Top 10 Demi Lovato Songs

Demi Lovato Songs

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Demetria Devonne Lovato was born in Albuquerque, New Mexico on August 20 of 1992. Most people refer to her as Demi Lovato which is her stage name. Demi Lovato is a well-established singer, an actress, and a judge at the X-factor show. The success she has attained has come from many years of toiling and fighting so many different battles. Demi Lovato is the middle child of their family and has two sisters. Demi Lovato has been at the peak of her success from 2010 to date. Having been born into a family with a great passion for singing, Demi Lovato learned and felt music from an early age.

Her mother was a country music musician and her father was also a musician. The musical environment must have led to her being passionate about music and a tender age as she started playing the piano barely before she was seven years old. She attended grapevine high school and did not attend college as a result of the bullying she underwent in her school.

Demi Lovato has severally been nominated for ALMA Award as a favorite female music artist and even won an ALMA Award for favorite television actress. She has been nominated for a Grammy Award twice and won the titles of the favorite female artist, celebrity judge, television guest star from the People’s Choice Award.

# 10 – Anyone

“Anyone” is considered to be one of Demi Lovato’s best songs. The song shows the vulnerability side of Demi Lovato as she shares some hard emotions with her fans through the song. During the 2020 Grammy awards, while performing the song, Demi shed tears and it was so emotional to watch this. The song gives us some understanding of Demi’s life and how lonely it has been for her. There’s so much that Demi has had to deal with in her life, especially her struggle with addiction and putting her soul in the song was the best way she could communicate with her fans.

Celebrities bottle so much inside and because of this, they end up having breakdowns that cost them so much. Those who are having some hard feelings about different matters in her life can use this song to let some of them out.

# 9 – Solo

“Solo” is a song that Demi collaborated with Clean Bandit and made a successful hit. The song managed to become one of the greatest hits in the world and made 10 million sales. “Solo” has managed to be on radios and other platforms up until now. It seems like Demi pairing up with Clean Bandit did yield excellent results in the end. Clean Bandit is best known for its amazing instrumental impact on the music industry.

It is remarkable what such a team can do when it comes to making music and we were so lucky to see this success.

# 8 – Sober

Demi Lovato is one of the musicians who has come clean about her struggles with addiction. She shares her journey on social media platforms and even documentaries. It is well known that addiction is tough to handle and in the song “sober”, she shares with the world what a wreck it has been for her. She expresses her fear of failing to get sober and end up disappointing her loved ones.

Addiction is cruel and Demi has so many times disappointed her friends and loved ones she keeps going back and forth from rehabilitation. Sober is a song dedicated to all her loved ones to show she is afraid to do wrong by them. Fans have been very supportive of her and this does give her the strength to move on. This song helps us understand that even celebrities are human and are prone to make mistakes along the road.

# 7 – Give Your Heart a Break

“Give Your Heart a Break” is a song from the Unbroken album. The song was written by the legendary songwriter Billy Steinberg. This songwriter is known for writing Madonna’s “Like A Virgin” song and “Alone For Heart”. The melodies from this song are endearing and the song makes us understand women and the struggles they go through and still manage to emerge as winners. The song was a hit in 2012 as it was played on different radio stations and until now, the song is still relevant.

People do deal with a lot of heart emotions and at times just as the song says; it is good if you give your heart a break now and then.

# 6 – Heart Attack

The “Heart Attack” song is an electro-pop classic that allowed us to get to know Demi Lovato better. This song became a hitmaker as a result of how Demi sounds and how energetic she is in the song. The song was recorded by Mitch Allan and Jason Evigan who are known to have worked with other amazing artists. The song was a hitmaker that stayed relevant until the song “solo” was released and captured the attention of the fans.

“Heart Attack” makes you want to sing along to every lyric of it. The song shows a fear of falling in love as this is a fear that most people have. It is not easy to trust another person with your heart.

# 5 – Daddy Issues

The best part about the existence of this song is that it was so unexpected. The songs speak much about the relationship Demi had with her late father thus the name “Daddy Issues”. The relationship Demi shared with her father was strenuous. The song is heartbreaking as you get to see how families can be detached and messed up. In the song, Demi speaks about his father being abusive and it is sad to know that she had to keep up with all her father’s issues.

Patrick is the birth father of Demi and he divorced Demi’s mother when she was barely two years old. In this song, the singer portrays how her terrible relationship with her father has contributed to the issues she has with relationships.

# 4 – Confident

The song “confident” makes one feel like they are in control of the world. It heightens one’s spirit and makes you feel like you can do anything you want. This song gives you the strength to cope with different difficulties that people face in life. Those who want to raise their spirits can depend on this amazing song for that. Most people feel underrated and this song is dedicated to them so that they can find their voice. Confidence can make you be the best version of yourself there can ever be. Demi Lovato revealed that she released this song because she does feel confident about herself and it is obvious she wanted us to experience this too.

# 3 – Cool For The Summer

“Cool For The Summer” song was among the best songs of the summer to ever exist. The producers of this incredible song were Max Martin and Ali Payami that captured the whole sensation of the song. This song will forever be a part of the summer as it is timeless, to say the least. Summer is the most appreciated time of the year as it is a time for fun and warmth. “Cool For The Summer” makes you want to spend the summer the best way possible.

This song is more about sexuality and it seems like Demi speaks of being a bisexual person. In the video, Demi looks like she wants to explore her sexuality and doesn’t know if what she’s doing is right or wrong for she is new to it all.

# 2 – Tell Me You Love Me

For this song, the whole aura and sensation of it were a bit new to fans. The song was more mature and the best part is that she got out of her comfort zone. The song was created by Ajay Bhattacharya, Kirby Lauren, and John Hill. The song shows vulnerability on Demi’s side as she speaks of how a relationship can be the key to her happiness. Demi was going through a breakup when she sang this song and she let all her emotions flow into the music. It’s true what they say; music does heal the heart. At the end of the song, Demi clearly shows that what she needs is right in front of her eyes which is herself.

# 1 – Sorry Not Sorry

We all have some feelings where our exes are involved. Yes, some don’t experience the whole breakdown and hurtful feelings. Getting a chance to give your ex payback for ending a relationship with you does feel great. The “Sorry Not Sorry” song gave us the chance to feel like winners even after a messed-up breakup. This song allows you to feel like a champion even after someone packs up and goes.

This song can help you get over the whole thing of looking good and being the incredible person that you are. People always vouch for this song as it supports girl power.


Demi Lovato has had quite a journey for herself over the years as she began her career and the best part is that she doesn’t disappoint. The music industry has had Demi dealing with demons of her own and having major wins all the same. Overall, Demi Lovato has shown tremendous growth and we all love her for all the good music she brings to the world.


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