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Our Top 10 Karol G Songs list will look at a chart-topping singer and songwriter. She is a reggaeton and Latin trap artist. She has won over 70 awards and has been nominated for almost 200 and counting. She rose to fame when she appeared on the Colombian version of The X Factor as a teenager. Some of her hits include “Tusa,” “Bichota,” “Mamiii,” “Provenza,” “TQG,” “Ahora Me Llama,” “Secreto,” “Dame Tu Cosita,” “Location,” “Gatubela,” as well as other hit singles. She has sold over one million albums worldwide. Her style is sexy and feminine. She is also sporty. Some of her influences are Rosalia, Backstreet Boys, Beyonce, Shakira, Selena, Christina Aguilera, Ivy Queen, Thalia, Spice Girls, Jerry Rivera, Bee Gees, Red Hot Chili Peppers and Anahi. It is time to get to know Karol G a little better.

Karol G was born Carolina Giraldo Navarro on February 14, 1991. When she was 14, she appeared on El Factor X. A few years after she appeared on the show, she received her first record contract. She chose to change her name to Karol G. She was releasing songs for the first few years of her career. She released the singles “En La Playa” (2007), “Por Ti” (2008), “Dime Que Si” (2009) and “Mil Maneras” (2010). She studied music at the University of Antioquia. While she was there, she sang backup for other artists.

When Universal Records turned down the chance to sign her, she decided to promote herself independently. She toured at different colleges, clubs and festivals. The tours she went on led to her collaboration with Nicky Jam. They worked on the song “Amor de Dos” in 2013. Her career wasn’t moving fast enough so she moved to New York in 2014. She took music administration classes which helped her learn about the industry. They also motivated her to further her career.

Karol G released a song in 2014 called “Ricos Besos.” The song was a hit in Colombia. She signed to Universal Music Latino in 2016. She joined a talent show called Pequenos Gigantes USA as a judge. She worked on a single with Bad Bunny called “Ahora Me Llama.” This was her breakthrough hit. The song peaked at number 10 on the Hot Latin Songs charts. It ended up being the lead single on her album Unstoppable. The album was released in October 2017. It peaked at number 192 on Billboard 200 and two on the Latin albums charts. The album features the singles “Casi Nada,” “Muneco de Lego,” “Hello,” “A Ella,” “Ahora Me Llama,” “Eres Mi Todo” and “La Dama.”

Ocean was released in May 2019. The album peaked at number 54 on Billboard 200 and two on the Latin charts. The album features the singles “Pineapple,” “Mi Cama,” “Culpables,” “Creeme,” “Punto G,” “Ocean,” “Love with Quality,” “Dices Que Te Ves” and “La Vida Continuo.” KG0516 was released March 2021. The album peaked at number 20 on Billboard 200 and number one on the Latin Pop charts.

The album features the singles “Tusa,” “Ay Dios Mio,” “Bichota” “Location,” “El Makinon,” “El Barco” and “200 Copas.” Manana Sera Bonito was released in February 2023. The album peaked at number one on Billboard 200 and number one on the Top Latin charts. It features the singles “Provenza,” “Gatubela,” “Cairo,” “X Si Volvemos,” “TQG” and “Mientras Me Curo del Cora.”

Karol G proved that women could do reggaeton music. She had the odds stacked against her, but she proved her naysayers wrong. She has a wide variety of songs so narrowing it down to 10 was a challenge. It was a challenge we were up to taking. Our Top 10 Karol G Songs list will cover her best songs.

# 10 – X – Jonas Brothers ft. Karol G

The 10th song on our Top 10 Karol G Songs list is “X.” “X” is a non-album single. “X” was released in May 2020. This is a Latin Pop crossover track. This seductive song is about the Jonas Brothers flirting with a girl on the dance floor. A man and a woman want to get together for one night. They don’t know each other, but they want to hook up. She is determined to find someone by nightfall. He watches her while she is dancing. He doesn’t know who she is, but he wants to meet her. He needs her. She lets him know that he won’t be lonely. She wants him to kiss her like his ex is in the room. She doesn’t want him to be afraid of something new. If he plays his cards right, he could be the one she hooks up with.

This flirty song is excellent for the club. This has a fantastic Latin Pop beat. The music is so infectious that there is no way you can resist dancing to it. The banging drumbeat drives the music. The music is something you can listen to while you are romancing that special someone you want to spend that one night with. Joe and Nick Jonas delivered as usual.

They were able to sing over the Latin Pop beat with ease. Karol G sounds seductive as she is purring her lyrics. She sounds right at home with the Latin Pop beat. Her part wasn’t that big in the song, but she made a statement. She brought new life to the song. This is an excellent collaboration. They sound as if they are having fun while singing the song. They need to record more songs together. You will have this song on repeat so you can hear it over and over.

# 9 – TQG ft. Shakira

The ninth song on our Top 10 Karol G Songs list is “TQG” from the Manana Sera Bonito album. “TQG” was released in February 2023. This song talks about the complicated relationships they went through. Breaking up with someone you love is hard. It leaves you feeling empty inside. You have to find a way to make things better no matter how much it hurts. It may hurt to see what your ex is doing, but you must do what is best for you. You have to rely on yourself so that you can become a better person. Karol G lets her man know that he couldn’t afford to be with her. She loves him, but he wasn’t enough for her. She thought she was too big for him. Karol G and Shakira talk about moving on from a bad breakup. They advise you not to rush into another relationship.

This song is like getting advice from your sister or friend. Karol G and Shakira know the right things to say to get you to think about your life choices. They talk about a subject that most of us are all too familiar with right now. They talk about the handling of a breakup. They give great advice on what to do to get over a relationship. It could be a sensitive subject, but Karol G and Shakira handle it in the right way. They both went through breakups and could have bashed their exes in the song.

This song is written from the point of view of gaining strength. The song isn’t meant to bash men. In fact, men might feel liberated by this song too. Karol G got a chance to sing with one of her influences. Their voices blend well with each other. They allow each other to shine in the song. The music in this song will allow you to swing your hips to the beat. The beat is great to dance to or work out to. It is upbeat considering they are talking about a breakup.

# 8 – Dame Tu Cosita (Give Me Your Little Thing) Remix ft. Pitbull, El Chomba and Cutty Ranks

The eighth song on our Top 10 Karol G Songs list is “Dame Tu Cosita.” “Dame Tu Cosita” is from the Cuentos de la Cripta Remixes. “Dame Tu Cosita” was released in August 2018. This is a remix version of the song. This energetic song is about being in a club. They talk about the women putting their hands up in the air. They shout out to all the Latina women. They want to have fun on the dance floor. They want to hook up with women and have a good time. They talk about how hot the women are. She talks about wanting people to dance. She shouts out to different places wanting everyone to get on the floor and dance.

This is a party song. The song is what you would expect from a track like this. It could have been a novelty song, but they keep it fun. It is not meant to be taken seriously. This song is set up to make you dance. We dare you to sit still while you listen to the irresistible beat. The drumbeat is hypnotic. It is the driving force of the music. This is a song that people of all generations can enjoy. Even if you don’t understand what they are saying in the song, you can still enjoy it. This is the perfect song to dance to at a party or club. Karol G sounds sultry in this song. She brings fire to her lyrics. This song could have been a disaster, but it is pretty good.

# 7 – Location ft. Anuel AA and J Balvin

The seventh song on our list is “Location” from the KG0516 album. “Location” was released in February 2021. This is a song about celebrating life. She is getting ready to go to the spot and needs a location. She has her Chanel outfit on. She has pictures of her group of friends. She plans on having fun and is not looking to be a good girl. She has bad intentions and wants to get in some harmless trouble.

She doesn’t have to show up there on time. She doesn’t want to worry about men trying to hit on her because she doesn’t trust them. She is going to tell them that she is married even though she is single. The wall she puts up comes down once she starts drinking. She lets go and has fun. Everyone is looking at her and the girls are texting her. She is going to end up getting drunk and won’t be able to drive.

This is another song on our list that is about having fun. She doesn’t want to worry about anything. She just wants to have a good time. This is the type of song we all need. Everyone wants to be able to unwind. This is the perfect song to unwind to. The music starts off slow and then picks up the pace.

The beat allows you to move around to it. It combines Latin and country music. Latin and country music don’t seem like they usually mix with each other, but they do in this song. The music has a catchy danceable rhythm. Karol G sounds amazing in this song. Her vocals are as smooth as silk. Her vocals come alive in the chorus. Anuel AA and J Balvin do a good job with their vocals. They all sound like they are using Autotune, but it doesn’t take way from how good they sound in the song.

# 6 – Ahora Me Llama (Now He Calls Me) ft. Bad Bunny

“Ahora Me Llama” is from the Unstoppable album. “Ahora Me Llama” was released in May 2017. This song is about empowerment and liberation. The song opens about a woman who is upset that a man is calling her now because he misses her. She is tired of his games, so she doesn’t care if he misses her. She wants to enjoy the night without him. She wants to live her life each day because this world is hers. She has her heart broken because of him so she doesn’t want anything from him.

She wants to go out and have the best drinks and clothes she bought. She doesn’t care what he has to say because she is going to let it slide off her back. She wants to live life by her rules. Bad Bunny brings a different story to the table. He wants a woman to stop stalking him. He is prepared to block her from social media if she doesn’t leave him alone. He believes she wants to get back together with him, but she doesn’t want to do it. He said she used her last strike with him. He isn’t going to talk to her anymore. He feels he is better off being single than he was when he was with her.

This is a song that is an anthem for men and women. She tells her side of the story about her boyfriend and he tells his side about his girlfriend. It is always good to get both sides of the story. This is a track you will want to sing along with if you just had a bad breakup. The lyrics will mean more to you if you can relate to them. Songs like this aren’t usually from both points of view.

We applaud the artists for telling both sides of the story. This song will make you believe that you can stand on your own two feet. You don’t have to stay in an unhappy relationship or put up with the person trying to get you back in his or her life. The music slows things down a little. It won’t get your heart pumping on the dance floor, but you can nod your head or tap your foot to the beat. Karol G and Bad Bunny sound great together. Their vocal chemistry is sizzling hot. Everything about this song works and should be added to your playlist.

# 5 – Gatubela (Catwoman) ft. Maldy

The next song on our Top 10 Karol G Songs list is “Gatubela” from the Manana Sera Bonito album. “Gatubela” was released in August 2022. This is a flirty song about a guy and a woman making sexual innuendos towards each other. She talks about feeling euphoric like a “catwoman.” She is in heat and wants to be with a man. She wasn’t sure if it was the right thing to give the guy she met a chance. She pursued him. She feels connected to him now and doesn’t want him to leave.

After she wishes he would stay with her, things get more seductive. She goes into detail about the things she wants him to do to please her. Maldy makes his appearance on the track. He enjoyed how she revealed herself to him. He wants to see her wild side. She is partying and has lost her inhibitions. He discusses what he is going to do to her when he gets her alone. They are both in the mood to be intimate with each other. He believes they are physically compatible.

This is a track that you shouldn’t listen to with little kids in the room. Karol G and Maldy go into suggestive details about what they want to do with each other. This song is for the grown and sexy. This is the type of song where you lose your inhibitions. You are letting your hair down and having a good time with someone you are attracted to. This song isn’t meant to be a love song, it is strictly a song about lust.

If you are looking for a fairy tale ending, you would be in for a rude awakening. This is a song that will make you feel sexy. If you want to seduce someone, this song might give you the courage to do it. The beat is just what you would need to get you in a seductive mood. Karol G sounds sultry in this song. She does a great job convincing listeners that she is ready to have a good time physically. Maldy’s voice transports you back to traditional reggaeton. They sing well together.

# 4 – Culpables (Guilty) ft. Anuel AA

“Culpables” is from the Ocean album. “Culpables” was released in September 2018. This song is about a man and woman who become a couple even though they are not free to be together. They are both seeing other people. The male narrator reminds the female narrator that she has a husband. He said she fell for him. He tells her that her husband failed her, but she failed her husband too. The couples keep betraying each other. The female narrator reminds him that he has a girlfriend who has failed him.

She said that he fell in love with her. He talks about husbands being good lovers when they are cheating. He talks about betrayal being unforgettable. It can change your life. If they don’t hurt you right away, they will hurt you in the end. He warns her that husbands don’t change for the better. They only want something they can’t have. She lets her lover know that she only went out with her husband to get over him and to remember what a good lover he is. They can’t avoid the desire they feel for each other. She let her lover know she was intimate with her husband, but it didn’t do any good. He no longer exists to her. She believes if he cheated on her once, he would do it again.

If you think about this song, it is not just about betrayal. It is about a couple who are falling in love even though they belong to other people. Their hearts are torn about what to do about their relationship. Karol G and Anuel AA are convincing when they say they love each other. You will have to suspend your disbelief to root for this pair to be together.

Their actions are wrong because they are cheating on their significant others in order to be together. The plot of this song plays out like a soap opera or the plot of a romance novel. There are songs about infidelity, but they put a twist on it. Their significant others are cheating too. Karol G and Anuel AA sound as if they feel trapped in the relationships they are in. They sound like torn lovers. They have vocal chemistry with each other. They sound like a couple in love.

# 3 – Mamiii – Becky G ft. Karol G

Coming in at number three on our list is “Mamiii” from Becky G’s Quemas album.”Mamiii” was released in February 2022. This is a song about a breakup. This is a woman’s anthem about them addressing the men after a toxic breakup. Their exes want to get back together with them, but they don’t want to. The ladies refuse to give in to their ex-boyfriends’ needs. They refuse to fall in love with them anymore. They want their exes to get everything they deserve for the way they treated them.

They don’t want the guys to call them again because they threw out the phones. The guys are so toxic they don’t want to see them again. Becky G talks about not being the person who loved her ex anymore. She doesn’t know who the person is that used to love him. She refuses to look back even if she has to park. There are other men who are ready to be with her. She changed her number so he couldn’t call her. His desire to come back was a waste because she doesn’t want him.

If you have had a bitter breakup with someone, this is the perfect song to listen to. Becky G and Karol G tell a descriptive story about the men who broke their hearts. They are very bitter about the breakup. They even use derogatory language to talk about their frustration with their exes. The lyrics will resonate with you if you are involved in a toxic relationship.

This is the epitome of a female anthem. The music will allow you to raise your hands in the air in celebration with the ladies. You can celebrate your freedom as you swing your hips to the music. Becky G and Karol G sound amazing singing this anthem. They sound fed up with the men which is the emotion they needed to convey for this song. The chorus is so catchy that it will stay in your head long after you have heard the song.

# 2 – Provenza (Provence)

“Provenza” is from the Manana Sera Bonito album. “Provenza” was released in April 2022. This song is about a woman who misses her ex. She hadn’t heard from him in a while. She wants to relive the old times they had together. She was with someone else, but she is no longer with the person. She is visiting her old neighborhood and is about to leave. She wants one more night with her ex.

He was hard to replace because he pleased her intimately. She hoped that would convince him to be with her again. She wants him to walk with her through their old neighborhood. If things get too intense, they can go to bed. She doesn’t care whose bed they go in as long as they are intimate. She would please him so much that he would want to come back to her. She wants him to take advantage of the situation while he still can.

This song is different for Karol G because she talks about her ex wanting her back in their lives. This time around she wants to be taken back to her ex’s life. She wants one more night with him. This song will hit close to home with you if you want to get back together with an ex for one more night. Karol G has the right amount of sassiness to expect him to come back to her.

She would have to have a lot of confidence to expect her ex to come back to her when she was with someone else. She also sounds vulnerable as she pleads with him to spend the night with her while they have the chance. The music will make you want to dance. The hypnotic beat will entice you as soon as the music starts. The music is so relaxing. You can get lost in the music.

# 1 – Tusa ft. Nicki Minaj

The number one song on our Top 10 Karol G Songs list is “Tusa” from the KG0516 album. “Tusa” was released in November 2019. This song is about loving and supporting yourself through heartbreak. A woman decided to hang out with her friend to end her heartbreak. Her ex-boyfriend treated her wrong. She took advantage of him. She is tired of being the good one. Now she wants to use men.

Since a man broke her heart, she refuses to be vulnerable again. She won’t shed any more tears over a guy. If she hears their song on the radio, she is going to be depressed and start to cry. She calls him but he doesn’t answer. She wonders if he is with another girl. She knows he is pretending to love the next girl. She cried for nothing so now she is a bad girl. Nicki Minaj’s verse is about getting over the guy. She doesn’t want him coming back to her kicking and screaming like a baby. She warns him not to tell anyone that she is still his girlfriend because she is in a new place in life. She is being intimate with another man.

The message in this song is the woman scorned is ready to move on with her life. She is okay with getting over the breakup as long as she doesn’t hear their favorite song. The lyrics deal with losing someone you love. The track is uplifting because she wants to reclaim her voice. Nicki Minaj gets to do that on her verse. We dare you to sit still when this beat drops.

The beat is so catchy that it will be near impossible to stay in your seat.Karol G and Nicki Minaj couldn’t be more different, but they pulled off the track. Karol G sings this song with emotion. She sounds like Christina Aguilera in this track. She belts with the beat. Her voice sounds pretty on this track. Nicki Minaj sings and raps in the song. She proved that she could sing and rap. This song hits a home run. Karol G should do more collaborations with women because they come out well.

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