Top 10 Uriah Heep Songs

Uriah Heep Songs

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Our Top 10 Uriah Heep Songs list takes a look at a band that has successfully balanced the genres of rock, heavy metal and progressive rock to formulate an original sound that the band has stayed true to for close to 50 years. Uriah Heep will go down in classic rock history as one of the most prolific bands releasing albums on a consistent basis from 1970 to 2018 and still going strong. Uriah Heep’s first album was released in the U.K. in 1970 entitled …Very ‘Eavy …Very ‘Umble. The band’s most recent album was released in 2018 called Living The Dream. In between those two albums, the band has released twenty three more studio albums for a total of twenty five. Uriah Heep has also released twenty live albums with the majority of them being released post 1986.

With such a large catalog, any top 10 list is only going to scratch just a small surface of the band’s material. Our intent is simply to publish an article that showcases some of their best material in order to turn people on to this great band who may have never heard of them before.

# 10 – Gypsy

What better way to open our top 10 Uriah Heep songs list than with a song from their debut album. The great track “Gypsy,” was released in 1970 on the …Very ‘Eavy …Very ‘Umble album. The band’s debut album featured musicians  David Byron on lead vocals, Ken Hensley on piano, organ, mellotron, guitar and vocals,  Colin Wood also on keyboards, Mick Box on guitars and vocals, Paul Newton on bass and vocals and three different drummer including legendary Elton John band drummer Nigel Olsson along with drummers Alex Napier and Keith Baker

# 9 – Sweet Lorraine

“Sweet Lorraine,” is one of Uriah Heep’s most loved songs by their fans. The song was released on  The Magician’s Birthday album in 1972. The song broke the Billboard Top 100 in 1972 which was no easy feat for most Progressive Rock bands in the United States. Listen to the way this one starts put. It hits you hard and heavy instantly and never lets go of your attention, Simply a spectacular songs with that sci-fi sounding guitar lick at the song’s start and then that funky riff that moves in at the start of verse.

# 8 – Lady In Black

“Lady In Black,” appears on Uriah Heep’s album Salisbury. This is a moody wsr like song that just gets better and builds in intensity as the songs moves along.The record was released in 1971. When the album came out the band toured as the opening act for Three Dog Night and Steppenwolf. Now that’s a concert!

# 7 – Easy Livin’

Continuing with our top 10 Uriah Heep songs list we turn to the great Demons and Wizards album. With a cover that just bleeds Progressive Rock, Uriah Heep released one of the strongest albums of their career in 1972. The album cover was designed by Roger Dean who was responsible for so many of the album covers by the band Yes. Easy Livin’ was a big hit for Uriah Heep in 1972. The song reached the US Billboard Top 40. It is one of the bands most recognized songs.

# 6 – Bird Of Prey

“Bird of Prey,” is the opening track from the band’s 1971 album Salisbury. The song featured Mick Box on lead guitar, David Byron on lead vocals, Ken Hensley on organ, Paul Newton on bass and Keith Baker on drums. The opening guitar lick at the start of the song is just to die for. This song sounds like a cross between Queen and Black Sabbath. However as this came out years before the first Queen album it’s easy to see that Uriah Heep played a role in inspiring the music of Queen. Love that organ ridd in the middle of the song.

# 5 – Look At Yourself

The great Uriah Heep song “Look At Yourself” was the title track to the band’s third album release entitled Look Yourself.The record was released in the fall of 1971. The song “Look At Yourself,” was released as a single and remains one of the band’s most popular songs.

# 4 – Rainbow Demon

Our favorite Uriah Heep song from the Demons and Wizards album was the great track “Rainbow Demon.” The song served as the opening cut on side two of the album. The version presented here was a special live version the band released on the Spellbinder Live album in 1996.

# 3 – Wise Man

Easily one of the greatest classic rock vocal performances of all time. John Lawton’s first album with Uriah Heep as the bands new lead vocalist. The album Firefly was released in 1977.

# 2 – “TIE” Stealin’ / July Morning

Two Progressive Rock masterpieces. Could not leave either one of these songs off this list so we tied it up. Why not? The song Stealin’ was released on the album entitled Sweet Freedom. The album was released in 1973. The song “July Morning,” was released on the album entitled Look at Yourself. That album was released in 1971. We always loved the cover of the Look At Yourself album. It was just so brilliant. The song sis oh so killer. The guitar and organ work at the beginning of the song in the way the instrument dance with each other is so outstanding. David Byron delivers such a killer vocal on the track.

# 1 – Salisbury

Uriah Heep has released a tremendous amount of material over a period of close to 50 years, so we apologize if this list is heavy on early 1970’s material. We can’t help it. The material the band released early in their career is some of the best classic rock released during that era. The track “Salisbury,” is all the proof you need.

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