Top 10 Eddy Grant Songs

Eddy Grant Songs

Our top 10 Eddy Grant list presents the music of one of the most versatile artists who has been in the music scene since 1965. Born in 1948, Eddy Grant has established himself as a reputable singer-songwriter and multi-instrumentalist. Eddy Grant has left his prints in over ten music genres throughout his music career. Often, his music blends more than one genre. His most prevalent music genres include rock, electronic pop, soul, funk, reggae rock, and calypso.

Eddy Grant’s love for music started when he was of tender age. His father was also a musician, playing the trumpet for a band that played ska, reggae, and calypso. Growing up, Eddy Grant loved listening to music by the Father of Rock and Roll, Chuck Berry. He would later learn to read and write music at a school in North London.

His professional music career started when he co-founded the band, The Equals. The band is famous for being among the first and most successful interracial rock ensembles. “Baby, Come Back” is the most memorable hit from The Equals. The song topped the UK Charts, selling the most copies of all the band’s releases. It is also the band’s most covered hit, with notable covers by Bonnie Raitt, London Boys, and Pato Banton.

However, Eddy Grant departed from the band after suffering pneumothorax and myocardial infarction. After recovery, Eddy Grant decided to major in production, forming Ice Records. Soon after, he produced albums for Rudy and the reggae and soul vocal trio, The Pioneers. Eddy Grant’s musical dream didn’t die, having him start releasing music as a solo artist.

His earliest records include a 1975 eponymous studio album and a sophomore album Message Man (1977). Message Man (1977) was his first studio album released under his record label. Amazingly, Eddy Grant played all the instruments for the song’s release by himself. His third studio album, Walking on Sunshine (1979), marked his first successful solo release. Walking on Sunshine (1979) was home to one of the best Eddy Grant songs, “Living on the Frontline.”

Eddy Grant released two more albums, Love in Exile and My Turn to Love You, in 1980. Neither of the albums could outperform Walking on Sunshine (1979). However, Eddy ushered in better days with the release of his album Can’t Get Enough (1981). The album was his first release to enter the UK Albums Chart, peaking at number thirty-nine. Can’t Get Enough (1981) was also featured in Germany and New Zealand album charts.

The album’s first release, “Do You Feel My Love,” rose to number eight on the UK Singles Chart. This marked Eddy Grant’s best performing track so far. His follow-up album Killer on the Rampage (1982) catapulted Eddy Grant to mainstream success. The album peaked at number ten on the Billboard 200, certified Gold in the US. “Do You Feel My Love” was certified Silver in the UK, peaking at number seven on the UK Albums Chart.

Some of the huge releases from Killer on the Rampage (1982) include “Electric Avenue” and “I Don’t Wanna Dance.” Both songs managed the top five on the UK Singles Chart. While “Electric Avenue” peaked at number two on the UK Singles Chart, “I Don’t Wanna Dance” topped the chart.

Eddy Grant’s next release was the album Going for Broke (1984). The album didn’t match the performance of the previous release. However, it managed to rise to position sixty-eight on the Billboard 200. This was Eddy Grant’s last album to feature on the Billboard 200. Eddy Grant embarked on producing while promoting local talents, including Grynner, David Rudder, and Mighty Gabby.

The Guyanese-British artist was back on the charts after the release of Fire Under Rock (1988). Fire Under Rock (1988) managed to chart in Germany, New Zealand, and the Netherlands. “Gimme Hope Jo’anna” is one of the most reputable songs from the album.

Afterward, Eddy Grant ventured into businesses, among them establishing Blue Wave Studio. The studio was used by reputable artists including Sting, Elvis Costello, and The Rolling Stones. Throughout his life, Eddy Grant has released sixteen studio albums, with the most recent being Plaisance (2017), titled in reference to his hometown. Here are the best Eddy Grant songs of all time.

#10 – Hello Africa

Opening our top 10 Eddy Grant songs is the hit “Hello Africa.” The song is featured on the album Message Man (1977). Message Man (1977) is Eddy Grant’s sophomore album. Its sound consists of a blend of pop, reggae, funk, and soca elements. Like in all other songs on the album, “Hello Africa” finds Eddy Grant doing all the vocals and instrumentation work. “Hello Africa” is one of Eddy Grant’s most unique songs. This follows the fact that it is not easy to confine this song into a single genre.

#9- Harmless Piece of Fun

“Harmless Piece of Fun” is one of the best Eddy Grant songs from the album File Under Rock (1988). The song is the second most successful hit on the album, only surpassed by “Gimme Hope Jo’anna.” “Harmless Piece of Fun” finds some balance between pop-rock and reggae rock. The song was a minor hit in the Netherlands, where the album climbed to number thirty-six on the Dutch Charts.

#8- Till I Can’t Take No More

Coming in at number eight on our top 10 Eddy Grant songs is the hit “Till I Can’t Take No More.” The song is featured on Eddy Grant’s album, Going for Broke (1984). Going for Broke (1984) replicated the sonic feel and style of the massively acclaimed Killer on the Rampage (1982). However, it failed to replicate the previous album’s success. The reggae/funk hit “Till I Can’t Take No More” is this album’s second more renowned song.

#7- Can’t Get Enough of You

“Can’t Get Enough of You” is the title track to Eddy Grant’s album fourth studio album, Can’t Get Enough (1981). Once more, Eddy Grant proves to be a versatile musician having him blend elements of synth-pop, reggae, new wave, and funk on this song. He also contributes to the song’s vocals, backing vocals, and almost all the instrumentation. The only foreign sound is the congas by Sonny Akpan. Canadian singer Tamia released a song under the same title (but different lyrics) on Between Friends (2006).

#6- Walking on Sunshine ft. Donnie Calvin

Number six on our top 10 Eddy Grant songs is the hit “Walking on Sunshine.” The song is the title track to Eddy Grant’s third studio album of the same name. While the song’s original version was not a hit, the remade version featuring Donnie Calvin’s vocals was a massive success. The version rose to number one on the Billboard Hot Dance Club Play. Its bassline was sampled in “Adventure” by Eleanor.

#5- Romancing the Stone

“Romancing the Stone” is one of the musical gems released on Going for Broke (1984). The song was initially scheduled as the title song to the 1984 comedy film of the same name. However, it was rarely put to use in the film. Nevertheless, the song made it into the UK Singles Chart, peaking at number fifty-two. “Romancing the Stone” was more successful in the US than in the UK, peaking at number twenty-six on the Billboard Hot 100.

#4- Do You Feel My Love

Can’t Get Enough (1981) is home to “Do You Feel My Love,” one of the best Eddy Grant songs. The song is among the few songs that can purely be described under the reggae genre. Eddy Grant’s majestic vocals, splendid instrumentation, and song’s energy are the reason behind the song’s success. “Do You Feel My Love” rose to number eight on the UK Singles Chart.

#3- I Don’t Wanna Dance

Coming in at number three on our to 10 Eddy Grant songs is the hit “I Don’t Wanna Dance.” The song is featured on Eddy Grant’s most successful album, Killer on the Rampage (1982). “I Don’t Wanna Dance” finds the singer expressing his feelings about Britain, naming it a land of class and racial dissections.

The song marked his second and only solo number one on the UK Singles Chart after “Baby, Come Back” with The Equals. “I Don’t Wanna Dance” topped the charts in other nations, including Belgium, Ireland, South Africa, New Zealand, and Switzerland. The song also charted on the Billboard Hot 100, reaching a peak position of number fifty-three.

#2- Gimme Hope Jo’anna

“Gimme Hope Jo’anna” is the most successful song on the album File Under Rock (1988). The song finds Eddy Grant honoring Nelson Mandela for his fight against apartheid. “Jo’anna,” on the song’s title, refers to Johannesburg, South Africa’s largest city.

Despite being banned in South Africa, it was played by many making it the anthem for the anti-apartheid movement. The song reached number seven on the UK Singles Chart. It also rose to number one on charts in Zimbabwe, Spain, Belgium, and the Netherlands.

#1- Electric Avenue

Number one on our top 10 Eddy Grant songs list is the hit “Electric Avenue.” The song is featured on Eddy Grant’s album Killer on the Rampage (1982). Like the title suggests, the song alludes to London’s Electric Avenue. The song narrates an underprivileged man who beholds possessions he could never attain. “Electric Avenue” is Eddy Grant’s most successful hit in the US, rising to number two on the Billboard Hot 100. On the UK Singles Chart, the song also managed to peak at number two.

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