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Haim Songs

Our top 10 Haim songs spotlight a pop-rock band comprised of three American sisters: Este, Danielle, and Alana Haim. Raised in a musical household, the trio began their musical journey playing alongside their parents, Donna and Moti, in the family cover band Rockinhaim. Este and Danielle first ventured into the music industry with the Valli Girls in 2005 but soon left to explore other opportunities.

In 2007, the two sisters joined forces with their younger sibling, Alana, to form Haim. Initially, the sisters did not focus intensely on the band, but in 2012, they fully committed to developing Haim, marking the beginning of their professional ascent.

Haim released their debut EP, Forever, and soon after secured a record deal with Polydor Records and a management deal with Roc Nation, owned by Jay-Z. Their early work included notable collaborations, such as featuring on Kid Cudi’s “Red Eye” and Major Lazer’s “You’re No Good” with Vybz Kartel, Yasmin, and Santigold.

In 2014, Haim released their first album, Days Are Gone, which included the hit single “The Wire.” Although Este famously dedicated “The Wire” to then-PM David Cameron—a move criticized by Johnny Marr of The Smiths—it didn’t dampen their success. That same year, Haim won the Best International Band at the NME Awards and formed a close friendship with Taylor Swift, eventually opening for her on tour.

Our top 10 Haim songs review highlights the best from this acclaimed band, celebrated not just for their familial ties but for their individual musical prowess and contributions to the contemporary music scene.

# 10 – The Steps

Kicking off our top 10 Haim songs is “The Steps” from the band’s critically acclaimed album, Women in Music Pt. III. This track is a robust, guitar-led rock ballad that showcases the Haim sisters’ celebration of their independent and somewhat chaotic lifestyles. The lyrics reflect their self-assured indifference to partners who struggle to understand their ways, emphasizing a strong sense of self-reliance and personal satisfaction.

Musically, “The Steps” stands out with its dynamic drum patterns that drive the song forward, adding a unique energy that complements the raw guitar riffs. This sonic combination creates a compelling backdrop for the sisters’ vocal harmonies, which are both assertive and catchy.

Haim’s performance of “The Steps” at the 2021 Grammy Awards was a highlight of the ceremony, underlining the song’s impact and the band’s brilliance on a major stage. Although it was nominated for Best Rock Performance, the song did not win, losing to Fiona Apple’s “Shameika.” Nonetheless, “The Steps” remains a defining piece in Haim’s discography, encapsulating their knack for blending personal storytelling with infectious rock sensibilities.

# 9 – Little of Your Love

“Little of Your Love” is a vibrant track from Haim’s 2017 sophomore album, Something To Tell You. After facing initial challenges in writing new material for their second studio album, the Haim sisters found their creative breakthrough with a song initially intended for the movie Trainwreck. Although the song was ultimately not used in the film, this process helped the band move past the pressure of following up their successful debut.

Described as a retro pop-rock song, “Little of Your Love” is characterized by its upbeat, bouncy tune that captures the essence of the band’s infectious energy and knack for catchy melodies. The track showcases the trio’s ability to blend classic rock influences with modern pop sensibilities, making it a standout addition to their growing discography.

While it didn’t make it into the movie, “Little of Your Love” found a home with fans, becoming one of the most beloved Haim songs. Its joyous vibe and compelling rhythm make it not only a fan favorite but also a perfect example of the band’s dynamic and versatile musical style.

# 8 – Now I’m In It

Featured on their third studio album, Women in Music Pt. III, “Now I’m In It” is a poignant pop-rock track where Haim tackles the profound and personal topic of mental health. Danielle Haim, in revealing the deeper meaning behind the song, shared that the ‘friend’ mentioned in the lyrics is actually herself, making the song an introspective look at her own struggle with depression.

The song effectively conveys the overwhelming feelings of being stuck in a “dark abyss” and the internal conflicts that accompany depression. Through “Now I’m In It,” Danielle expresses the sense of battling against her own mind, providing a raw and honest insight into the emotional turmoil that often accompanies mental health issues.

Musically, the track combines Haim’s signature catchy melodies with a slightly heavier, more introspective sound that mirrors the song’s serious subject matter. This song stands out as a testament to the therapeutic power of music, both as a form of expression and as a means of coping with and discussing mental health. “Now I’m In It” is not just a personal confession but also an encouragement to listeners who might be experiencing similar challenges, showcasing Haim’s ability to connect deeply with their audience through their music.

# 7 – Summer Girl

“Summer Girl,” a standout track from Haim’s album Women in Music Pt. III, is infused with evocative horn sections that add a breezy, summery feel to the song. This track was deeply personal and inspired by a challenging period in the life of Danielle Haim’s partner and the band’s frequent producer, Ariel Rechtshaid, who was diagnosed with cancer.

The lyrics and mood of “Summer Girl” reflect Danielle’s role as a supportive partner, traveling back home between shows to be with Ariel, symbolizing her desire to be a beacon of light and hope during his darkest times. The song beautifully captures the essence of love and support, using the metaphor of summer—a time of warmth and light—to illustrate Danielle’s commitment to bringing positivity and comfort to her partner’s life.

The music video for “Summer Girl” was directed by Paul Thomas Anderson, who has a personal connection to the band as a former student of the Haim sisters’ mother in art. Anderson’s direction complements the song’s intimate and heartfelt theme, visually echoing its warm and supportive message.

# 6 – Don’t Save Me

Number six on our top 10 Haim songs list is the dynamic ballad “Don’t Save Me” from the band’s debut album, Days Are Gone. Released as a single, this track quickly became a fan favorite, showcasing Haim’s signature blend of pop-rock elements with a hint of R&B influences.

The accompanying music video is as spirited and authentic as the song itself, featuring the three sisters engaging in a friendly basketball game. Este Haim shared that the video was inspired by the sisters’ everyday activities, emphasizing their genuine love for basketball—a sport they often played at home, where they have their own basketball court. Este’s impressive trick shots in the video were all genuine, with no camera tricks involved, adding a personal touch that fans greatly appreciated.

“Don’t Save Me” resonated not just visually but also on the charts, peaking at number thirty-two on the UK Singles Chart. Its catchy chorus, compelling lyrics, and the engaging dynamic among the sisters both in the song and its video highlight why “Don’t Save Me” is a standout track in Haim’s discography, perfectly capturing the essence of their musical and personal synergy.

# 5 – Forever

“Forever” is a standout track from Haim’s critically acclaimed debut album, Days Are Gone. Initially released as the title track of their first EP, “Forever” played a pivotal role in propelling the band into the spotlight, capturing the attention of both record labels and a growing fan base.

The song’s lyrics explore the tumultuous emotions and complexities of a relationship on the verge of breaking down, conveyed through the sisters’ harmonious vocals and the track’s infectious rhythm. The blend of pop and rock elements with a hint of 80s synth sound gives “Forever” a timeless yet modern feel, making it instantly relatable and catchy.

On the charts, “Forever” achieved notable success, peaking at number seventy-five on the UK Singles Chart and reaching number twenty-four on the Billboard Hot Rock Songs Chart.

# 4 – The Wire

“The Wire” is one of Haim’s most spirited and memorable tracks from their debut album, Days Are Gone. Known for its catchy melody and the sisters’ distinctive harmonies, the song captures a playful yet assertive tone, dealing with themes of romantic independence and empowerment.

The music video for “The Wire” humorously features each of the Haim sisters ending relationships with their on-screen partners, underscoring the song’s message about having the courage to make tough decisions in love. The engaging and humorous portrayal helped endear the band further to their audience, showcasing their personality and flair.

The decision to dedicate “The Wire” to then-Prime Minister David Cameron was a bold move that stirred considerable discussion. Este Haim’s offhand remark during a live performance led to mixed reactions, with some fans and critics applauding the cheekiness, while others questioned the appropriateness.

Despite the controversy, “The Wire” performed well commercially, peaking at number sixteen on the UK Singles Chart. The song remains a standout in Haim’s discography, celebrated for its vibrant energy and the clever, confident approach the band takes in both the lyrics and the video

# 3 – Falling

“Falling” is a compelling single from Haim’s debut studio album, Days Are Gone. The track showcases Danielle Haim’s poignant vocals as she explores themes of vulnerability and resilience in matters of the heart. The song serves as a powerful anthem, with Danielle describing it as a “stay-strong, sort of cheerleading ballad,” aimed at providing encouragement and support through its lyrics.

The music video for “Falling,” directed by Tabitha Denholm, was beautifully shot in a botanical garden, adding a visually rich backdrop that complements the song’s themes of natural growth and perseverance. Denholm aimed to give the video an isolated feel, portraying the Haim sisters as if they were stranded, which metaphorically aligns with the song’s lyrics about enduring and thriving in challenging situations.

Commercially, “Falling” achieved notable success, peaking at number thirty on the UK Singles Chart. The song’s combination of infectious rhythms, emotive lyrics, and the engaging visual narrative of the video helped cement “Falling” as one of the standout tracks from Days Are Gone.

# 2 – If I Could Change Your Mind

Featured on Haim’s debut album, Days Are Gone, “If I Could Change Your Mind” is a dynamic and reflective track that delves into the complexities of reconsidering past decisions in relationships. The song captures the internal conflict experienced when one ponders the possibility that ending a relationship might have been a mistake, and maybe they’ve let go of “the right one.”

The song’s catchy melody and danceable beat contrast with the introspective and somewhat melancholic lyrics, creating a compelling juxtaposition that is characteristic of Haim’s music. This blend of upbeat rhythms with thoughtful themes is part of what makes their sound so distinctive and appealing.

On the charts, “If I Could Change Your Mind” performed well, reaching number twenty-seven on the UK Singles Chart. This track not only showcases Haim’s ability to craft songs that resonate on both emotional and sonic levels but also highlights their skill in addressing relatable themes that connect deeply with listeners. The song remains a favorite among fans for its engaging composition and the heartfelt earnestness in its lyrics.

# 1 – Want You Back

Topping our list of the top 10 Haim songs is “Want You Back” from the band’s sophomore album, Something To Tell You. This heartbreak anthem beautifully showcases vocalist Danielle Haim’s introspection and vocal prowess as she delves into themes of regret and the desire to mend a broken relationship.

In “Want You Back,” the lyrics poignantly express a longing to correct past mistakes and a heartfelt wish to reconnect with a lost love. The song strikes a balance between vulnerability and strength, with Danielle’s delivery bringing a sense of earnestness and urgency that resonates deeply with listeners.

Musically, the track features a rhythmic flow that highlights Danielle’s capabilities as a lead singer, utilizing her vocal range and emotive power to drive the song’s message home. The song’s production complements its lyrical content, blending pop sensibilities with the band’s signature soft rock influences to create a compelling and catchy sound.

On the charts, “Want You Back” reached number fifty-six on the UK Singles Chart, further solidifying its impact. As a standout track, it encapsulates the band’s growth and maturity since their debut and remains a fan favorite for its relatable lyrics and memorable melody, making it a deserving leader on this list of top Haim songs.

Photo: Jørund Føreland Pedersen, CC BY-SA 3.0 <>, via Wikimedia Commons

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