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Lacuna Coil Songs

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Our Top 10 Lacuna Coil Songs introduces one of the best bands in gothic metal and alternative rock music. Hailing from Italy, Lacuna Coil was formed back in 1994, having its evolution start with changing its name with the band previously going by the names Sleep of Right and Ethereal. The band retains its popularity for composing mid-tempo songs with some prominent guitar lines, some contrasting dual female/male vocal harmonies, and a combination of gothic imagery and music. However, the band’s recent music comprises of a heavier down-tuned style.

Lacuna Coil would begin its music journey through vocalist Andrea Ferro and bassist Marco Coti Zelati under the name Sleep of Right, recruiting Michelangelo Algardi on the drums and Raffaele Zagaria on the guitar. The band would later change the name to Ethereal, with Cristina Scabbia on the background vocals. Having Cristina Scabbia on board was probably one of the greatest moves for the band, thanks to her iconic vocals that have led to the band’s recognition even in awards ceremonies. Currently, the band consists of Andrea Ferro and Cristina Scabbia on the vocals, Marco Coti Zelati on the bass and keyboard, Richard Meiz on drums and Diego “Didi” Cavaloti on the guitar.

Lacuna Coil has been on international tours with their name popular even on international awards ceremonies and sales of over two million albums globally. The band was nominated for the Best Italian Act in the MTV Europe Music Awards and later on in the Revolver Golden Gods Awards for the Best International Band in 2012. They would win their first awards in 2012 for the Best Album 2012 in the Female Metal Vices Fest Awards, thanks to their album Dark Adrenaline. Lacuna Coil would also win the 2016 and 2018 Best International Band and Best Live Act in the Metal Hammer Awards (Germany) and Metal Hammer Golden Gods Awards. Reaching the top 10 Lacuna Coil songs wasn’t the easiest task, but here we come with the most successful of the band’s songs.

# 10 – Swamped

We open up our Top 10 Top 10 Lacuna Coil Songs list with a track released on their third studio album entitled Comalies. The song “Swamped” features one of the best male and female vocal tracks in metal music. Spice is added to the vocals by the guitar-playing and orchestral string backing. As the lyrics suggest, the song is about being swamped or overwhelmed by your future. In the first instance, the song will welcome you to the great vocals of Cristina Scabbia, who, at times, can attest to be the face of the band alongside Andrea Ferro.

# 9 – Losing My Religion

What could happen when a great band takes on an award-winning song? While keeping up with the original song is quite a tall order for some, this is not the case for Lacuna Coil. Their song “Losing My Religion” is a cover of the alternative rock band R.E.M. During its time, the song became R.E.M.s highest-charting song in the United States, having its peak at number 4 in the Billboard Hot 100 winning the band two awards. And when Lacuna Coil took o the song, you have to attest that they made it even bigger thanks to the band’s vocals duo.

# 8 – Layers of Time

The song “Layers of Time” is among the few songs that remind us of the Lacuna Coil band’s long journey while entertaining gothic rock fans. Released in their ninth studio album Black Anima, the song “Layers of Time” is a perfect gothic rock song that balances between the gothic theme as brought in by the instrumentals and Andrea Ferro, and the smooth vocals of Cristina Scabbia. Marco Coti Zelati plays a major role in the song, having him as the overall producer. Thanks to the vocalist duo for the great lyrics for this song.

# 7 – End of Time

And from “Layers of Time”, here comes “End of Time”, a song from the band’s famous album Dark Adrenaline. Written by Lacuna Coil alongside producer Don Gilmore, the song received positive reviews from music critics. The song is famed for its harmonious vocals, making “End of Time” quite a catchy ballad, thanks to Andrea Ferro and Cristina Scabbia vocals.

# 6 – Enjoy the Silence

The song “Enjoy the Silence” is probably the best cover by Lacuna Coil. Thanks to their gothic vibe, the band turned the synth-pop ballad “Enjoy the Silence” by music band Depeche Mode into one of their best songs. In its times, the song won the Best British Single at the 1991 Brit Awards. You can’t help but love Cristina and Andrea vocals in this song for their soothing and calm feeling with the gothic whispers that personalize the song, making it feel so original.

# 5 – Closer

Introducing Lacuna Coil in a blend of classical and modern rock is the song “Closer” from their album Karmacode. The song brings a vibe about digging deeper for something one wishes for, hoping to fall in the right direction—Cristina Scabbia bosses over in this song from the vocals to the video act. “Closer” is probably one of the most underrated songs from the band Lacuna Coil.

# 4 – Spellbound

“Spellbound” comes on so strong as one of the best songs in the band’s fifth studio album Shallow Life. There is something great in this song’s video, showing the band performing the song in the fashionable Dolce & Gabbana Gold restaurant. The second version of the video has the band perform in the middle of a golden room with a girl obsessed by her weight and look, a guy who wants to become superman, and so much more. “Spellbound” s video would go ahead to win the Best Editing Awards at Premio Videoclip Italiano back in 2009.

# 3 – Our Truth

Featured as the first single in Lacuna Coil’s album Karmacode, the song “Our Truth” reminds us much of the pivotal role played by Cristina Scabbia in this band. The song delves into denying and forgetting one’s past by creating a new truth as the clock ticks. From the moment the song begins, you can feel some profound Asian influence. “Our Truth” is based heavily on the Phrygian modes, which characterize Arabic and Egyptian music. Thanks to producer Waldemar Sorychta for some incredible work on the song, which put some international versatility in themes for the song “Our Truth.”

# 2 – Heaven’s A Lie

Do you believe in heaven? If you are a Christian, the most probable answer is yes. Let this song not change the love you have gained so far for the Lacuna Coil band. Thanks to the lead vocalist Cristina Scabbia that she cleared the true meaning of heaven in this song. The word heaven in the song “Heaven’s a Lie” is used as a metaphor for a “perfect life.” Hence, when the phrase “Your heaven’s a lie” in the song refers to people who try forcing their perceptions and opinions on others. The song is all about freedom of ideas, and thanks to its great reception, it got featured on a commercial for the T.V. show Criminal Minds.

#  1 – Trip The Darkness

Produced by Don Gilmore and written by Lacuna Coil, the song “Trip The Darkness” ushered in the band back to its original dark sound that the fans had missed. The song got its first play on Sirius XM, and having it released in October 2011. Marco Coti Zelati came in with the dark-drawn cover artwork for the song. Thanks to his illustration of the cover for the single that we can visualize how personal the song was to the band. From being poetic to great vocals from the band’s vocalists, the song “Trip The Darkness” is an absolute banger!

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