Top 10 Lil Wayne Songs

Lil Wayne Songs

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In this top 10 list, we shall be discussing one of the greatest hip-hop artists of all time, Lil Wayne. Also, going by Dr. Carter, Lil’ Weezy, and Lil Tune, Lil Wayne is well known for his success in the hip-hop industry. He is a rapper, singer, record executive, songwriter, entrepreneur as well as an actor. Lil Wayne’s career started back in 1996 when he was just 13 years of age. At this age, Birdman discovered him and brought him to Cash Money Records, making him the youngest member of the label.

In 1997, Lil Wayne also joined Hot Boys, a hip-hop group from the south, along with Cash Money label-mates Turk and Juvenile, who in 1999 released one of the most popular hip-hop albums known as the Guerrilla Warfare along with the song Bling Bling. Lil’ Weezy was Cash Money Record flagship artist for several years before ending the long-term deal with the company in June of 2018.

Lil Wayne managed to reach his highest popularity in 2004 with his fourth album Tha Carter along with his appearance on Destiny’s Child song Soldier in the same year. Tha Carter album was then followed in 2005 by his other albums Tha Carter II along with multiple collaborations and mixtapes in 2006 and 2007.

Lil’ Weezy managed to gain more prominence with his sixth album in 2008, Tha Carter III. This album became Lil Wayne’s most successful album of all times; he sold over one million copies of Tha Carter III in the United States within the first week of release. Furthermore, Tha Carter III won a Grammy Award for the Best Rap Album, and it also featured some successful singles such as A Milli, Lollipop, and Got Money.

After the success of Tha Carter III, Lil’ Wayne decided to work on a rock-influenced album known as Rebirth. However, in March of 2010, Weezy served an 8-month jail sentence after being convicted of possessing a weapon stemming from the July of 2007 incident. He released his eighth album titled I Am Not a Human Being in 2010. This album was released during Wayne’s incarceration.

In 2011, he released Tha Carter IV following his release. During the first week of release, Tha Carter IV sold 964,000 copies in the US, and it featured successful singles such as How to Love, She Will, and 6 Foot 7 Foot. And in 2018, he released Tha Carter V after multiple delays. This album was certified Platinum by RIAA. His 13th album was released at the beginning of 2020.

As a successful hip-hop artist, Wayne has sold more than 100 million records, including 37 million digital tracks and 15 million albums in the US. This record has made me the world’s best-selling hip-hop artist. Lil Wayne has won 11 BET Awards, five Grammy Awards, four Billboard Music Awards, eight NAACP Image Awards, and two MTV Video Music Awards.

His success has surpassed Elvis Presley as the artist with the most entries on Billboard Hot 100 in September of 2012 with 109 songs. Currently, Lil Weezy serves as the CEO of his own label Young Money Entertainment.

After going through his history and understanding his success, let’s go through the top 10 Lil Wayne songs of all time. These are in random order.

Top 10 Lil Wayne Songs

# 10 – A Milli

“A Milli,” is, without a doubt, the most successful single by Lil Wayne. Wayne crafted the biggest crossover single ever to establish his domination in hip-hop that people will be talking about for years to come. If there were any doubters out there, A Milli proved that Lil Wayne could not only play in the pop lane but also could out-rap anybody out there. This song had a top-notch beat that was an instant classic which was the best slam dunk for Weezy’s unmatched charisma.

# 9 – Lollipop

Both Kanye and T-Pain become famous for using autotune; however, Lil Weezy’s Lollipop ring the late Static Major that And Lollipop is without a doubt a mainstay, and it is the era’s most memorable song.

# 8 – How to Love

“How to Love,” was an acoustic love song where Weezy sings about the genuine romance he lost along the way. This song was featured in Tha Carter IV, which he had released following his release from New York jail. How to Love was one of the most successful songs in Tha Carter IV.

# 7  – Fireman

Settling for the best Lil Wayne song can be relatively challenging as he has produced some of the best songs out there, and Fireman is no different. For a generation of hip-hop enthusiasts, Fireman was an introduction to Lil Wayne; it might have been their first time recognizing the phantom on the cover of Carter II. For others, it was when Lil Wayne transformed into a diverse and free association rapper. And Fireman portrayed how much potential Weezy had.

# 6 – Stuntin’ Like My Daddy

By now, you probably know the story of Birdman and Lil Wayne. After bringing Lil Wayne into Cash Money Records, Birdman stepped in as a father figure for Weezy at the beginning of his career. Stuntin’ Like My Daddy is a song about how Birdman saved Weezy’s life.

# 5 – 6 Foot 7 Foot

No other hit song features the same rapid-fire in Weezy’s career as 6 Foot 7 Foot. In this song, Weezy managed to make himself famous by stretching the limits of the English language. There are plenty of rappers out there; however, Lil Wayne is firing on all cylinders; he is, without a doubt, an elemental force.

# 4 – Georgia…Bush

Lil Wayne has never been a political rapper; however, old heads were turned off by his relentless opulence at his height. Georgia…Bush song is an aching artifact released in the wake of injustices in modern United States history. This song proved that Lil Weezy is excellent at using his power for good.

# 3 – The Block Is Hot

At the age of 34, Lil Wayne had been rapping for 20 years, and some of his early material is still vital, with The Block is Hot, which was released in 1999, being the perfect example. He was just 17 years of age at the time of releasing this song, and he was dropping bars that were worth someone double his age.

# 2 – Dough is What I Got

The Lil Wayne songs “Dough is What I Got,” is a savage mixtape flip of Show Me What You Got by Jay-Z. Back in the days, rap battle lines were drawn between Mafioso traditions of Jay-z and the Cash Money generation of Lil Wayne. However, Lil Weezy still took the best shot with Dough is What.

# 1 – Shooter

Weezy was very confident as well as an electric collaborator. This is one of the things that made him release Rebirth. “Shooter,” featuring Robin Thicke is a slow and seductive build which is quite the opposite of sobering.

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