Top 10 House Of Lords Songs

House Of Lords Songs

Our top 10 House of Lords songs list looks at the catalogue of an American band renowned for its hard rock sound. The band was formed in 1987 by keyboardist Gregg Giuffria. Initially, Gregg played the keyboard for the glam and hard rock band Angel. His departure from Angel saw him form a new arena rock ensemble under the moniker Giuffria. After recording two LPs at Giuffria, Gregg reached a recording agreement with Simmons Records. However, this came with a set of conditions.

Giuffria had to change its name to House of Lords while recruiting a new lead singer for the band. This resulted in the firing of David Glen Eisley, former lead singer to Sorcery, Dirty White Boy, Stream, and the disbanded Giuffria. His place was taken by James Christian, husband to the American pop rock and soul singer Robin Beck.

House of Lords started working on its debut album, recording the song at Oceanway Studios and O’Henry Studios. The band’s eponymous debut album was released in 1988. House of Lords (1988) featured hard rock and glam metal elements. The album peaked at number seventy-eight on the Billboard 200.

Popular songs on the album include “Love Don’t Lie” and “I Wanna Be Loved.” In the following year, House of Lords hit the road for a nationwide tour performing alongside other iconic artists, including Ozzy Osbourne, The Scorpions, and Cheap Trick. Even before the band recorded its sophomore album, guitarist Lanny Cordola left House of Lords. Lanny went to join the Christian metal supergroup Magdallan.

Former Shark Island member Michael Guy took on the guitar roles at House of Lords. With its new lineup, the band released its sophomore studio album Sahara (1990). Sahara (1990) featured guest artists, including Ron Keel of Steeler, Steve Plunkett of Autograph, Robin Zander of Cheap Trick, and Mike Tramp of White Lion. Songs on the band’s sophomore album felt a little guitar-oriented compared to the debut album.

Sahara (1990) peaked at number one hundred and twenty-one on the Billboard 200. Some of the reputable releases from the album include “Heart on the Line,” “Remember My Name,” and “Can’t Find My Way Home.” The band toured alongside the American glam metal band Nelson, Warrant, and 38 Special to promote Sahara (1990).

House of Lords released its third LP, Demons Down, in 1992. Once more, the album showcased the band’s excellence on the hard rock and glam metal scene. The album was recorded with a restructured lineup and released under PolyGram Records. Sadly, the album was not a success forcing the band to start looking for a new record label.

Eventually, House of Lords ended up going on a hiatus in 1993. Guitarist Dennis Chick went on to join the hard rock band Freak of Nature, a band formed by Mike Tramp, the former White Lion vocalist. On the other hand, vocalist James Christian spent some time at Manic Eden, releasing an album with this hard rock band. House of Lords was revived in 2000, releasing an album four years later under Frontiers Records.

Since 2004, House of Lords has released eight more albums. Throughout this period, the band’s albums have been produced by Frontiers Records. The band’s most recent release is New World – New Eyes (2020). House of Lords’ founder Gregg Giuffria left the band in 2006 to concentrate more on business. The band’s current lineup includes vocalist James Christian, guitarist Jimi Bell, bassist Chris Tristram, and drummer B.J. Zampa. Here is the list of the best House of Lords songs of all time.

#10 – Can’t Find My Way Home

We open up our top 10 House of Lords songs list with the band cover version of the legendary song  “Can’t Find My Way Home.” The song is featured on the band’s album Sahara (1990). Initially, the song was released by Blind Faith on the supergroup’s 1969 one and only album. While the original song has more folk-rock elements, House of Lords’ version feels a little heavy. Other artists who covered the song include Bonnie Raitt, Alana Davis, and Alison Krauss.

#9 – Precious Metal

“Precious Metal” is the lead track to the band’s 2014 album under the same title. While the band is best known for its hard rock and glam metal sound, Precious Metal (2014) finds the band experimenting with a more melodic sound. “Precious Metal” is a bewitching melodic song that brings the best of James Christian’s exquisite vocals.

#8 – Harlequin

Coming in at the eighth position on our top 10 House of Lords songs is the electrifying hit “Harlequin.” The song is featured on the band’s album Saint of the Lost Souls (2017).  The playing on “Harlequin” defines just how good this band was as they  were are all virtuoso’s on their instruments. Jimi Bell’s guitar licks are out of this world on this killer cut.

#7- What’s Forever For

“What’s Forever For” is a magnificent masterpiece from the band’s album Demons Down (1992). The song finds James Christian  singing about how his relationship with a lady he loves seems to be going south. For James Christian, a promise of forever love doesn’t mean a thing for a relationship where two feel miles apart. The soft rock duo England Dan & John Ford Coley released a song with a similar title on Dr. Heckle and Mr. Jive (1979) that has nothing at all to do with this song.

#6 – Battle

Number six on our top 10 House of Lords songs is the spirited hit “Battle.” It’s all raging feedback at the song’s beginning until the mood is terminated by the sound of Tommy Aldridge‘s bombastic drum sound and groove while those those minor key guitar riffs  make this track one of the bends best they ever recorded. 

#5 – Remember My Name

Sahara (1990) is home to our number five ode on the top 10 House of Lords songs list, “Remember My Name.” The song serves as the lead track to the House of Lords’ sophomore album. Its lyrics are credited to Graham Alan Nicholas and Halstead Bobby Godfrey Mitchell. “

#4- Someday When

“Someday When” is an outstanding ballad from House of Lords’ album Big Money (2011). The intro sounds like something of the movie the Exorcist. It’s pretty spooke. Of course as soon as the guitars come blaring in, the band set the tone in a somewhat symphonic way fueled by a heavy keyboard based arrangement. Without a doubt, James Christian’s vocals are at the top of his game on this ballad.

#3- Love Don’t Lie

The third track on our top 10 House of Lords songs is the smoking hit “Love Don’t Lie.” The song was released on the band’s debut album. The song balances between heavy metal and hard rock spiced up with a stirring melody. This power ballad is one of the most exquisite emotion-filled releases by the band. Other artists who released a song under the same title include Def Leppard, The Fray, and Johnny Drille.

#2- Go To Hell

“Go To Hell” is a haunting song from the band’s album Indestructible. The album was released in 2015. The band presents one of their Led Zeppelin meets Black Sabbath style riffs at the song’s intro. Its dark, its heavy, and it’s one of those song your going to want to play over and over again. 

# 1- I Wanna Be Loved

Closing out our top 10 House of Lords songs list is the energetic hit “I Wanna Be Loved.” The song is featured on the band’s eponymous debut album. “I Wanna Be Loved” finds the singer craving love from a lady he feels addicted to. The song peaked at number fifty-eight on the Billboard Hot 100 making it the band’s highest charting single of their career. Your going to remember this one. Eric Benét released a song with a similar title on Hurricane (2005).

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