Top 10 José Feliciano songs

Jose Feliciano Songs

Our Top 10 José Feliciano songs list looks back at the career of one of the most distinctive voices and musicians in classic rock history. José Feliciano boke big time in the 196os with his wonderful versions of classic rock songs like The Doors “Light My Fire,” and The Mama’s and the Papas “California Dreaming,” With a Latin rhythmic style unique in classic rock and pop but paying heavy tribute to his roots, José Feliciano presented fans with an alternate way of enjoying rock classics making them sound fresh while opening up new audiences to music they may never have given a chance, and quite the reverse too. His pitch perfect vocals and captivating guitar playing brought him to the top of the charts with his Feliciano! album released in 1968.

José Feliciano is one of those rare artists who has released almost as many albums as he has singles making him a true album oriented artist.  Since his debut album in 1965 entitled The Voice and Guitar of José Feliciano, the Puerto Rico born José Feliciano has released fifty six studio albums and fifty eight singles. Our top 10 José Feliciano songs list presents ten of our favorite José Feliciano songs in order to turn you on to one of classic rock’s greatest musical treasures.

# 10 – Marley Purt Drive

We begin to open up our top 10 José Feliciano songs list with the fabulous song entitled “Marley Purt Drive.” There are many people that may not realize that José Feliciano covered many Bee Gees songs during his recording career. We are not talking about the Bee Gees of the 70s disco era. No, these were the great 1960s Bee Gees songs. José Feliciano’s arrangement on this song is also very reminiscent of The Band. It’s a soulful recording with a little bit of Americana tossed in.

# 9 – Twilight Time

Continuing with our top 10 José Feliciano songs list we take a listen to the great song entitled “Twilight Time.” José Feliciano changes things up a bit as he tackled the legendary Three Suns and Platters song while dipping his musical talents into the sound of doo wop. What we love so much about this one is the vocals that José Feliciano lays out. It lets us hear his talent from a different angle that is just so fascinating to hear. José Feliciano had a minor hit with the song in 1975 as it broke into the US Billboard Adult Contemporary Charts peaking in the mid forties.

# 8 – Nena Na Na

In the number eight spot on our top 10 José Feliciano songs list we present the song entitled “Nena Na Na.” The song was released on the legendary José Feliciano album entitled Feliciano! The album was issued in 1968. “Nena Na Na” opened up side two on the album. It’s the only Spanish song on the record. But there’s a reason why they placed this song as the first song on side two. It’s just so good. This style of music was huge in the 1960s with the success of Jobim. “Nena Na Na,” was composed by the first-class songwriter Jorge Ben who was a legend himself.

# 7 – Che Sara

While we are trying to stick with the English language songs on our José Feliciano songs list we just could not ignore this breathtaking recording entitled “Che Sara.” The song which means “What Will It Be,” is an Italian song written by Jimmy Fontana. José Feliciano recorded the song in 1971. The single release was a huge international hit for José Feliciano. The gorgeous song “Che Sara” hit number one in Austria, Spain, and Sweden. It did not chart in the United States.

# 6 – Destiny

Landing in the number six spot on our top 10 José Feliciano songs list we present the charming song entitled “Destiny.” The song was released in 1970. This one is more of a straight ahead rocker with a great horn section driving the song’s main groove. The strings balance it out as they wrap around the magical vocals of José Feliciano. The untamed song “Destiny,” was a hit on the US Billboard Hot Adult Contemporary Charts   peaking at number fifteen. It also broke into the US Billboard Hot 100 settling in at number eighty three.

# 5 – Chico And The Man

At the halfway point on our top 10 José Feliciano songs list is the exquisite song “Chico And The Man.” The song served as the theme song to the much loved television series Chico and The Man. The song has such a great rhythmic groove and a little bit of a Paul Simon feel to it which is probably just symbolic of the time period it was written in. The great tv series featured Jack Albertson and Freddie Prinze. The series ran on NBC for four years between 1974 and 1978. This one will bring you back,

# 4 – Hi-Heel Sneakers

Put on your groove shoes, oh and yeah dont forget to put on your red dress or red tie before you check out this great song. At the number four spot on our top 10 José Feliciano songs list we present the song “Hi-Heel Sneakers.” Filled with jazz and a whole lot of soul, José Feliciano list it all up on this mesmerizing track.  The song was released on the album entitled Souled. The album was released in 1968. It was the first single released from the album. The song “Hi-Heel Sneakers” was a hit on the US Billboard Hot 100 peaking at number twenty five. “Hi-Heel Sneakers” also was a hit on the US Billboard R&B Charts reaching all the way up to number forty four. The superb song was written by Tommy Tucker in 1963.

# 3 – Feliz Navidad

It’s rare that a Christmas song would rank this high on a top 10 list, but this is no ordinary Christmas song. We wonder if José Feliciano realized what a huge hit he had written when he composed this song back in 1970. Yet it was more than just a hit, it has become a Christmas classic and one of the last great Christmas standards ever written. It stands as one of the biggest selling Christmas songs of all time. It’s crossover appeal between the Latin and English communities is unmatched in popular music history.

# 2 – California Dreaming

Sometimes b-sides become big hits too and this was most definitely one of those times. José Feliciano’s stunning cover of the Mama’s and the Papa’s sensatinal song “California Dreaming,” was released as the b-side to his massive top 10 hit “Light My Fire.” His recording of the song would help increase the sales of his huge hit album Feliciano! The song would also become one of his signature songs in concert. A song that was already filled with emotion was taken to new emotional heights with José Feliciano’s stirring rendition of the song. This one is simply breathtaking.

# 1 – Light My Fire

We close out our top 10 José Feliciano songs list with the singer’s biggest hit of his career. José Feliciano’s phenomenal remake of The Doors “Light My Fire,” turned heads instantly as it captivated music fans with the radical arrangement that he brought to the song. Hands down, it’s one of the most soulful performances on vinyl ever recorded.    The song was released on the album entitled Feliciano!  The album was released in 1968. José Feliciano released the song a year after The Doors had a number one hit with their single. José Feliciano’s version did not hit number one, but it came close as it reached the number three spot on the US Billboard Hot 100. However, on the Canadian Music Sales Charts the song did indeed hit number one. One of the all time great singles from the 1960s.

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