen on the US Mainstream Rock Chart.

# 9 – Take Out the Gunman

“Take Out the Gunman” is one of the best Chevelle songs from the band’s seventh studio album La Gárgola. Written by Pete and Sam Loeffler, the song’s lyrics allude to addressing the guns and mass shooting social problem. Critics were quick to validate this song worthwhile listening with this social problem affecting many people in the society. “Take Out the Gunman” peaked at number one on the US Mainstream Rock Chart.

# 8 – Well Enough Alone

After spending quite some successful years as a great pillar in Chevelle, Joe Loeffler decided to leave the band in 2005. With Joe being more than a band member but also family, seeing him go made the whole process more complicated. Pete and Sam Loeffler composed “Well Enough Alone,” a song about their brother and former bassist Joe Loeffler. The song features striking lyrics and a grooving instrumental, which makes it an epic release for the band’s album Vena Sera. Lead vocalist Pete Loeffler revealed that the song was scheduled for release in their third album but opted to refine it for release in the fourth album Vena Sera. The song peaked at number nineteen on the US Bubbling Under Hot 100 Singles Chart.

# 7 – I Get It

Also from the band’s fourth studio album, Vena Sera, is “I Get It,” a song written by Pete and Sam Loeffler. The song has been described by Chevelle as a motivational cry to those afraid to pursue their dreams. “I Get It” has the two brothers, Pete and Sam Loeffler, indicate how they felt about their brother. Could the brothers be chastising Joe for complaining about getting inadequate spotlight? The song went on to peak at number eighteen on the US Bubbling Under Hot 100 Singles Chart.

# 6 – Jars

“Jars” is the leading single from the band’s fifth album Sci-Fi Crimes. Written by Pete and Sam Loeffler, the song makes reference to the eccentric themes of Sci-Fi Crimes. Delivered in what Sam Loeffler described as a kind of play on words, the song is more of a joke about saving the environment. The song went on to be featured in the game Tony Hawk: Ride. “Jars” also performed great on the charts having it peak at number two of the US Hot Rock & Alternative Songs.

# 5 – Vitamin R (Leading Us Along)

Number five on our top 10 Chevelle songs list is “Vitamin R (Leading Us Along),” a song from the band’s second studio album, This Type of Thinking (Could Do Us In). Written by the three Loeffler brothers, Pete, Sam, and Joe, the song was Chevelle’s second number one hit on the Billboard Hot Mainstream Rock Tracks. The song was inspired by a friend the brothers shared who was misdiagnosed with ADHD and developed an addiction to Vitamin R, medically known as Ritalin.

# 4 – Send the Pain Below

Chevelle takes pride in “Send the Pain Below” from the band’s second album, Wonder What’s Next, thanks to its great message that propelled it to chart success. The song reached number one on the Modern Rock Tracks and Mainstream Rock Tracks charts. “Send the Pain Below” moved up the Billboard Hot 100 chart peaking at number sixty-five. Written by the three Loeffler brothers, the song is about taking the hardships in your life and making art out of them.

# 3 – Face to the Floor

“Face to the Floor” is one of the best Chevelle songs from the band’s album Hats Off to the Bull. Chevelle describes “Face to the Floor” as an angry song about people who got conned by a Ponzi scheme. Pete and Sam Loeffler take credit for the composition of this hit that charted at number one on the US Mainstream Rock Songs chart. Cathartic alternative metal fans love the song’s heavy yet catchy guitar riffs. The song is Chevelle’s last top ten songs to date to chart on the Alternative Songs chart.

# 2 – The Clincher

The Loeffler brothers collaborated in composing “The Clincher,” a sensational song from the band’s third album, This Type of Thinking (Could Do Us In). Sam Loeffler revealed that the song is about claustrophobia even though many infer that the hit is Chevelle’s take on The Passion of Christ. Video game lovers might have met with “The Clincher” with the song appearing on the soundtracks of video games Guitar Hero Live and Madden NFL 2005. The song peaked at number three on the US Mainstream Rock.

# 1 – The Red

“The Red” is by far the best Chevelle song of all time ever written by the Loeffler brothers. The song alludes to dealing with anger and frustrations after being so mad at the world. Its video, filmed in a Baptist Church, depicts an anger management session. Featured on the band’s album Wonder What’s Next, the song has been used in other media, including the 2021 WWE Hall of Fame ceremony and by Baseball player Geoff Blum as his intro song when he came up to bat. The song peaked at number fifty-six on the Billboard Hot 100.

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