Top 10 Becky G Songs

Becky G Songs

Born as Rebecca Marie Gomez on March 2, 1997, actress and singer, Becky G, comes from a rich Mexican-American heritage where she has relatives residing inside both nations. For Becky, she grew up in California’s Moreno Valley area, as well as with her grandparents, who resided in Jalisco, Mexico. Throughout her childhood, she endured the harsh realities of poverty with the rest of her family and took up a number of odd jobs in an attempt to help make ends meet. It would be as a small child she would discover she needed to pick a career path to turn her own life around so that life as an adult wouldn’t be as severe as it had been as a child.

Show Business

When Becky G first began to work, even as a small child, it was mostly within the entertainment industry. At ages when most ten-year-old girls go about their business between home and school, Becky Gomez was becoming a familiar face on television due to her chosen career path of acting and music she was already determined to stay on. That dedication paid off as her participation with a number of music groups, as well as a soloist, would result in her first studio album released in 2012. From that point forward, Becky G’s involvement in the show business industry would continue to see her rise up from her poverty-stricken roots to a world-class star.

While still just a teenager, she received a number of nominations and awards as an actress and as a singer. For Becky G, the blend of her Latino roots with American has made her a popular figure as a multicultural talent among both nations, as well as worldwide. While currently, Becky G has only one studio album and one extended play (EP) released so far, there are sixty-four singles already to her credit.

Top 10 Becky G Songs

#10 – Mala Santa

Released on October 11, 2019, Becky G’s “Mala Santa” became an international hit as it charted as high as number six on Ecuador’s National-Report, and as high as twenty-one on the US Billboard Hot Latin Songs. This one definitely has a Camila Cabello feel to it.This song comes from her debut album, which is also named “Mala Santa.” Since the song’s release, it has become certified Platinum by Latin USA’s RIAA, Brazil’s Pro-Musica Brasil, and Mexico’s AMPROFON. Also from Mexico, it was certified Gold. Italy’s FIMI and Spain’s PROMUSICAE also issued Gold certification for Mala Santa based on its commercial success.

#9 – Mi Mala (My Mean Girl) (featuring Mau y Ricky and Karol G, Leslie Grace, and Lali)

Well there are a lot of people featured on this song. In English, the song’s title is “My Mean Girl,” while in Spanish, it’s “Mi Mala.” Collaborating together to record this single with Becky G are Mau y Ricky, Karol G, and Lali. After its release on February 9, 2018, it became a charting success worldwide. The song peaked as high as number one on Bulgaria’s PROPHON chart and as high as number twenty-one on the US Billboard Latin Pop Songs chart. In certifications, Latin USA’s RIAA certified the song triple Platinum while Mexico’s AMPROFON certified it Platinum and Gold, and Spain’s PROMUSICAE certified it Gold.

#8 – Booty (featuring C. Tangana)

Released on October 24, 2018, “Booty” is the teamed performance of C. Tangana and Becky G that would realize the chart-hitting success of number three on Spain’s PROMUSICAE and number sixty-six on Argentina’s Monitor Latino charts. Since the song’s release, it has become certified triple Platinum by Latin USA’s RIAA, double Platinum by Spain’s PROMUSICAE, and single Platinum with Mexico’s AMPROFON.

#7 – Bubalu (featuring DJ Luian, Mambo Kingz, Anuel AA, and Prince Royce)

The collaborative performance of “Bubalu” was released as a single on November 6, 2018. The commercial success of the song has seen it become certified Platinum eleven times by Latin USA’s RIAA, as well as Platinum by Spain’s PROMUSICAE. On the charts, the song peaked at its highest on Puerto Rico’s Monitor Latino at number six and also appeared on the US Billboard Latin Airplay at number thirty-one. The song was released as a non-album production piece by DJ Luian and Mambo Kingz by utilizing the combined talent of Anuel AA, Prince Royce, and Becky G.

#6 – Mad Love (featuring Sean Paul and David Guetta)

As a trio, Sean Paul, David Guetta, and Becky G perform “Mad Love,” which was released in June 2017. The internationally charting success of this song peaked as high as number two on Hungary’s Radios Top 40 chart, and as high as number seven on the US Billboard Hot Dance/Electronic Songs chart. On the UK Singles Chart, Mad Love peaked at number twenty-two. In sales, the song earned double Platinum with Poland’s ZPAV, and single Platinum with France’s SNEP, Italy’s FIMI, Music Canada, and Spain’s PROMUSICAE. With Denmark’s IFPI, Germany’s BVMI, and UK’s BMI, Mad Love was certified Gold as a single.

#5 – Ram Pam Pam (featuring Natti Natasha)

Together, Becky G and Natti Natasha record and release “Ram Pam Pam,” which earned a 2021 Premios Juventud Girl Power Award. Released on April 20, 2021, this song was the third collaboration the two made together. It charted at number one on the US Billboard Latin Airplay, as well as the US Billboard Latin Rhythm Airplay. In the nation of El Salvador, Ram Pam Pam also peaked at number one on its Monitor Latino singles chart. With Latin America’s RIAA, the song was certified Platinum four times over, and it became double Platinum with Spain’s PROMISCAE. Italy’s FIMI and Mexico’s AMPROFON both certified the song as Gold.

#4 – Cuando Te Bese (When I Kissed You)

The duet, in Spanish, is “Cuando Te Bese.” In English, it’s “When I Kissed You.” Becky G and Paulo Londra performed a highly successful hit as a duo, which was released on August 2, 2018. Among the Latino music charts, the song peaked number on the Billboard Argentina Hot 100. On the US Billboard Hot Latin Songs, it charted at number thirty. The Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA), Latin Edition, has since certified the single at Double Platinum, as did Spain’s Productores de Musica de Espana (PROMUSICAE). In Mexico, the single received Diamond and Platinum certifications while in Brazil, it was certified Gold. At the 2019 Gardel Awards held in Argentina, Cuando Te Bese won Best Urban/Trap Collaboration.

#3 – Shower

In 2015, “Shower” won Catchiest New Song from the Radio Disney Music Awards and Favorite Hit with the Spanish-speaking Premios Juventud Awards, Favorite Hit. The song was released on April 23, 2014, and charted as high as number two on the US Billboard Hot Rap Songs, at number seventeen on the US Billboard Mainstream Top 40, and at number twenty-nine on the US Billboard Hot 100. It also charted around the world as it peaked as highest at number three with the Czech Republic’s Radio Top 100 and at its lowest at number eighty on the UK Singles Chart.

As far as certifications go, Shower has triple Platinum with Norway’s IFPI, double Platinum with Latin America’s RIAA, Australia’s ARIA, and Sweden’s GLF. It also earned single Platinum with Denmark’s IFPI and Music Canada. Gold certification was achieved from Italy’s FIMI, New Zealand’s RMNZ, and Spain’s PROMUSICAE, and the UK’s BPI certified the song at Silver.

#2 – Sin Pijama (featuring Natti Natasha)

“Sin Pijama” was released on April 20, 2018, as a dual performance by Becky G and Natti Natasha. As a duo, the song became the third top ten hit on the US Billboard Hot Latin Songs chart, as it peaked at number one. It also peaked at number seventy on the US Billboard Hot 100. Around the globe, Sin Pijama charted and became one of the most commercially successful hits for both artists. With Latin America’s RIAA, the song was certified thirty-eight times as Platinum and five times platinum with Spain’s PROMISCAE.

Diamond, plus double Platinum was the certification the song received from Mexico’s AMPROFON and double Platinum is what Brazil’s Pro-Musica Brasil certified it with. Single Platinum certification was received from Italy’s FIMI and Gold is what the song was certified by France’s SNEP, Poland’s ZPAV, Portugual’s AFP, and Switzerland’s IFPI. With the 2019 Lo Nuestro Awards, Sin Pijama won Urban Song of the Year and Urban Collaboration of the Year.

#1 – Mayores (Older Ones) (featuring Bad Bunny)

Released on July 14, 2014, “Mayores” was a song performed by Bad Bunny and Becky G. In English translation, the song is called “Older Ones.” Among many highly respected music charts around the world, including the US Billboard Hot Latin Songs chart, it peaked at number one. On the US Billboard, the song charted at number seventy-four. In 2018, Mayores won Favorite Urban Song by the Latin American Music Awards and was instrumental in Becky G winning Favorite Female Artist of the Year. The song also earned forty-eight Platinum certifications with Latin USA’s RIAA, as well as five Platinum certifications with Spain’s PROMUSICAE, and two Platinum certifications with Portugual’s ZPAV. Mexico’s AMPROFON certified the song Diamond and Platinum, and Brazil’s Pro-Musica Brasil listed it as single Platinum. With Italy’s FIMI, the song was certified Gold.

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