Top 10 Lecrae Songs

Lecrae Songs

Our top 10 Lecrae songs list presents ten of the best songs released by an Atlanta-based artist renowned for his Christian rap influence. His songs are solely inspired by his love for the teachings of Christianity, his life as he grew up, and other social menaces, including injustice and racial tensions. Lecrae has cited The Cross Movement, Tupac, Nas, and Scarface. Besides his career as a musician, Lecrae has established himself as a reputable actor, entrepreneur, songwriter, producer, and philanthropist.

Lecrae’s Career Beginnings and Breakthrough

After turning to God at nineteen, Lecrae attended several Christian-based conferences. During one of the conferences, he encountered the Christian hip hop group The Cross Movement. The group’s performance impressed him, only to have him start his music career as a Christian hip-hop artist too some years later.

Five years after turning to Christianity, Lecrae collaborated with Ben Washer, intending to start an independent record label. The result was Reach Records, the label Lecrae has used throughout his music career to release his music albums. Reach Records solely specializes in Christian hip hop. Some artists to have signed with Reach Records include Trip Lee, Wande, Tedashii, Sho Baraka, KB, and Andy Mineo.

Lecrae released his debut LP Real Talk in 2004 on his label. Real Talk was later re-issued under Cross Movement Records in 2005, a record label founded in 1997 by the Christian hip hop group The Cross Movement. The re-issued version guided Lecrae to success, peaking at number twenty-nine on the Billboard Gospel Albums chart. Real Talk spent twelve weeks on the chart, helping catapult Lecrae to stardom in the Christian hip hop scene.

Lecrae’s Album Releases over the Years

After the success of the re-issue of his debut LP Real Talk, Lecrae hit the studio once more, releasing his sophomore LP, After the Music Stops, in 2006. The album was successful, peaking at the fifth spot on the Billboard Gospel Albums chart. After the Music Stops also managed to chart on the Billboard Top Christian Albums chart, peaking at number seventeen. “Jesus Muzik” is among the best Lecrae songs from the LP.

In September 2008, Lecrae released his third studio album, Rebel. The LP was his first release to top the Billboard Gospel Albums chart. Rebel also managed to rise to number sixty on the Billboard 200. The album is among the highest-selling Christian rap LPs, lauded for featuring moving gospel hits.

Two years later, Lecrae returned to the studio to work on his fourth LP. Rehab resulted from Lecrae’s mantra that Christianity life is an entrance into rehab. The album topped in three charts, including Billboard Gospel Albums, Billboard Top Christian Albums, and Billboard Top Independent Albums charts. Rehab also managed position five on the Billboard Top Rap Albums chart and the seventeenth spot on the Billboard 200. “Background” and “Just Like You” are some of the best Lecrae songs from Rehab.

Lecrae released a follow-up LP to Rehab the following year, entitled Rehab: The OverdoseRehab: The Overdose topped the Billboard Gospel Albums chart and Billboard Top Christian Albums chart. On the Billboard 200, Reach: The Overdose managed to rise to the fifteenth spot. “Anger Management,” “Overdose,” “Battle Song,” and “Like That” are some of the best Lecrae songs that bring the rapper’s magnificent lyrical skills.

In 2012, Lecrae delivered another number one track on the Billboard Top Christian Albums chart, Gravity. However, the album was preceded by Lecrae’s first EP, Church Clothes, which rose to the tenth spot on the Billboard Top Christian Albums chart. Gravity also managed to rise to the peak on the Billboard Top Rap Albums and Billboard Independent Albums. The album saw Lecrae reach number three on the Billboard 200. Musical gems from Gravity include “Mayday,” “Tell the World,” “I Know,” and “Lord Have Mercy.” The album is one of Lecrae’s best-selling LPs, selling over seventy thousand album copies in its first week of release. Gravity saw Lecrae win a Grammy Awards on the Best Gospel Album category in 2013.

Lecrae delivered his first number one LP on the Billboard 200 after releasing his seventh album, Anomaly, in 2014. Anomaly also topped in five charts, ending in 2014 at number one still on the Billboard Gospel Albums chart. The album was certified Gold after its sales surpassed five hundred thousand copies in the US. “Messengers,” “All I Need is You,” and “Nuthin” are some of the best Lecrae songs from the album. Anomaly featured several reputable artists, including For King & Country, Kari Jobe, and Crystal Nicole.

Reach Records and Columbia Records collaborated to release Lecrae’s eighth LP, All Things Work Together, in 2017. The LP featured reputable artists, including Ty Dolla Sign, Kierra Sheard, Tori Keri, and Verse Simmonds. All Things Work Together peaked at number one on the Billboard Top Christian Albums, rising to the eleventh spot on the Billboard 200. “I’ll Find You” and “Blessings” are some of the best Lecrae songs from the LP.

Lecrae released his first collaborative LP alongside producer Zaytoven in 2018. The LP, Let The Trap Say Amen, also rose to number one on the Billboard Top Christian Albums chart. On the Billboard 200, the album managed the forty-ninth spot. Later in 2020, Lecrae released his tenth LP, Restoration. Once again, the album flew Lecrae to the top of the Billboard Top Christian Albums chart.

Restoration featured reputable artists including Kirk Franklin, John Legend, DaniLeigh, Marc E. Bassy, and YK Osiris. Lecrae released his second EP Coming in Hot (Remix Pack) in May 2021, featuring Andy Mineo.

Lecrae’s Other Musical Pursuits

Lecrae has been an active member of the Southern Christian hip hop group 116 (formerly 116 Clique). The singer has released six studio albums and one extended play as a member of 116. Some of the best 116 songs include “Now They Know,” “Come Alive,” and “Man Up Anthem.”

Lecrae’s Accolades and Legacy

Lecrae has been one of the most successful Christian hip-hop stars since he started his career in 2004. Out of his forty-four award nominations, Lecrae has won twenty-one awards. The Atlanta-based singer has won one of his three BET Awards nominations in the Best Gospel Artist category. His songs “Can’t Stop Now (Destination)” and “I’ll Find You” won the 2017 and 2018 BET Awards accolades in the Dr. Bobby Jones Gospel/Inspirational Awards category.

Anomaly won the 2015 Billboard Music Awards accolade in the Top Christian Album category. His albums Rehab: The Overdose, Gravity, and Anomaly have the GMA Dove Awards’ Rap/Hip-Hop Album of the Year Award accolade. Lecrae has also received the Rap/Hip-Hop Recorded Song of the Year awards for the songs “Hallelujah,” “Tell the World,” “All I Need is You,” and “Fight for Me” by Gawvi.

The singer scooped the 2015 Artist of the Year award in the GMA Dove Awards. Once more, Lecrae’s LPs Rehab: The OverdoseGravity, and Anomaly won a Stellar Awards accolade each. The Christian hip-hop singer has also won four Soul Train Music Awards in the Best Gospel/Inspirational Song and Best Gospel/Inspirational Award categories.

Out of eight Grammy Awards nominations, Lecrae has won two awards. He received his first Grammy after the LP Gravity won the Best Gospel Album accolade in 2013. His second Grammy Award followed in 2015 after “Messenger” won the Best Contemporary Christian Music Performance/Song in 2015.

#10 – Jesus Muzik ft. Trip Lee

Ushering us to the top 10 Lecrae songs list is the stunning hit “Jesus Muzik.” The song is featured on Lecrae’s sophomore LP, After the Music Stops. Lecrae teamed up with Courtney Peebles and Trip Lee in penning the lyrics to this Christian hip-hop ballad.

Trip Lee was later featured on the vocals. Its lyrics allude to the teething troubles with the subject of secular hip hop. The song lyrics also point towards the need for Christians to listen to music that glorifies the Lord God. “Jesus Muzik” was nominated in the 2007 Dove Awards for a Rap/Hip-Hop Recorded Song of the Year accolade. However, the song lost to “Never Look Away” by KJ-52 featuring Brynn Sanchez.

#9 – I’m Turnt

On October 18, 2018, Lecrae released his single “I’m Turnt.” The song was featured on his second mixtape Church Clothes 2, issued in 2013. “I’m Turnt” was penned and produced by Kevin Erondu, famously recognized as K.E. on the Track. The song was premiered at BET’s 106 & Park.

“I’m Turnt” is an outstanding song whose lyrics allude to Lecrae, with the song’s title referring to someone drunk on something. In the song, Lecrae demonstrates himself as a person under drug influence. However, he reveals that this is not the doings of drugs but the graces he has received from the Holy Spirit. “I’m Turnt” peaked at number nineteen on the Billboard Hot Christian Songs chart in 2013.

#8 – Don’t Waste Your Life

Lecrae’s third studio album Rebel is home to our number eight hit on the ten best Lecrae songs, “Don’t Waste Your Life.” “Don’t Waste Your Life” is one of the lyrical gems penned by Lecrae. The song’s lyrics were inspired by theologian John Piper’s book Don’t Waste Your Life. According to Christianity, the human race is nothing without Christ/God. Lecrae uses “Don’t Waste Your Life” to explain this firm belief in the Christian life.

However, this doesn’t mean that Lecrae has been the perfect guy. His relationship with God has had its share of constraints. Lecrae admits that he made mistakes in the past and even struggled with sin during his initial years after choosing to lead a Godly life. Nevertheless, Lecrae remains a firm believer in the Christian belief that we are nothing without God.

In the song, Lecrae sends the listeners to the Holy Book to read Luke chapter twelve from verse fifteen to twenty-one. The verses allude to the Parable of the rich fool. Lecrae uses the verses to warn his audience against the greed for earthly riches.

#7 – Just Like You ft. J. Paul

“Just Like You” is a captivating hit from Lecrae’s 2010 LP Rehab. The song’s lyrics are a collaborative work by Lecrae, J. Paul, ShySpeaks, Courtney Orlando, and Jacob “Biz” Morris. “Just Like You” is among the songs inspired by Lecrae’s past life while growing up.

The song’s lyrics showcase how Lecrae was affected by growing up in a house without a dad. However, rather than whining about his situation, Lecrae uses the song to encourage children raised in fatherless households. The song sends us to the book of Psalms chapter twenty-seven, verse ten, which reminds Christians that God will always be on their side even though one’s biological parents may forsake them.

#6 – All I Need is You

Number six on our top 10 Lecrae songs is the charming hit “All I Need is You.” “All I Need is You” is among the musical gems of Lecrae’s most successful LP on the charts, Anomaly. The song is a classic love ballad that the singer dedicated to his beloved wife. This was a slight departure from his usual religion-inspired songs.

Lecrae revealed in an interview about the song that God made a whole man, unlike the common notion that one’s lover completes them. His belief about love is that one’s significant other only enhances him or her, which is why he celebrates his wife on this ballad. “All I Need is You” was nominated for a Grammy Award in the Best Rap Performance category. However, the song lost to Kendrick Lamar’s “I.” “All I Need is You” peaked at number twenty-three on the Billboard Bubbling Under Hot 100 chart.

#5 – Background ft. Andy Mineo

Rehab is home to our number five hit on the ten best Lecrae songs of all time, “Background.” “Background” is among Lecrae’s successful releases with Andy Mineo. This powerful song finds the two singing about an artist who shows his vulnerabilities in life.

His vulnerabilities come in the manner that he must submit his aspirations, goals, and plans to the Lord God before execution. This is in line with the Christianity teachings that God should be the alpha and omega of one’s plans and life in general.

#4- Messengers ft. For King & Country

“Messengers” is the best Lecrae song from his LP, Anomaly. The song finds Lecrae teaming up with the Christian pop duo For King & Country on the vocals. While most of the best Lecrae songs can be classified as Christian hip hop hits, “Messengers” finds Lecrae taking on a rock-influenced song.

“Messengers” alludes to the teaching delivered on the book of Matthew. The subject verse in the book sends all Christians to teach the Lord’s gospel to all nations baptizing people in the name of the father, son, and the Holy Spirit. “Messengers” won Lecrae a Grammy Award in the Best Contemporary Christian Music Performance/Song.

#3 – Blessings ft. Ty Dolla Sign

On the third spot of our ten best Lecrae songs is the charming hip hop-influenced hit “Blessings.” The song is featured on Lecrae’s eighth LP, All Things Work Together. “Blessings” finds Lecrae teaming up with the legendary hip hop artist Ty Dolla Sign.

The song’s lyrics find Lecrae and Ty Dolla Sign counting their blessing, either big or small. Both also remind us that losses in life mean more than failure but lessons to take home. “Blessings” rose to the twenty-fifth spot on the Billboard Bubbling Under Hot 100 chart in 2017.

#2 – Tell the World

“Tell the World” is one of the best rip-roaring collaborative hits by Lecrae. Lecrae features R&B, hip hop, and gospel artist Mali Music on the vocals in this song. “Tell the World” is an alluring musical gem from Lecrae’s LP Gravity.

The song serves as Lecrae’s perfect anthem for Christians who wish to proclaim God’s word to the world. Lecrae has one of the most vocal Christian hip hop singers famed for his earnest will to share his Christian life and journey to the world. Since he took on Christianity seriously at nineteen, his love for the gospel has been evident to date, as showcased by songs like “Tell the World.”

#1 – I’ll Find You ft. Tori Kelly

Number one on our top 10 Lecrae songs list is the spirited ballad “I’ll Find You.” The song is the most popular song from Lecrae’s LP All Things Work Together. Its lyrics were penned by Lecrae, Tori Kelly, DJ Frank E, Natalie Sims, Justin Franks, Danny Majic, John Mitchell, and Sasha Sloan.

“I’ll Find You” finds Lecrae spelling out his life troubles and uncertainties. However, singer Tori Kelly reassures him with words of encouragement, promising her dependency in such situations. Tori’s message of hope is metaphoric of what Jesus would do when presented with worries by a believer.

“I’ll Find You” peaked at number one on the Billboard Hot Christian Song chart. The song was certified Platinum after selling more than a million copies in the US. “I’ll Find You” won the Dr. Bobby Jones Best Gospel/Inspirational Award in the 2018 BET Awards.

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