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Daughtry Songs

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Daughtry is a soft rock band. Chris Daughtry formed the band after he appeared on American Idol. He was one of the most popular finalists on the show. He was robbed of the win when he lost to Taylor Hicks. He didn’t let that defeat bring him down. He went on to have a successful career with his band Daughtry. He formed the band in 2006. Chris wanted the band to be named after him because he had recognition from the show. It was easier to help the band stand out since he had some fame with the show. The original members of the band were Jeremy Brady (guitarist), Josh Steely (lead guitarist), Josh Paul (bassist), and Joey Barnes (drummer). Brady and Barnes are no longer with the band. Brian Craddock (rhythm guitar), Elvio Fernandes (keyboards and rhythm guitar), and Brandon Maclin (drums and percussion) joined the band after the others left.

Daughtry released their debut eponymous album in 2006. Chris wrote and co-wrote all but two of the songs on the album. The band worked with producers Dr. Luke and Max Martin on this album. This album was an instant success for the band. The album has a lot of hit songs. It features the hit singles “It’s Not Over,” “Home,” “What I Want,” “Over You,” “Crashed,” “Feels Like Tonight” and “What About Now.” These singles were getting airplay on different television shows, which helped them move up on the charts. This album sold over four million copies. The band went through a member change when Brady left.

Daughtry released their second album, Leave This Town, in 2009. Chris wanted this album to have a rock edge. They worked with Chad Kroeger from the band Nickelback, Ryan Tedder from One Republic, Richard Marx, and others to create the rock sound. This CD debuted at number one on the charts. Chris became the first Idol finalist to have back-to-back number-one albums. This album features the singles “No Surprise,” “Life After You,” and “September.” The band dealt with member changes again when Barnes left. He was replaced by Robin Diaz (drums).

Daughtry released their third album Break This Spell in 2011. This album didn’t debut as high as their previous projects. It debuted at number eight on the charts. The album didn’t sell as many copies as the previous projects. It features the singles “Drown in You,” “Renegade,” “Crawling Back to You,” “Outta My Head” and “Start of Something Good.” “Crawling Back to You” performed better overseas. The other singles didn’t do as well on the charts.

The band released their fourth album Baptized in 2013. Former member Paul came back to the band. Unfortunately, Diaz left the band. He left due to scheduling issues. The band kept the details of this CD a secret from the fans. It was a scheme to get fans to talk about the album. This album features the singles “Waiting for Superman” and “Battleships.” This album debuted at number six on the charts. It managed to make it to number three.

The band released their fifth album Cage to Rattle in 2018. This is their first album in five years. The album received mostly positive reviews from critics. It features the singles “Deep End” and “As You Are.” Despite having positive reviews from critics, this was their lowest charting album. It debuted at number 10 on the charts. It sold 26,000 copies in its first week.

Daughtry may not be one of the first bands you would think of when you think of famous rock bands. It is easy not to take Chris Daughtry seriously as a rock artist because he got his start on a competitive reality show. He proved that he wasn’t just a flash-in-the-pan artist. He proved that he had what it took to be a rock star. He has a fantastic voice that is perfect for pop or rock songs. He should have been signed to a label even if he didn’t do American Idol. The band has several hits solidified him as a bonafide rock star. This Top 10 Daughtry Songs List will consist of their hit singles. Which one of your favorites is on the list and which one will be number one?

# 10 – Battleships

The first song on our Top 10 Daughtry Songs list is the stunning “Battleships.” This incredible song is featured on the underrated Baptized album. This is a pop-rock ballad. Chris wanted to change up the band’s style with this track. He wanted a song on this album similar to Katy Perry, Pink, and Imagine Dragons. This is the most pop-friendly song on the album. He feared fans would think the song was strange and too pop-friendly. He was wrong because the song still has a rock edge to it. It has a pop feel but doesn’t lose its rock appeal. Chris did a tremendous job on his vocals. He surprisingly belted towards the end of the song, which was a pleasant surprise. The band did an excellent job with the music. The music was loud and accommodated his boisterous voice.

# 9 – September

The next song on our Top 10 Daughtry Songs list is the bittersweet mid-tempo “September.” This impressive single is on the beautiful album Leave This Town. This song has an alternative rock and pop-rock sound. The emotional song is about Chris growing up with his brother. He sings this song with a lot of emotion and passion. It is easy to tell that the song means something to him because he pours his heart out in the lyrics. He uses deeper vocals in the verses and goes up an octave in the chorus.

The drums take a backseat to the guitars. The guitars are the stars of the music. It was the perfect accompaniment to his voice. The only complaint about the song is he is a little hard to understand in some of the lyrics. When the music is louder, it is hard to understand what he is saying. When the music is soft, it is easier to understand him.

# 8 – Life After You

This fascinating song is the first single from the impeccable album Leave This Town. This is a mid-tempo pop-rock song. Chris wrote this song with Chad Kroeger from Nickelback. Daughtry wasn’t sure if this song was right for the band. The song became an earworm for him, so he decided to keep it. This song can be interpreted in different ways. It is not just a song about losing a relationship.

It is about any pain you can endure. Chris thought it was easier to write about heartbreak. He made the right decision to keep the song because it does suit the band. It is something that you can see them singing. He gave this song his all. It’s hard to believe he didn’t think it was right for the band. He could have belted more in the song, which would have made it flawless, but he does a great job with what he does.

# 7 – It’s Not Over

This remarkable single is the first single from the band’s phenomenal debut album. This is a pop-rock song. Chris wrote this catchy medley with his fellow Idol contestant Ace Young. This song is about a relationship gone wrong. It is a contrast to his real life because he was happily married at the time when this song was released. He proved he could sing a song about heartbreak convincingly despite being in a happy relationship.

This song is a solid first single from the band. It doesn’t sound like a debut single. It sounds as if they were performing together for a long time. The harmonies are melodious. The music is very guitar-friendly and sure to impress rock fans. Chris uses deeper vocals in this track. He also let loose and belted towards the end of the song. Since this song came out not too long after he lost on Idol, it proved he should have been the winner.

# 6 – No Surprise

This exceptional single is from the magnificent Leave This Town album. This is the first single from this album. This is a mid-tempo rock song. It is very radio-friendly. Chris wrote this masterpiece with Chad Kroeger from Nickelback. This song is about the end of an unhealthy relationship. Chris’ vocals are double-tracked throughout the song. His vocals are also layered throughout the emotional track.

The guitars dominate the instrumentation of the song. It sounds like something Nickelback would sing. Chris’ vocals are flawless on the track. He takes you on a musical roller coaster because his voice goes up and down throughout the song. The band debuted this song on Idol because they wanted the fans to hear it first.

 # 5 – Waiting for Superman

This anthemic single is taken from the unappreciated album Baptized. This is the lead single from the album. This has a pop-rock and electro-rock sound. It also has an adult contemporary sound. This moving song is an anthem for women. It is dedicated to women everywhere. It is a metaphor for women not waiting for men to save them. Chris didn’t write this song from his point of view. He wanted to write a song about female empowerment.

It is different because it is taken from a man’s point of view instead of a woman’s. Men don’t sing songs about women standing on their own two feet. This was a bold choice, and it paid off. Females can appreciate a track like this, especially if they always wait for someone to save them. Chris’ vocals are heartfelt and passionate throughout the track. The song wasn’t about him personally, but he sang it as if it were close to his heart. He held back a little when holding notes, but it didn’t hurt the song.

# 4 – What About Now

The next song on our Top 10 Daughtry Songs list is the outstanding ballad “What About Now, ” the seventh single from the terrific debut album. Members of the band Evanescence wrote this beautiful track. It can be mistaken for a love song, but it is about helping needy people. This song has a profound and beautiful message about helping people. It is different from the other songs the band performed. It was nice to hear them sing a song with a message about helping people.

Chris sings the song very passionately. It’s hard to believe that this track is on their debut album. He sounds as if he has been singing for years. He also sings the song as if he wrote it. It’s one of the album’s only songs he didn’t write. He took this song and made it his own. This is an indicator of how great of a singer he is. This is the perfect choice to be the last single released from this CD because it would have been hard to follow this song with another one.

# 3 – Home

This mind-blowing single is the second single taken from Daughtry’s groundbreaking debut album. This is an anthemic power rock ballad. He wrote this smashing song in 15 minutes. This song was done before he did the show. It is about his time on Idol and how he felt leaving his family to do the show. The song’s message was so powerful that the show used it as an exit song for contestants leaving the show.

The band won an American Music Award for this track. It deserved to win because it is a great song. It could have easily been the first single from the album. He sings the song with a lot of heart and soul. He also utilizes his ability to project his voice. He impressively holds notes in the song. Another artist covered this song. The artist made a mistake because the song belongs to Chris Daughtry.

# 2 – Crawling Back to You

This dynamite song is the second single from the superb Break This Spell album. This has an alternative pop-rock sound. This terrific ballad is about someone crawling back to the person after they broke up. Here is some trivia about the song: it wasn’t supposed to be included on the album. Chris wanted to work on it more and then decided to include it. He made the right decision because there’s no way this song shouldn’t have been on the CD. It is one of the best songs on the album.

Most people can relate to the song’s theme because they regret walking away from a former love. Once again, Chris was happily married when he wrote this song, but the lyrics were convincing. He sounds as if he wants to be back with the woman he lost. The instrumentation is flawless. The guitars sell the music. Chris vocally keeps up with the changes in the music. He uses excellent control to sing softly during the song’s quieter moments. When the music gets louder, he can keep up with it. This could have easily been number one on this list, but another song got that honor.

# 1 – Over You

We have reached the number one spot on the Top 10 Daughtry Songs list. The number one song is the astounding “Over You.” This song is the fourth single taken from the marvelous debut album. This is an alternative rock ballad. This passionate song is about finally moving on from a bad relationship. There aren’t enough compliments that could be written about this song.

The music is stellar. The guitars are heart-pounding and will be a treat for rock fans. It may make you want to play air guitar with it. Chris’ vocals are astronomical with the music. He uses his power vocals towards the song’s end, making it sound even better. This deserved the top spot on the list because there is nothing wrong with the song. They did everything right musically and vocally.



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