Top 10 Freddy Fender Songs

Freddy Fender Songs

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Our Top 10 Freddy Fender Songs introduces us to one of the iconic Mexican-American artists to have a successful multi-genre music career. Freddy Fender remained a significant musician in pop, Country, and Tejano music in a career that spanned more than four decades. In the 1950s, Freddy Fender began as “El Be-Bop Kid,” performing Spanish rock covers among other Latin American hits. Freddy Fender would shoot to success after releasing his song, “Wasted Days and Wasted Nights,” in 1960 but had to wait for another fifteen years to see the song top the Country charts. It wasn’t a smooth journey for Freddy Fender, who had a share of low moments alongside his bass player in jail arrested for possession of marijuana soon after the release of his 1960 ballad.

After his two-year term in jail, Freddy Fender would only work as a mechanic only to exercise his love for music on the weekends. However, by the early 1970s, he was back at the recording studio making tons of Country hit songs. Change is inevitable, and for Freddy Fender, this would mean joining a Grammy-winning Tejano band, the Texas Tornados, to rejuvenate his career after fading success in the Country music genre. While Freddy Fender is known for his successful music genre-crossing appeal, people of his descent loved his bilingual songs even though they seldom hit the charts. And before lung cancer took away his life back in 2006, Freddy Fender had tons of honors on his name, including nominations, awards, and critical acclaim for non-musical roles he played on the various T.V. projects. Here are the Top 10 Freddy Fender Songs that bring out the best of this multi talented vocalist and guitarist.

#10- You’ll Lose a Good Thing

Introducing us to the Top 10 Freddy Fender Songs is the ballad “You’ll Lose a Good Thing” from Freddy Fender’s 1976 album, Rock ‘n’ Country. The song is similar to the popular 1962 version of “You’ll Lose a Good Thing” by Barbara Lynn. Freddy Fender did an awesome job transforming the song from its Rhythm and Blues vibe to his almost perfect Country version. From the guitar riffs to Freddy Fender’s voice, everything about this song is awe-inspiring!

#9- Since I Met You Baby

The song “Since I Met You Baby” is one of the perfect covers that Freddy Fender released in his prime years. Taking on the cover with great vigor, Freddy Fender saw his version of “Since I Met You Baby” gain some positive reception amongst American and Canadian country lovers. The song peaked at number 52 on the Canadian RPM Top Singles Chart while it peaked at number 10 and number 45 on the U.S. Billboard Hot Country Singles and Billboard Hot 100 Charts, respectively. In addition, its Spanish version, “Desde Que Conozco,” was so great that it featured in the 1996 movie Lone Star.

#8- Secret Love

Featured in Freddy Fender’s 1975 album, Are You Ready for Freddy? the song “Secret Love” was originally a ballad written by Paul Francis Webster and Sammy Fain. Its first release was in the film Calamity Jane, a 1953 musical film. While the song was recorded by tons of artists, very few made quite a mark as Freddy Fender’s version. Recorded in the summer of 1975, Freddy Fender’s version of the song “Secret Love” got to number one on the Billboard C&W. it would also afford Freddy Fender a ranking on the U.S. Billboard Hot 100 and Billboard Adult Contemporary.

#7- Wild Side of Life

Yet another great song from iconic guitarist and vocalist Freddy Fender is “Wild Side of Life.” Released in 1974, the song “Wild Side of Life” is featured in Freddy Fender’s popular album, Before the Next Teardrop Falls. It’s magical when you hear Freddy Fender bring in some Spanish vibe to the song, something which makes “Wild Side of Life” one of the few songs that brought the best out of his bilingual singing art. In addition, the instrumental to this song is quite catchy despite the slow tempo.

#6- Jambalaya

Featured in Freddy Fender’s album, Country Comes To Carnegie Hall, the song “Jambalaya” brings on some true country vibes from the word go. Freddy Fender loved performing this song live to his fans on stage while showcasing his sublime guitar skills. In addition, you can’t help but love the Spanish chants in the song. Even better is his vocal capabilities when he shifts from English to Spanish in the singing, making him an icon in his art.

#5- I’m Leaving It All Up To You

By now, it is no lie that Freddy Fender was instrumental in perfecting some of the releases by other artists. “I’m Leaving It All Up To You” is yet another song that brings the best vocals from this cover legend. Featured in the album, Collection, the song “I’m Leaving It All Up To You” makes some of the songs that helped the album sell big.

#4- Release Me

Marching on to the 1990s, still strong in his vocals, Freddy Fender released the album Favorite Ballads, which featured some of the greatest songs he ever did, such as “Release Me.” Without a doubt, the song “Release Me” is a sweet song enchanted with a heartfelt vibe thanks to the sublime vocals of this country king.

#3- Vaya Cos Dios

Featured in his Rock ‘n’ Country album, the song “Vaya Cos Dios” brings on some Spanish feel and spice yet again in one of the best releases by Freddy Fender. Freddy Fender never disappointed when it came to giving his fans heartfelt and emotional songs. “Vaya Cos Dios” is one perfect example that received a positive reception despite being a sad song. Translated from Spanish, the phrase “Vaya cos Dios” simply means “go with God.” Hence, the song “Vaya Cos Dios” is a farewell song that anyone who has a departed loved one can relate to.

#2- Wasted Days and Wasted Nights

Spicing his music career with some pop vibe was the song “Wasted Days and Wasted Nights” from Freddy Fender’s album, Before the Next Teardrop Falls. Initially, the song was written and recorded for Duncan Records in 1959. However, the song would rejuvenate his career almost fifteen years after its original release. The song was among the most selling releases by Freddy Fender, having it take over the music charts internationally, including a peak position on the Billboard Hot Country Singles Chart.

#1- Before The Next Teardrop Falls

And to the highlight of Freddy Fender’s music career is the song “Before The Next Teardrop Falls.” The foundation of this ballad was an approach by producer Huey P. Meaux to Freddy Fender about overdubbing vocals for an instrumental track. Freddy Fender would disappoint not in bringing his most famous bilingual style to the song singing it in English and Spanish. Notably, the song is about a man’s impervious determination to save his heart from his deep unrequited love should the new relationship not work out. The man hopes that the woman will remember the love he offered and return to him. “Before The Next Teardrop Falls” would go become a huge song having it hit number one on the Billboard Hot 100.

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